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  1. "Corin" meaning spear reminds me of the Old Norse cognate (which is thusly phonetically similar) geirr. Anyway, welcome
  2. Hmm...well it was a thought anyway. *goes back to his thinking chamber*
  3. If HeavenGames does a Heaven for 0 A.D. will certain staff there (hehe ) have an opportunity to beta test? EDIT: Disregard this question, I was being silly
  4. It's been said before (many times), but it will be ready when it's ready. What I really want to say though is that I intend to convince the Halos to authorize a Heaven at HG for 0 A.D.
  5. I'll probably do Romans first, then Celts. *struggles not to brag about all the prominent Celtic ancestry he has *
  6. Welcome, KingRoy (I think you know who I am ) Personally, I'm rooting for the Maenad cheat...even as a Celt, those would have me scared
  7. oops, Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier, but in RoN Australian Outback is more or less a random map version of Australia as a whole: it's a big landmass surrounded by water.
  8. But the Romans had toilets too......
  9. I can't say for sure, because that is debated among linguists (and I'm certainly not in a position to argue one way or another because I'm not a linguist (yet), although I like to think the Finno-Ugrics are completely different).
  10. You're partially right A: The Altaic language family, which includes Turkish, Korean, Japanese, and Mongolian. Although arguing that the Bantu are now the best represented is valid because BHG added them into RoN as a language group instead of as the individual tribes (ie. Zulu) Among the most poorly represented groups are the Indo-Europeans, but that's because there are so many Indo-European branches like Germanic, Slavic, Celtic, Latin, Hellenic, and Indo-Iranian, and all of those divide up even further. Another poorly represented group are the Sino-Tibetans (ie. Chinese). Not to mention there are lots of groups that are not even represented, such as the Austroasiatics or the Finno-Ugrics.
  11. I believe the Huns were Mongols themselves, at least they came from the same area. And this gives me an idea... Q. Does anyone know which civs are BEST represented in the RTS genre by language group? I'll give the answer for this tomorrow.
  12. Nice. My last name, Allan, comes from a Sarmatian/Scythian kingdom. The Alans were known for giving Rome a hard time LOL. Part of southern Russia still bears our name.
  13. What would a surgeon and/or doctor in the Roman army have been called in Latin?
  14. From AoK I like: Coastal, Islands, Black Forest, Highlands From Rise of Nations I like: Australian Outback (it's RoN's equiv. of Coastal), New World, and Nile Delta
  15. In the CTW maps in Rise of Nations during, say, Medieval Age, I like typing "cheat nuke" with the mouse over the enemy's capital city In singleplayer I cheat all the time, but in multiplayer I'm the most honest player ever
  16. (hehe The Russians also pulled that trick on the Swedes plenty of times, and the Swedes DID bring along plenty of supplies, yet it still stopped them.) Maybe an option for the infantry to set forest (or whatever) on fire then?
  17. Yes, but not in Britain. The Scots continued to fight naked all the way up until the battle at Stirling. ( I guess the closest the film makers for Braveheart could get to that was having them moon the English)
  18. Hmmm. A taunt of what the Germanic leader says at the beginning of Gladiator could be good. - Ihr seid verfluchte Hunde! = You are darned dogs!
  19. That works just fine for me, as I'll be using Romans most of the time.
  20. Sorry, I didn't intend on offending you. That comment was intended as a bit of a joke.
  21. I don't cheat in multi-player. I'm a completely honest player in multi-player, even if it means I get my butt kicked. HOWEVER......I have quite a cheating problem in single player which is why I like this idea.
  22. Angry women are definitely something to be afraid of If the Hellenes had them in the game, they'd always win
  23. - "If it ain't broke, you aren't tryin' hard enough." (from Red Green, a comedy show we have here in Canada ) - "Hail Caesar! We who are about to die salute you!" (When the player knows a fight is futile) - "Die with Honour!" (Said to the player who knows a fight is futile) - "Hail the victorious dead!" (After a battle is won)
  24. From Uppsala - Berserkergang How about the Greek maenads then?
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