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  1. Ah fair enough. I'm not overly familiar the the codebase on this but I've inherited a mess of a codebase on an android project before and it was pretty depressing to work on. Anyway, I'm glad to hear it's sorted out now (fairly recently it seems).
  2. Not sure when I started, working on it, maybe 2004? I don't really have any old files as a reference. I would have been around 14 I guess? Give or take. I'm 22 now, seems so long ago. It did help me make some friends once, when I moved states back in 05 or so. It was pretty cool to be part of the project. I vaguely remember you, well your name at least, as you said I don't think we got to interact much though. EDIT: How long has it been open sourced now?
  3. So recently I was messing around with linux set up that I normally use for android development and I randomly decided to check out some of the games available through synaptic. Lo and behold, perhaps due to some unintentionally strategic naming, (0 followed by an a? It's an alphabetical order dream come true) 0ad sat at the top of the list. Some time ago, (my inbox suggests ~2005?), long before it open sourced) I used to work on in the art department (although, in retrospect I was pretty terrible and was constantly busy with high school and stuff so I don't think I really ended up helping much
  4. The Kar 98K is awesome. I love it. As is the Gewehr 43. The Mosin-Nagant also is pretty good. I happen to like rifles.
  5. Well from what I hear, he should be a hero, shooting a lawyer and all that.
  6. Ah, yes I know you then. I don't think you will be getting a name change over there anytime soon though.
  7. Presumably you mean me.. Although I don't really recognise your name here..
  8. In my opinion, the best conquer the world game is Hearts of Iron 2. It is one of my favourite games at the moment.
  9. You could try googling. But I don't really know much about that one in particular. If I remember correctly it's an intergrated gpu on mother boards and those tend to be lacking in power.
  10. I think we decided to wait until the engine was released or something.
  11. Welcome, I am also a 16 year old Australian. The Greco-Persian wars is definantly an interesting time and one of my favourites. Age of mythology is a pretty good game, I used to play it extensively and I modded it just as much. Never hurts to fill out an application form, even if we don't need any at the time we'll keep it around for later incase we do need it. At least I'm pretty sure it works that way. Also its good to not be the only Australian (that I'm aware of anyway) here anymore.
  12. waffling is something I am pretty good at actualy, made a 7 minute speach 13 minutes it was ofcourse a very entertaining 13 minutes.
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