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  1. Not sure if asking this will help now until you are more certain. Currently I have an IBM (i.e. non-gaming video card) Intel GMA950 256Mb video card, will this help my plight much?
  2. Adding onto this...have the minumum hardware requirements changed much since you posted your faq?
  3. This deals more with the skirmish games than scenario ones. Basically to create an AI that incorporates random strategies, rather than always following a predefined strategy (I'm unsure of any RTS incorporating this type of randomness). I know this is well implemented on the modified Warcraft 3 AI called AMAI (or Advanced Melee Artificial Intelligence). Basically the creators of this project defined numerous strategies for each of the races (along with the actual improving of the core AI), thus always keeping the player guessing. And also allowing for easy editing of these strategies (very lit
  4. Officially 0 A.D. will feature the following: • FREEWARE! • Historically accurate • 6 unique civilisations • Seasons and weather • Provinces and territories • Realistic maps/terrain • Realistic naval warfare • Comprehensive editor • Several multiplayer modes This we all know... But I wanted to know if there is any teaser documentation on the features that will be implimented in 0 A.D. simply to whet our appetites. I know we get the teaser screenshot now and then, but how about some features? This is basically the same idea (but nowhere near as long) as the pre-release info Civilization 4 had.
  5. Trust me...I've been keeping an eye on things since about beginning of 2004, so I'm not going anyway anytime soon
  6. I know it's a bit of a bump...but I'm really looking forward to the AI
  7. Open source can work at times...my primary example is Wesnoth. However this game is much "simpler" than 0 A.D. Hence should someone drop out along the way, it can be easily picked by another community member. However due to 0 A.D.'s complexity and structure, you need a sound team to maintain the project.
  8. Was shown this site a while back. Interesting reading for during those lunch breaks or when the day is dragging. My only concern is that I *think* the site is hacked or something because at times I kept being redirected to another site. Anyhoo...Carpe Noctem Also I have added in a link to Wesnoth's off-topic forum. Found an interesting story there to read...beware, it does take some time to read (20 - 30 minutes). Short Story
  9. So how was the AI situation assessment?
  10. I have been keeping an eye on the AI development for sometime Never thought myself a representative of this continent (sound very official), but hey it's always been my home
  11. Right...0 A.D. for someone who has been watching these forums, it doesn't say much when you can't get the name of the game right Thanks for the warm welome all.
  12. Hi all I've been keeping an eye on your AD0 developments for quite some time and thought it best that I now introduce myself. My name is Adam Martin and I currently work at the University of Johannesburg. I was guided here by (if memory serves) through the AI Scripters forums when AD0 first appeared, since then I have always been keeping an eye on your developments. I do always appreciate a new screenshot Since AOK II, there hasn't been a strategy game that I could really latch onto (I must be honest...never tried Rome: Total War though). I really appreciate the timeline you are using as I'v
  13. Any chance of posting these files as zipped? My server unfortunately rejects .mp3 formats. Jawbax
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