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    Tolkien<br />Dan Brown<br />Frank Herbert<br />Airbus winning over Boeing<br />Space science<br />3D Modelling<br />Photography<br />South Park animated series<br />"Amélie Poulain"<br />... Good Lord, this box is too small !!!!!

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  1. ( Maybe drug addicts will eat Kellogg's Coco Rocks, intead of their daily coco rocks
  2. ( this is post 2,200 .... 1 ( 2 ( 3 ( 4 ( . .. ... .. . 2198 ( 2199 ( . .. ... .. . 2200 ( Well done
  3. ( I am going to the Philippines for a month. Hopefully, I will be able to watch Batman Begins and Sin City on the plane (Boeing 777-200LR with KLM) ... and after that, no more money, so I will have to stay home ...
  4. ( Well, I quite agree with ZeZar about the issue of rich people being sentenced ... Simpson and Jackson are two well-known cases. Anyway, I was outraged to see hundreds of fans outside calling for Jackson's innocence, as if he was over the law ... a disgrace, IMHO ... not only Americans, but also French, English, etc ...
  5. ( Well, well ... quite a number ... 4 or 5 in front of the house, and at least 20 at the back ... so, 25 overall ... minimum
  6. ( Well, Norway is a country that I would love to visit, along with Sweden and Finland (basically, Scandinavia ) ... Hopefully one day
  7. ( exactly ... of course, they can't "ban" you, but parental permission must appear somewhere ...
  8. ( He is still 12 years old ... he'll be 13 in August. Officially, he is not really supposed to be on the forums ...
  9. ( Tony Parker ... huh, I mean San Antonion Spurs. France will show the US the way to play basketball
  10. ( You're younger than I expected most of my students are older than you It would be fun to have you in my class
  11. ( Come one guys (and girls)! you are all so young and already depressed! Enjoy life! do crazy things!! ( j/k I can't believe you are not enjoying every part of life! 20 of your friends didn't answer? harrass them! or maybe they are not true friends ... Enjoy!
  12. ( There: I did it very quickly, so the language may not be the best ever, but the meaning is there Èze is a municipality of the French department, Alpes-Amritimes. Its inhabitants are called Ezasques. The village extends on to a steep area, from the sea side - where a few houses compose Eze-sur-mer (which is actually the name of the train station, whereas the sign post by the side of the road says Eze-Bord-de-Mer) - to the steep peak where picturesque medieval old houses compose Eze-Village. the latter offers, amongst its maze-like streets, a number of crafsmanship shops. Tourism is the main resource of the village. A decrepit castle is nowadays the shelter of an exotic garden with an extraordinary view. It overhangs a graveyard, where a few celebrities are buried. A must-see: the Nietzsche path, starting from the sea shore and snaking up on to a steep slope until the perched village. It is said that Nietzsche, living at the end of his life around Nice, being sick, decided to climb the path and, confronting the difficulty of this task, was isnpired to write Thus spoke Zarathustra. Another literary story can be found there: the three cornices (the lower, he midle one and the higher) may have inspired Dante Alighieri for the description of the landscapes in his Divine Comedy trilogy. The motto of the city is: Isia Moriendo Renascor. the Emblem: A phoenix standing on a bone. Already in ancient times, the rich patrician families took there the waters and the roman sailors found there a salutary shelter as states the mention of Eze-Bord-de-Mer under the name of Avisionis Portus in Antonin's itinerary. Later, during the Renaissance, the Genoans will come there to take on new supplies of salt in the salt marshes engraving old schooner Eze, sea side resort Lost in the myst of history, Eze-Bord-de-mer would have a second birth as a sea side resort as soon as the end of the last century. Gravure Goelettes anciennes Eze attracts and becomes the favorite stopping off place for walkers in Nice. former sea side resort Eze-sur-Mer would become internationally known when it sheltered a Russian community who wanted to escape the massacres of the 1917 Revolution. One of the most important remnant of their settlement was without any doubt Cape Estel, which was the romantic house of a Russian prince. Former house of Prince Stroganov of Russia Nietzsche lived in one of the oldes houses and found inspiration to write Thus spoke Zarathustra during one of his walks to the village. President Poincarré discovered Eze on an official visit; he was to come back a few months later. Famous painter Zakarof, Princess Antoinette (Prince Rainier of Monaco's sister) and Bono of rock band U2 also left their mark. President Poincarré, visiting Eze in April 1914, was welcomed by Mayor Albert Figuiera (first on the left). Nowadays Nowadays, with its villas with enhanced façades with painted friezes, Eze-Bord-de-Mer was able to preserve the charm of the early 20th century. the "Platanes" residential house, where dwells one of the mayor's offices, with its small porch ornated of low relief roses and its mandarin tree alley, recalls the time when people from Nice arrived in great numbers by streetcar or by cart to enjoy the beach that was shadowed by the maritime pine trees. is it like an auction or something ?
  13. ( you are welcome Tim ... maybe that's worth checking whar's wrong with my user's account
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