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  1. Hey Welcome! Yes it's my job to make sure you are welcomed warmly! And if you aren't... you shall suffer..... Lol jk anyway, I hope you'll stick around and wait for the game to come out.
  2. Chris that's not nice! Over here in America they would sue you for hurting his self esteem! (lol jk bro)
  3. Unfortunatly this community abounds in coders, I being one of them, so there's really not much to do. I guess I'm part of the coding team, but usually there isn't anything I can do.
  4. Hi there Bonnie. Hows the weather down there?
  5. Um welcome, um... Elda? I can guess that your name really isn't Eldacar Vinitharay, so would you mind telling us your real name and a little about your hobbies ect?
  6. Hey welcome Time! (lol I know it's just your nick ) Glad you like 0 A.D. so far! Just to let you know we usually release a new screenie every month.
  7. You can't be a Christian and an Evolutionist at the same time. The theory (not scientific law) of Evolution was created to get rid of God so that people don't have to believe in moral absolutes and can think that man decides truth.
  8. Hey welcome Jon! I have never seen or read LotR materials (since my parents don't want me to) so I guess you'll have to enjoy it for both of us when it comes out.
  9. Welcome Mr. Mike. History! *blech* I can hardly stand it. At least I'm a Christian and I have alot less than evolutionists. We start history a few million years ahead.
  10. Yeah I think I'm going to ask Tim to change mine to Pianotamer. Thanks for letting us know though.
  11. LOL! You have got to check this out!! THE......Sandwich!
  12. Never played King's Quest, but that would be a bummer to have that work go down the drain.
  13. Hey Bryan and welcome to Wildfiregames! Yeah I wish I could become more involved too, but I really don't have much to do except mod the forums, and everyone seems to be behaving.
  14. Hey David! If you like AOE and RTW you should like 0 A.D.
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