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    Tolkien<br />Dan Brown<br />Frank Herbert<br />Airbus winning over Boeing<br />Space science<br />3D Modelling<br />Photography<br />South Park animated series<br />"Amélie Poulain"<br />... Good Lord, this box is too small !!!!!
  1. ( Maybe drug addicts will eat Kellogg's Coco Rocks, intead of their daily coco rocks
  2. ( this is post 2,200 .... 1 ( 2 ( 3 ( 4 ( . .. ... .. . 2198 ( 2199 ( . .. ... .. . 2200 ( Well done
  3. ( I am going to the Philippines for a month. Hopefully, I will be able to watch Batman Begins and Sin City on the plane (Boeing 777-200LR with KLM) ... and after that, no more money, so I will have to stay home ...
  4. ( Well, I quite agree with ZeZar about the issue of rich people being sentenced ... Simpson and Jackson are two well-known cases. Anyway, I was outraged to see hundreds of fans outside calling for Jackson's innocence, as if he was over the law ... a disgrace, IMHO ... not only Americans, but also French, English, etc ...
  5. ( Well, well ... quite a number ... 4 or 5 in front of the house, and at least 20 at the back ... so, 25 overall ... minimum
  6. ( Well, Norway is a country that I would love to visit, along with Sweden and Finland (basically, Scandinavia ) ... Hopefully one day
  7. ( exactly ... of course, they can't "ban" you, but parental permission must appear somewhere ...
  8. ( He is still 12 years old ... he'll be 13 in August. Officially, he is not really supposed to be on the forums ...
  9. ( Tony Parker ... huh, I mean San Antonion Spurs. France will show the US the way to play basketball
  10. ( You're younger than I expected most of my students are older than you It would be fun to have you in my class
  11. ( Come one guys (and girls)! you are all so young and already depressed! Enjoy life! do crazy things!! ( j/k I can't believe you are not enjoying every part of life! 20 of your friends didn't answer? harrass them! or maybe they are not true friends ... Enjoy!
  12. ( There: I did it very quickly, so the language may not be the best ever, but the meaning is there Èze is a municipality of the French department, Alpes-Amritimes. Its inhabitants are called Ezasques. The village extends on to a steep area, from the sea side - where a few houses compose Eze-sur-mer (which is actually the name of the train station, whereas the sign post by the side of the road says Eze-Bord-de-Mer) - to the steep peak where picturesque medieval old houses compose Eze-Village. the latter offers, amongst its maze-like streets, a number of crafsmanship shops. Tourism is the main
  13. ( you are welcome Tim ... maybe that's worth checking whar's wrong with my user's account
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