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  1. lol, thats exactly what I want. No glitz, no glamour - just history and an epic story! Julia Ormond = Gorgeous... and that accent, darn... But I hear ya on the whole Lancelot love triangle thing... it does seem to take attention away from Arthur and Lancelot as a great knight. But I dunno, I like it sometimes. Sometimes I like to indulge in the romantic view of Camelot and the "glory" of the age of chivalry and honor... but there's other times where I just want a raw and gritty historically accurate representation. I honestly don't mind a gritty/dark age version of Arthur that's more histo
  2. too late for that my friend... besides, I enjoy the attention
  3. I love the Pendragon Cycle by Lawhead... unfortunately though I have yet to read all the books in the series... I've only read Taliesin, Merlin & Arthur... but those 3 left me with a lot more excitement about the possibilities of arthurian legend...especially w/ the connection of Atlantis.... The characters from his books would lend themselves well to a mod/game... not to mention all of the others from Sir Thomas Malory, T.H. White, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Lord Tennyson and others... I think an amalgam of all of those legends combined with some original storytelling that adds to it would ma
  4. well i'm sure they're actively working on and focused on putting out 0AD and TLA... but I dunno, hopefully there are some talented people who would be interested in working on something like this... it's just an idea
  5. Hi, i'm Vallon... hailing from Providence, Rhode Island... I've loved AOK for a long time now, and i've loved medieval history since I was a kid. Now at 22, I enjoy playing AOK and have recently discovered the joy of mods, and they've added a new dimension to the fun I can have with AOK. Seeing projects like Rome, 0AD and TLA seriously blow my mind, and have sparked a curiosity in me that I haven't had in awhile. When I was young I was fascinated with books like "Castle" by David Macauley and would draw complicated castle layouts and fantasy maps for fun. I'd spend hours on these with a sketch
  6. Hi! I'm new to the world of modding/programming, and I haven't created anything of my own yet...but after seeing this game-in-progress and many mods, i'm kinda inspired to try my hand at it. I know absolutely jack about triggers and programming AI and graphics and all that... but I do have quite a few ideas for some good scenarios and perhaps even total conversion projects/games... Anyhow, the main reason i'm posting is that I'd like to check out other mods/games... the more I see, the more I learn and the more ideas I get for my own stuff... So if you guys could show me some really cool and
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