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  1. Hosted at the San Diego Convention Center as part of the 2007 ACM SIGGRAPH Sandbox Symposium...
  2. As you can see, I'm retired from the team. Please direct all future enquiries concerning quality assurance to Jason Bishop (Wijitmaker).
  3. The following questions are covered in the candidacy FAQs. I've left this topic open in case there are any more. What is the process for applying to join the Quality Assurance team? What criteria is used to select candidates for the Quality Assurance team? How many people are expected to join the Quality Assurance team? What are the requirements of a Quality Analyst? What are the requirements of a Focus Tester? What materials will be provided? What training opportunities will be provided? How are contributions measured? I'm also waiting for the new job application system to launch before I post the candidacy FAQs document.
  4. *whew* That was a lot of image links. I replaced the images in Abadu's posts with links to the images. Guys, please try not to post more than a few images in a post, at least until we add an automatic image resizer to the forum. Thanks.
  5. But I'm not. When the title goes gold, you'll know. Topic closed.
  6. Not yet, Joseph. When I start recruiting testers, you'll see the news on the front page.
  7. You'll know we're close to pre-alpha when I start recruiting testers.
  8. Yes! Several major publishers have solicited inquiries; however, we have maintained that transitioning 0 A.D. to a commercial model would be a disservice to our past contributors as well as a betrayal of the community's trust in our word. We are dedicated to fulfilling our promise to release 0 A.D. as freeware. We're not going to name names though. We prefer to keep our options open for the future!
  9. True, but keep in mind the status of 0 A.D. We're not even near the polish phase yet.
  10. Well, if you only wanted a sapless make-a-game kit, you should have said so! Right Hemisphere Deep Creator (formerly Cosmos Creator) Blitz Basic
  11. We've made no concrete decisions regarding the release of our source code. When we do, we'll let everyone know.
  12. www.devmaster.net www.flipcode.com www.gamedev.net www.garagegames.com www.gdse.com www.generation5.org Tip: Start small, end big.
  13. What are your career aspirations? If you're currently employed in the line of work that you love, tell us what you do.
  14. Or learn how to be an effective tester. StickyMinds A Course in Black Box Testing Writing Better Defect Reports In conjunction with the latter document, also understand why the number of issues submitted is irrelevant and that what matters most is the quality of the reports; therefore, your testing effectiveness is determined by the number of issues you prevent. If you've never been involved with software testing professionally, don't assume that testing 0 A.D. will be any easier than creating art, programming the engine, or managing a team. Software testing is a skill, and like any other skill, you need to practice to improve that skill. When the day comes to start building the test organization, I will be giving precedence to those whose experiences include either time inside the industry in quality assurance or verifiable time provided voluntarily to software projects around the Web. I will also be providing training to those without experience in software testing.
  15. There have been many internal discussions; however, we have not made any definite plans regarding the release of the source code.If we intend to release the source code, we'll be certain to let everyone know.
  16. Right, I'll cover questions about pre-alpha, alpha, beta, gold master, and basically any inquiry concerning our quality assurance system and the testing of 0 A.D.
  17. That's really not the type of question I'll cover.
  18. If there are no more questions, I'll go ahead and close this topic, and ready the FAQs document for publication. Any more questions? Last call.
  19. The inscription on the Arch of Titus, southeast of the Forum in Rome. Senatus Populusque Romanus means, in English, "The Senate and People of Rome". "SPQR" emblazoned on Rome's manhole covers. In Res Gestae Divi Augusti (English: The Deeds of the Divine Augustus) Augustus mentions the senate and the Roman people several times. "SPQR" simply represents how people thought of their city-states back in the day. Latin: Res Gestae Divi Augusti I & II English: The Deeds of the Divine Augustus "SPQR" is also an acronym for Securitised Portfolio of Quality Receivables Funding, which is the first Italian collateralized debt obligation.
  20. Outlook to manage e-mail accounts and contacts, organize important documents, manage tasks and calendar items, and create notes. Document management via Outlook can be configured with basic version control. Excel for everything else. Sometimes tasks are more easily managed using Excel. I don't really like the Outlook Tasks UI. I like to be able to modify everything at-will, but I enter important business-related tasks into Outlook because I use Outlook so often.
  21. Morgan


    I haven't decided whether there will be an open testing/evaluation period.
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