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  1. I'm the guy with the cool black hair . Too bad you can't change it after you've placed it though... maybe it should like record the IP address or something? Cheers!
  2. Lord of the Rings! *drool* RTS Games! *drool* *drool* Welcome to WFG !
  3. A worthy cause then . Thanks for at least clearing it up for me (us)! Cheers!
  4. http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/style_e...fault/smile.gif And it flashed a smilie at me for about half a second then went back to smile.gif... Weird I know ... HTTP 403 is forbidden, so perhaps you didn't set your permissions right? Hope it helps...
  5. This is what I get: When I right-click and say, "View image", the server gives me a 403, redirecting...
  6. Not sure if this has already been said, but I just noticed (and it only started today AFAICT), that all the smilies have been replaced with their ALT text, perhaps as a result of someone changing permissions, whatever on the smilie folder. Note: Or perhaps it's just me... Just a quick FYI, cheers!
  7. Well, I remember when I was a newcomer here, and it was rather exciting to get messages in your inbox saying, member x has increased your reputation. I guess there isn't much practical usefulness to it (besides being able to know, at a moment's glance, what someone's [potentially misleading] rep is), but it was a nice cosmetic addition IMO . Cheers!
  8. What is this 'trigger' thing I've been hearing so much about? I've only heard of C...
  9. I've only heard of UPS and Fed-Ex... I feel so much like I've been living in a cave .
  10. Hmm, the world's population revolves around trends and fads. What makes it worse is that, when a new trend comes out (especially in clothing), all the stores stock only that kind of clothing and nothing else! Like short skirts for girls - my little sister doesn't like them, but my mom can't find anything else at Wal*Mart. Unfortunately, c'est la vie...
  11. I don't think I would use it much - better would be to bold/highlight unread posts.
  12. Another great screenshot! Although mipmapping may not always be well and good - when playing games with BSP trees, the polygons are rendered with mipmapped textures, and as you move farther away, there is a strange line that seperates the blurred/non-blurred textures. It's almost not noticeable, but still is visible... And you say that all the other screens were antialiased and anisotropically filtered? I can't see any difference! Great job!
  13. Heya Auron! Welcome to the community!
  14. I don't watch TV - 3 channels isn't much to select from. My computer is my primary source of entertainment/other stuff. I go online a lot (especially over summer vacation, to the point where no one can call in), play video games, program, and other fun stuff.
  15. Ahhh! An alien! A monster! A distraction! ...oh, it's just you...
  16. Well, AI scripting wasn't the easiest thing to begin with. And with the addition of a logical Host API, there shouldn't be much of a problem. When the mundane details of how to get units to move is gone, the pure AI becomes much easier.
  17. OS X is a Linux kernel!?! Yay, the open-source movement spreads! And no, unless you can get a native environment for the Linux programs to run (i.e. Cygwin), they won't. Different libraries probably. And even if it were based on a Linux kernel, I have never heard of a Mac console, let along Bash (which I use a lot ). MinGW would be a better choice than Cygwin for compiling, because the MinGW executables rely on Microsoft's MSVCRT.dll (included with Windows), while Cygwin-compiled executables rely on Cygwin1.dll (not included with Windows). A Linux port of 0 A.D. would be a very, very good idea. Same with a Mac port. Seeing that there aren't many games for Linux/Macs, this could be the first and greatest! Although there are some great games for Linux (Pingus is great), many are not as commercial-scale as 0 A.D. The only problem is that Linux doesn't have the greatest 3D acceleration support, so those people with newer graphics cards will miss out a bit (currently, I have seen support for the ATi Radeon 9700 and nVidia makes drivers for Linux, so nVidia cards shouldn't have a problem). And I would have a Linux on my new com, but it's got a pre-installed Windows and an undetailed filesystem (NTFS-2 or something, Microsoft obviously doesn't like to release filesystem details, even though Linux ext2 is way better...).
  18. Me has 56k, and the JPEGs are loading about 1 min. And I hate screenshots of, say, IDEs that are JPEGs, because you can tell that the frame is so distorted, and it looks horrible... I wouldn't mind a couple minutes download time, because that's what I usually get . Also, with a few... tricks, I got a compressed PNG of the afternoon screenshot down to 563 KB. There is no perceptable (sp?) quality loss, except when zoomed in some 500%. And zooming in makes everything look really cool too . On the surface, when zoomed out at 100%, everything looks almost identical, and without the JPEG artifacts, it might be more identical. With PNG interlacing (far superior to JPEG's and GIF's, I might add), there will be no perceptable (sp again?) difference in the loading times. Of course, it's all just my opinion, as I am a supporter of PNG, ...
  19. You should be using PNG instead .
  20. Does/is the graphics engine currently supporting bumpmapping (like the Unreal 3 engine)? The new screenshots make it look like it. If not, you could further improve your graphical quality! Of course, at the expense of a lot of time...
  21. Amazingness! IMHO, that's almost unprecedented art quality in an RTS game! Keep it up, must see more! BTW, the sunset lighting looks just a little bit too... muddy. But otherwise, it's excellent!
  22. @CheeZy, about that scissors thing... They also tell us to hold knives, scissors, etc. point down. I think that it's more likely that you'll drop it on your foot then trip and stick it in your head. Of course, the fast reacting will probably throw away the knife once they start tripping, therefore diffusing any chance of getting stabbed at all.
  23. @CheeZy Well, my idea was so that if you were in the middle of a battle and one of your farms suddenly runs out (like in AoK), you won't have to go back and re-plant it (like in TC). Although you probably already thought of that .
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