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  1. somebody put a link to the forums on other forums? Show it off!
  2. http://forums.wildfiregames.com/tla/index....p?showtopic=600 In this thread I noticed one hell of a long signature. Particularly it's height was too much. Can anything be done about this?
  3. Will there be the ability to write my own AI scripts?
  4. Well, so long as there are regularly new screenshots so we can see the progress I am alright.
  5. Yes probably. At times where the campaign gets too hard, but I want to see the next cinematic.
  6. Probably he tries to always motivate himself, but yet there has always been something disturbing.. Maybe he does those "promises" to help him stick to his plan..
  7. I think it's not only you, but us. Thanks DarkAngelBGE. (haha I know you don't like this )
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