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  1. Only King's Island has a ride that dangles you upside-down above red boiling water for 45 seconds and then spins you veritcally for another 30. As in, you are on the slopey side of a cylinder and it's rolling.
  2. My school lets people take a trip to King's Island after the end of the school year. Each year on the trip there, a friend and I try to beat Zelda: Four Swords on the GBA. We finished it last year, but this year we're going to try to do it only on the way there and not partially on the way back. Then, if he has a DS by then, we'll use the multiplayer on Metroid. During the stay, I plan to ride no roller coasters that put you in a car-thingy and you ride on that. Had a bad experience on one of those. The safety thing only covered one of my legs and wouldn't stay in place. Terrifying. I prefer the ones that dangle your legs in the air and don't loop. I also plan to win a stuffed animal like te last two years. Two stuffed animals if I get a girlfriend by then. I also plan to ride both water rides six times. I like the rush of the water when going at high speeds on those. It makes my friend furious. I made him ride one of them seven times two years ago and we couldn't stop shivering extremely intensely the whole way back. It was funny. Also, if I get a girlfriend by then, I plan to make out some of the time. NO authority except park security. It rocks. The park security is only in a room in the front of the park and the rest is a TV saying to stay in the vehicle. May 31. Hopefully I'll get back from my vacation by then. If not, poo.
  3. How far in development is the game? By that, I mean is it at a playable state yet? By that, I mean when will I get to start testing? I was told a while ago that I could be a tester. The following has nothing to do with the topic. Glitching games, even for hours on end, is fun. I glitched another game like this: Equipped a super weapon Started a challenge where you can only use a weapon with infinite ammo Held down the fire button on the superweapon before it was switched to the other one Got the super weapon w/ infinite ammo Won the challenge easily I then told Insomniac about their glitch. It was fun. I'm ranting! Yay!
  4. I did, for I went crazy with suspensions. But if you were a mod a Dnas' board, you would too. RIGHT? Anyway, what about you? PS. The angry smilie is on the clickable list twice.
  5. ...the job I want isn't on the application. I want to be a game tester. In games I play, I tend to stray from the main objective and find every last bug. I've already found very many in AOM. Too bad the patches fixed them... Anyway, in RTS's there always seems to be something that was not intended by the developers that makes the game more difficult. One example of that is in AOM. If you try to make a scout go to a corner of the globe, he'll go right through enemy lines and get killed if you don't notice. They could have added something that will make them avoid that on long trips and take the safest possible way to the place you want to go. Also, in other games, I manage to find several floating buildings, how to make cars fly, and how to make the outer-level area navigable. Bug finding is something I'm quite good at. So, WFG, can I have a job?
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