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  1. I also am a person who starts at the top. A person's face is more ot less their avatar, and avatars are always important in order to remember someone.
  2. Phishing may be outlawed in my home state, but it'll be a different thing to see this law actually be enforced.
  3. I also noticed that on the TLA Forums, the avatars are not centered properly. You might want to fix that too.
  4. Have a good one Google! What would we ever do without it? Use Yahoo?
  5. Well I got rid of that first one then. I do have the power to delete locations at will since I created it.
  6. Insert Where You Live Here! Hehe, we've talked about finding something that'd allowed us to place our home on some sort of map. Well someone on another forum I go on found the above and now the members of that forum are placing where they live. So what are you waiting for?
  7. Hehe, thanks Dnas. I'm sure my buddies will laugh at that.
  8. I consider myself Agnostic, despite the fact I was baptized as a Catholic.
  9. Hehe, tis such a same that such things would have to wait at least a decade until the average person can afford them.
  10. *Walks in* Hmmmmm........ this sounds like an interesting story. Could you care to tell us Yiuel?
  11. Hopefully you'll make it to the Land of the Rising Sun one of these days, Yiuel. BTW: Are there any online Japanese-to-English translators that actually work? I use Babelfish and Google and it's basically translated as jibberish.
  12. I've had no trouble with the authorities before. I had a chat with one of them due to a right next door robbery. The Carabinieri gave my group a hard time in Rome when it started blocking off an area due to a small protest (that we saw later on) but we managed to slip in. This is one other incident very early in my life, but that's a bloody long story and I have other things to do.
  13. My display pic is still my most recent picture
  14. Meh, I would rather be myself than be someone else for one day.
  15. Hmm... seems I still have them. Here they are. blackop.bmp
  16. Been a while since I got real clothes, since my school has us wear uniforms. So I guess our uniform store.
  17. Yeah I know he made me those chocolates, that's why I think it was him. I just thought it would be a nice bit of Black Op history to show since I'm developing a big ole' postcount elsewhere as well.
  18. I remember I used to have a picture with a tombstone showing the number of posts I've lost. I seemed to have deleted it some time ago though. So whoever made it (Dnas I think it was), would you be so kind as to re-send it? Need to show people over at some other forum just how much posts I lost.
  19. False alarms happen sometimes. Well...... all the time within US Homeland Security. But both of you can never be too careful.
  20. Hope all you Americans have a good 4th of July!
  21. I think there's a Canadian flag in the background......
  22. It's been ages since I had legos, seems to be a long time ago......
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