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  1. My significant other is Shykre ^^ he's 6.1 ft tall, has clear brown hair, big blue eyes and a great voice (hes a voice actor after all). He has talent for saying the most insane things (shykreism) really fun and sweet person to be with. (been 2 yrs and a couple of months now) Unfortunatly i dont have a pic...>.>;; ^^
  2. 61% of my posts are in F&G If they counted, I'd have over 4k posts ^^ We decided to change that a while ago cause of the never ending thread like Three word story and such.
  3. *is almost the only girl here* *already has a bf* *shrugs* ^^ so yeah, match-making would not be very popular otherwise But I do think perhaps there should be a change in the name as to not confuse anyone.
  4. In no particular order : Uppy, Black Op, Tim, Curufinwe, CodeOptimist and of course everybody else ^^;
  5. May he rest in peace. And I also look forward to see how the selection will be conducted.
  6. yeah yeah >.< I got bad memory tis all And I don't visit the forums as much as I used to either. (Including all 12 others of them)
  7. Didnt fell for it ^^ but that's what was shown on the allakhazam forum...
  8. I remember too ! ^^ or do I ? >.> I have to check when I joined XD 1 october 2003 o.O well yeah I remember !! LOL
  9. I drop everything on the floor (backpack and stuff) Wash hands Change into other clothes Get on the computer to check e-mails and forums Eat and Drink Clean a bit, then get my backpack, unpack and start studying and doing homework.
  10. duh *slaps self* I know its a historic group, I should have thought of it earlier but all that came to mind was the manga ^^ sorry for the late reply... Nice detailed answer
  11. ....from Kenshin right ? your nick ? Welcome
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