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In-game Taunts


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Movie Themes

- Have you paid your dues?

- COOOOOOOWW 'Monty Python = Holy Grail'

- It's only a flesh wound 'Monty Python = Holy Grail'


- Oh I'm sorry, Was that Your Village?

- Look at that, He actually sent his Villagers to fight

- Behold [All Serious like], I now own TWO villigers

- Ohh Crap, They have Cows [panicing]

- Hey, who would of thought your shields where made from ballsa [spelling] wood

- ACME sent rubber chickens instead of swords didn't they?

- Can we restrart this game, I seem to have lost a villiger

- Ahh...so THATS where my other army went.

- Sorry for the spontianeos, attack, my men where gettin ancy

- Did you see that, My men went clear through your meager village with out a scratch.

- Didn't anybody tell you this is 0AD and not WC3.

- Boy did you mess up

- Be Amazed at my wonderous missuse of power

- Ahh I didn't lose, My foul had chicken pocks.

- I'll trade you one sheep for a dozen Hoplite.

- Hey, Who put this village here

- Did Someone lose a villige?

- You didn't put the towel at your feet before take off did you?[HGTTG Tribute]

- Whats that? My Babble fish is broken.

- Ahh Man, They started me out with 10,000 gold again [sarcasticly]

- Hey everyone Look, Pappa Smurf is playing

I can go on for days so I will just stop lol.

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I suggest some quotes bordering on religion.

"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

Could be used as a gg taunt, as christianity was a new religion in that time period. Inside joke, ne?

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"I see plenty of Argalian faults in that strategy."

Maybe Argalius could do the vioce himself!

(@Argalius: We're just joking around of course. Your comments are helpful. But the taunt is funny. B))


I won't be able to do that taunt because I don't have a mic so...

And I know that I've a lot of comments on the screenshots but I just want that 0AD will be the best RTS ever made... well at least without (stupid) mistakes that should be fixed with patches etc. :D

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PRO LIBERATE (the motto of the Wallace clan,and if you don`t know William Wallace I don`t like you :) )

And a nice dutch taun ;) : Val neer en kniel voor mij, val neer en zet me vrij, Sta op en hoor mij aan, sta op en kijk me aan (Quote from inzectezijn from the great punkband Kouwemakkers (y) )

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- Didn't you pay attention in your history lessons? You're (or name of civilisation) supposed to loose this battle!!!!

- (speaking to the romans) It's no use to hide! I'll just follow a road, and I'll find you... (all roads leads to rome :))

- Need more stone? I'm sending some to you right now by air(mail)... (perfect to send after the traditional "stone, please.")

- What time it is? It's 346 BC... :P

-(Darth Vader voice & breathin) Now I am the Maste - sorry, breathing problems (now this doesn't really fits here, but who cares)

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