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  1. Seems reasonable, I disable them usually if I can.
  2. Earlier while I was firing up Age of Mythology I walked away, came back and the intro videos were playing, so I had to hit escape and sit around waiting for the game to load. Then I had an idea, how about making it so stuff loads while the intro videos are playing (kind of like the way files download in Firefox while you are chosing a location to save it to)? Of course this would only be if there are gonna be intro videos in 0 A.D., but I don't know if there are.
  3. Yeah, I realised that after I uninstalled it, so I reinstalled it and whitelisted the page
  4. Weird, disabling Adblock fixed it... Better uninstall Adblock Filterset.G
  5. ...the 0 A.D. site and forums and looking pretty screwed up...
  6. Where can I find a better logo for the 0 A.D. article on Wikipedia? The current one has a black background and is hard to see the logo. I would prefer a PNG with a transparent background (24-bit prefereably), Cheers
  7. Great, thanks Though there is an empty space where the Flash header goes in Thunderbird...
  8. I just tried to subscribe to the 0 A.D. news feed, and all the items are just displaying this: "Sorry, the link that brought you to this page seems to be out of date or broken."
  9. Can't find the camera, I think my sister has taken it with her back to uni. Should get it back by the weekend. My desk is horribly messy anayway, if you want to lose something, put it on my desk. Seriously, I have installed Windows twice over the past few days, and each time I have managed to spend 5 minutes looking for the darn CD key...
  10. Hm, should I explain what his first name means?
  11. I think the new way is much better, before, when I had to go and hadn't finished reading all the posts I had to open all the forums in new tabs then leave it until I cam back, now I can just quit the browser. Please, do not change it
  12. Rght at the bottom: Skin: forum informatique Invision Power Board v2.1.3 © 2006 IPS, Inc. Licensed to: Wildfire Games
  13. Noticed a small problem with the online list, if there is a search engine indexing the site (just Google?) then it adds a space after the name between that and the colon: Quacker: Google.com : Dnas
  14. You mean the favicon has changed to a standard page tab? I still have the WFG logo...
  15. 2nd one is too crowded, for the others there is still the problem of there being not definite background
  16. Thanks a lot Arg, been trying to figure that out all morning
  17. Am doing maths coursework and am trying to figure out how to multiply out these brackets: (0.5n+0.5)(n+2) If n is 3 then I should get 10, but if I attempt to multiply out the brackets I get 20... 0.5 * n = 0.5n 0.5 * 2 = 1 n * n = n2 n * 2 = 2n 0.5 * n = 0.5n 0.5 * 2 = 1 1.5 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 1.5 + 1 = 20 Where am I going wrong? Cheers
  18. I have a pair of standard Plantronic headphones, the left ear piece has come out of place so I have to put it back every time I use them, but they get the job done. I usually use speakers anyway.
  19. Still not too fond of the 1st, but the 2nd is much better
  20. I agree entirely with Args points, I'd also like to add that I don't really like the emptiness behind the main text on the first
  21. Probably shouldn't say this, but was it the "Gay gay GAY!" one that I saw somewhere?
  22. Why in a PM? I'm curious as to what the problem was...
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