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  1. but there will be elite units that can be used to guard the heros right?
  2. cool, a cossacks style game but in those times would be awesome i think
  3. is it fesible that it could be implemented in say a mod?
  4. lol, cool. I liked your taunts Lord Typaer
  5. Will friendly fire be included? As if you fire arrows into your own troops in combat against the enemy would it kill them and some of the enemy or just kill the enemy? In EMPIRE EARTH you could shoot past your troops and not kill them but in games like Cossacks 2 you have to be very careful of your own troops firing. Just a question, probably already been asked.
  6. yer, true. So is the viking mod gonna start back up and get back up off its knees? It was doing really well
  7. So what mods are there that are going to be developed for this game? I know that the Viking mod is being developed but wat others are there?
  8. Would be an impossible game to master if it was all implemented.
  9. are those for against the enemy or for an ally? Might seem abit odd if you are saying to the enemy "howdy partner"? Well, not sure about you lot, im probably wrong but it would seem odd to me. Maybe i just see a different side to things
  10. lol, still bit confused. But i think i get the general point. That to get something better, you have to keep looking at things to find out what can be improved. So this links into the custom units by making the gameplay much much more improved and fun? Oh and btw, im no good at problem solving, just good at opinions of things i think(mayber not even very good at that) but thanks for explaining it
  11. How about: "You ought to start practicing to bring me grapes"
  12. could you also just make a mod, with a totally fantasy setting, like elves and stuff but not LOTR. Sort of like Morrowind, if any of you have played that game? @Phoenix-TheRealDeal What were you getting at about my signature? I was confused, too much information not summed up for my pea sized brain
  13. celts might be quite good fun as they would probably be quite barbaric and disorderly, a true test of a commander
  14. wow, thats pretty advanced isnt it? This game is gonna be so much better than all other rts games, well i hope it is, it certainly looks like it is gonna be a pretty fine one
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