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  1. Hello again! I'll be contributing to Ardaquenta, our Tolkien Wikipedia. I think it is a worthwhile project, though to be honest there are already several fine Tolkien reference sites on the web (as well as a whole host of unreliable ones, of course). I would say that foremost among the good ones are: The Encyclopedia of Arda http://www.glyphweb.com/arda/ The Tolkien Meta-FAQ http://tolkien.slimy.com/ Ardalambion http://www.uib.no/People/hnohf/ Link 1 is quite comprehensive, but terse and occasionally inaccurate, and doesn't cite sources or allow user feedback; link 2 has a relativey narrow focus; link 3 even moreso. But there are also actual Tolkien wiki projects on the web too, some of them quite advanced, eg. So are we just trying to reinvent the wheel in having a Tolkien wiki here? Possibly ... but this is ours .. and we can make it better . And the process can be an end in itself, I reckon. Speaking for myself, I will certainly learn more by adding to a Tolkien wiki, rather than by merely having access to one. I intend to start adding items to Ardaquenta as and when I can. The nature of the format is that anyone else can do the same of course and edit other people's entries (so do so please!). All our entries will be subject to peer review, and egos will be submerged in the collective effort of bringing us as close to the truth of Tolkien's Middle-earth as we can be.
  2. Well hello I have been a reader of the books for a long time, and been around on a couple of other Tolkien boards. I'm joining this board primarily from a Tolkien Books angle, though the varying interpretations of them are fascinating. I'm looking forward to reading and posting . I'm British, into reading, travel, with a background in science ... and not a geek in any shape or form, just in case that thought was crossing your mind
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