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  1. im Sarmatian. Not on the list. Im hoping to see it in OAD expansion!
  2. i heard rumors that they might extend it into another "series".
  3. series ENDS tonight. dont miss it!
  4. What i would like to see is rain. and im not talking about the kinda rain you see in current games. Drip drip drip is lame and boring. I want to see HUGE downpours. That would force players to plan there campaigns around the sesons and the weather. maybe force the units to seek shelter and halt the resource income for a 2-4 min period. that would give time for the player to chat with his allies, get much needed info, and plot where to attack next. its also very sweet eyecandy, and would look nice
  5. There is this new show on ABC, called EMPIRE. Its about octavian and how he becomes the 1st emperor. You guys should ckeck it out. I watch the 1st 2 shows, and they are VERY good. Lots of history, and some historical errors . its worth the watch. Plus, its filmed in rome and italian countryside, and the scenery is WOW .
  6. about that job opening, is the javascript the one used on websites? or a home-made one? I scripted with javascript before for a free web based rpg engine. javascript is pretty easy, and i have used XML alot of times. I also got alot of free time, 3+ hours a day. If u think I would have a good chance at geting the job, tell me and ill fill out the application. I just wanna know my chances of being accepted before filling out the application. Oh yeah, your talking bout Javascript only, not Java the programming language, cuz thats beyond me.
  7. not a MMORPG. those have a world. this is more like a FPS with rpg elements.
  8. after alot of thinking, i decided to move away from doing a RTS game and go in another direction. I am trying to become a game designer. I see alot of historical RTS games done and I dont really want to reinvent the wheel. 0AD will be an AWSOME game and I would really like to do something original. I got to thinking, then I opened up 3ds max and played around for a bit. Then I got a cool idea. A hybrid FPS/RPG type game based in the bronze age. Then I got out the powerfull pen and paper and started writing up a design. The game will be a combat sim, which will take place during the trojan war. You will be a warrior, and for most part, will play like an RPG, leveling and gaining experiance. But the diffrence is that you will gain EXP by not fighting computer monsters, but other players in an online battle. The game will start on a level, which both sides have a series of objectives to compleat. for example, the greeks might need to capture the beach of troi, then the cliff, then some supply route to win the level, while the trojans will need to defend all 3 for a set amounts of minets to win the objective. this will force players to work together to get the job done. making it seem like a true battle. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I have no programming skill at all. but i do have art skills, i can texture, animate, and some modeling. im sure with alot of help, a team ill assemble, and your imput, i can pull this off and have a great "fully 3D" bronze age warfare game.
  9. thats true. but it would be awosme to have your catapult shoot a huge rock and miss and have the rock roll into an army and crush some people
  10. alright, after alot of thinking, i have decided to go with the idea for a Bronze Age game/mod. now, i have thought up the civs and decided to go with 6 civs: Egyptians Hittites Minoan Mycenaean Sumerian Babylonian now i would need a list of units. if any of you can list a good unit to have, along with the civ its for, i would be in your debt.
  11. i dont really like it eather. i love history games, but fantasy rts i can buy in any store and play.
  12. buggy? works perfectly fine for me.
  13. the public ones? if i remember correctly, those were nothing more then holes leading to the sewers.
  14. yeah, i have worked with the idea befor for a few years and had a rather indepth game design going. The problem started when my small team fell apart due to the people going off to collage. I also translated most of vergil's Aeneid for latin class, so I also got a huge intrest in that time period. if i start that game, would you people be interested in small scale helping, such as ideas, brainstorming.... the fun brainwork. yeah, Minoans and there flush toilets. if i was living back then, id live in there city's just for the toilets.
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