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  1. why not:( and dont forget to make a rms tutorial for the game.
  2. i had AoK for a short while, and i saw the the commands to create a random map script were quite easy compaired to the ones on AoM. I was wondering, is it hard to create such way to random map script? Also, i just got an idea.......might sound crazy and impossible, but is it possible to create random map scripts in-game? Having a sort of "notepad" inside the game, where scripters could write down the commands, and there would be a preview option to see how the map is showing up. And of course, if there is a command written wrong, then there would be no way for the preview map script o show
  3. well 1). they had bad accuracy because out of the snowballs the threw me no one hit me:p 2). i'll see what happens on monday
  4. I aplogize for the cursing...but i'm so pissed off right now. I just got back from work and decided to walk home. a group of 6 @#$%s were walking in front of me. since i was walking faster i passed them. By chance those @#$%s were students on my high school. they freaking started throwing snowballs at me, and cursing me. what could i do you ask? well, i had one chance, fight 1 vs 6 tall @#$%s at 9:30pm night..eventhough i have 2 years and a half of taekwondo(asian fighting style), or just ignore them and keep walking. I knew i was outnumbered, and that usually @#$%s fight in groups. S
  5. i would also like to be a playtester....but i guess i'll have to wait until you guys actually need them..
  6. you could also add; - king of the hill - capture the flag on random maps!!! hmm i had no idea i've already replied to this topic before... rock on!
  7. hey everyone, its me auron! I saw a post by a tsunami member asking for RM scripters at tsunami studios. I was wondering how complicated will random map script be for this game? Is it possible to create a way to make random map scripting as AoK? regards Auron
  8. YOU ARE SO WRONG!! its: Yo tengo una madre en Norway. aunque suena mejor mama, pero en la manera que lo escribi se puede entender
  9. nooooooooo:( i missed all these stuff?....although i have been unactive, i've released some stuff for aom;) check siggy!!!!!! regards rock on!
  10. hello WFG forumers:) i'm sorry i havent been active during these past months. after reinstalling my computer + moving to a new house + job + other things, i totally lost contact with you guys and the site. what happened with those points things? i used to have about 400 where are a;; tje cool smilies? regards Auron
  11. welcome. i'm from south america too(colombia) but i live at USA welcome.
  12. is it possible to make Random Map Scripting as easy as Aok is? it really hope RMS for this game isnt as complicated as Aom.
  13. @Zezar, i'm 95% sure new terrains dont damage online gaming on AoM at ESO
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