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  1. A few questions: 1) Is the game engine for 0ad pretty much finished? 2) If it is finished, could I have a copy?(I am planning on making a new RTS game) 3) Would you mind if the game wasn't free? (I didn't think you would mind, but I figured I should ask anyway)
  2. Of course! RMSes are nothing but parameters! The trouble is, there is something in the way, so the gold doesn't placed.
  3. In the picture, it says: "to switch to biomes press "ctrl+alt+tab" By default, biomes will be only used in RMS. However, a user can choose to place terrains through biomes to increase performance." Does this mean that RMS can be done through the editor? BTW, that editor looks great!!! Petsuchos Ra
  4. 70) No limits in the editor! Example: being able to make hills in water, place water units on land, and land units in water, etc. No more complicated tricks for good eyecandy.
  5. A friend and I are working on a few mods. 1) A mod to add the Mongol civ (Mongols were my favorite in AOK) 2) A mod to add a bunch of objects for eyecandy. We will probably have the mod finished before the game
  6. I am interested in making an Asian mod for 0ad. Hopefully, this mod will just add a new civ, the Mongols. Could somebody tell me what is involved in making a new civ mod for 0ad. I know that it is not just editing images like AOK. BTW, if anyone would like to help, just post here. Petsuchos Ra
  7. I filled out the application form. I would like to help as a brainstormer and concept artist. What I would bring to the team: -creativity -IMHO, good art skills -IMHO, good ideas (see my posts in the eyecandy thread and suggestions thread) If there is no more room on the team, I understand, I just would like to be 'officially' a part of the 0a.d. team. Petsuchos Ra
  8. Even more ideas: Animals: Huntable Animals: 32) Wooly mammoths---Incredibly strong and hard to kill, but when it is killed, it provides the 0ad equivalent of 1000 AOK food! They probably would be used mainly in scenarios and RMSes. 33) Deer 34) Rhinos 35) Crocodiles 36) Snakes 37) Walruses 38) Elephants 39) Hyenas 40) Bison 41) Tigers 42) Lions 43) Wolves 44) Arctic Wolves 45) Musk Oxen 46) Bears 47) Polar Bears 48) Penguins 49) Llamas 50) Zebras 51) Prewalski's Horse---or whatever it is called. A prehistoric-type wild horse that lives in Mongolia(I think it's Mongolia). Would be neat for cert
  9. In history, did the commander say to the soldiers "All right, everybody attack the guy that's closest to you."? No, he wanted the archers to attack the infantry and avoid cavalry, he wanted the infantry to attack cavalry and avoid archers, and he wanted the cavalry to attack archers and avoid infantry. It would increase realism.
  10. 27) In RMS, I would like there to be a way to place a 'cluster' of lands or terrain, like groups for object generation. 28) I would like a LOT more control where to place cliffs and elevation in an RMS. 29) Different RMS placement patterns; for example, all of the players start in a circle around a lake, etc. 30) If the RMS is as complicated as AOM's, I would like an RMS editing program. 31) Cool-looking rope bridges with swinging animation
  11. Note for the bridges: There probably should be a distance limit of some kind, as in ancient times, they couldn't build transoceanic bridges
  12. Correction More Ideas: 26) Cheat units: -Flying transport(same idea as the Roc in AOM) -Similar unit to the Photon Men in AOE -Nuke Trooper -A cheat that turns your 'Civic Center' into a nuclear missile silo -A cheat for completely unlimited resources for all players -A cheat for completely unlimited resources for just you
  13. Ideas: 1) What about bridges? I mean in-game as well as in the map editor. In the map editor, I would like there to be bridges passable by units and ships. (I'm no programmer, but this could work by changing the terrain to a shallows-type terrain, although the graphics could be a little messy.) There should also be bridges only passable by units, like a low pontoon bridge. They should also be damageable in-game. In-game, you should be able to build either kind over water, but they should be weak, expensive,and take a while to build, to offset the inherent tactical advantage. Maybe certain civs
  14. Can we have a 'forward-building-type-count <building>' fact? That is annoying in AOK.
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