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  1. Exactly. And regarding Asus for example is a company that was Contract Manufacturer for other major companies but they decided that they wont do it anymore and go on with theyr own brand. As for my Laptop Im very satisfied with the performance and so on. I have quite nice graphic card/not the best for laptop but it suffice my needs and the best thing about this is as I mentioned value/performance as I bout it for really good price around 1000 USD.
  2. I have Asus A6Km with Sempron 3000+/1.8 Ghz, 512 Ram and GeForce 7300 256MB Turbo Cache with everything includig WiFi, Bluetooth, Infra posrt I have even build in web cam, and I can run newest titles like NFS Most Wanted or AoE 3 on almost highest graphics and it cost me 1/3 of a prize of an Alienware or Dell or Acer Ferarri notebooks. lol those machines are just brand you pay for .
  3. Thnx Pauland all of you guys. So when is this game plane to be released? Can wait looks so sweet" . Im so glad to hear that randomization is so heavely implemented. I can think of any previous game having that....You guys are genious!
  4. Wow guys my honors to you. Im cheking the wildfire games projects for quite a while now. Returning after few months I see this project is moving forward. I just want to wish you guys lots of luck finishing this outstanding project. I mean I checked the music site and the quality of music is just amazing some profesional studious should be ashamed with the music they are pumping into theyr comertial products comparing to yours. Also historical realism and graphics are fantastic achievements even more that you guys are in contact only through internet is almost unbelievable. I love the screenshots with Greek hoplite formation wearing different shields I never seen that kind of realism before and I was thinking of that many, many many times and thats just one point. Again I could continue like that forever so my salutations to you and all the best. I wish I could help somehow, but Im not very good at programing. I can draw but I guess you guys have more enough scilled concept artists . Take care. Peter K. aka Qsr aka ArgoNaut_Ares
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