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In-game Taunts


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Give your ideas for taunts!

First, list numbers, like 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Then the corresponding taunt you'd like to see. I think taunts 1 and 2 are no brainers. They will be 1. Yes, and 2. No. But after that its all open for suggestions! I think the first 10 should be about resources and basic commands/help requests. The next 10 will be a little more "taunty" but still related to the game in some way. 21 - 30 could be a little more off-the-wall, with crazy ones like, "Whew, your elephant stinks!" or something, but still related in the smallest ways to the game. Taunts 31-50 can be anything you want... Monty Python quotes, Gladiator quotes, poetry, whatever. :D

How about we do it this way. I will give a number and the taunt I'd like to see, then the next person gives the next number and the taunt he'd like to see and so on. If (thats a big if, considering the low participation in these forums) we reach 50, then we'll start over again with new taunts! :D

Okay, first two are already taken:

1.) Yes

2.) No

So, I'll start with number 3...

3.) My food is running out

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I'm not going to specifically arrange these...


I hunger for food!


Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. (check copyright for this...)

We're doomed! Doomed, I tell you!

Mwahahahahaha *choke* *caugh* *caugh*...

Made you look!

You blinked! (rush and then say this :D )

I know you are, but what am I? (considering how much people call each other gay over the Internet...)

OK, so I'm not good at thinking up quotes...

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The mighty list of late-night creativity (or is that just brain-noice temporarily seeking verbal expression?)

-- Overuse of "ye" and "yield" :D

"Ye shall be crushed under the might of mine army!"

"Yield now! And I shall spare you the humiliation!"

"Yield! You filthy little maggot!"

"Ye shall see my power, and ye shall be afraid. Ye shall be very afraid."

-- A few ironic "hey, I just killed half your army, but that's no reason not to joke about it"

"Oops.. Was that one of your guys?"

"Oh, was that an army? Must've missed it..."

"Are you sure your guys have weapons? My guys have..."

"There's nothing wrong with what you're doing. I'm just doing it better."

-- Monty Python

(This could be a side-dish trigger-finger contest - the first user to send the counter-question wins :D )

"What's the average flight speed of a swallow?"

"An african or a european swallow?"

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Well here are some monty quotes for you to think about. Im just putting up a few you can read to the whole list here

This would be a good one for fleeing oponnets He Ran awayhe ran away

I warned you

IM being repressed


Hand gernade

Bring out the dead

death awaits you all

Your mother was...

Thats all im gonna post if you want the pakage download it here :D

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Will you be using mp3 format for Taunts :D and will Taunt pakages be easy to install like aom. If thats the case you might be able to realese offical Taunt upgrades through that download section we were talking about. That way users could pick a pakage by what they like and other people would actully here the taght if the had the same pakage. Just an idea. :D

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@akya Yes I am  I do lots of plays and skits too. but i didnt do those Taunts i just got them from the movie, but i should try redoing them in my voice. Thanks for the idea :D

cool :D you're welcome :P

Taunt :

We are under attack !

Trebuchet ! (lol, that's from a walt disney film...princess of thieves...)

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