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  1. Hello DarkAngel, thanx for the welcoming B-) Well, i've been programming (in this or that language: basic, pascal, c, php, SQL, c++, java) for the last 8 years... Mostly, however, projects for college and things like that. I finished college last year, and began working in the real world :self-bash: As for games, i wrote a couple (just experimenting with gametrees/alpha-beta pruning and J2ME) but nothing big till today. And BTW, (i haven't found this in the FAQs) what language(s), tools, etc are you people developing 0AD with?
  2. Hello Wildfire community! My name is Dario, i'm 26, and i'm from Paraguay, (that's South America). Since i first met this site (like in mid-2002, iirc) i got really enthusiatic about it. Recently I Re-discovered it and decided to register and participate. I am a programmer myself (working in C++ and Java mostly) and i'd really like to collaborate in SOME way (Isn't every programmer's childhood dream to write games, actually?) So, here i am, a head, two hands, and a LOT of WILL to collaborate. Thanx!
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