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  1. Movie Themes - Have you paid your dues? - COOOOOOOWW 'Monty Python = Holy Grail' - It's only a flesh wound 'Monty Python = Holy Grail' Others - Oh I'm sorry, Was that Your Village? - Look at that, He actually sent his Villagers to fight - Behold [All Serious like], I now own TWO villigers - Ohh Crap, They have Cows [panicing] - Hey, who would of thought your shields where made from ballsa [spelling] wood - ACME sent rubber chickens instead of swords didn't they? - Can we restrart this game, I seem to have lost a villiger - Ahh...so THATS where my other army went. - Sorry for the spontianeos, attack, my men where gettin ancy - Did you see that, My men went clear through your meager village with out a scratch. - Didn't anybody tell you this is 0AD and not WC3. - Boy did you mess up - Be Amazed at my wonderous missuse of power - Ahh I didn't lose, My foul had chicken pocks. - I'll trade you one sheep for a dozen Hoplite. - Hey, Who put this village here - Did Someone lose a villige? - You didn't put the towel at your feet before take off did you?[HGTTG Tribute] - Whats that? My Babble fish is broken. - Ahh Man, They started me out with 10,000 gold again [sarcasticly] - Hey everyone Look, Pappa Smurf is playing I can go on for days so I will just stop lol.
  2. Here is a couple links to personal sites of mine...the first one is very old and about my art. The second is basiclly about my mods for AoM. Shadow of a Hand Fer-De-Lance Forge Studios I am currently reworking on them both..I am combining the two to save on space and just not really happy with the originals. Will hopfully have the new site done in a few months depending on spare time. All the graphics on both pages was created by me as well. Also I am trying to find the time to learn PHP script. Unfortunatly my classes do not cover php so self learning can be a pain at times.
  3. Thanks guys...A forum with no flaiming? Thank gawd. I am honored that you would concider me for your web design department. But at the moment I couldn't be fair to you guys as in time because I am up to my elbows in work and projects atm. But once I can get caught up in everything I would be more then happy to join if would still consider me. My coding skills isn't the best...I can hard code html and rework java and dhtml other people have made. Im pretty much self taught and just started classes a few months ago. So I am still a newb in the web design area. I can post some links to my sites though if you are still interested. Again thanks everybody for making me feel welcome...is a seriouly nice change from what I am used to..Usually you don't find many forums with friendly faces..again thank you. and Youkoso! to you as well Yiuel.
  4. Howdy everyone, My name is Joshua Hickman Aka FlipBizcut, but you can call me Flip. I am 25, a student in web design, live in Virginia and have a cat named Puck. My hobbies are hiking, games, movies, reading, music, modding, fishing and art. Some of my favorite books are all of tolkiens work and alot of stephen kings work. Some of my favorite movies are patriot, gladiator, braveheart, lotr and pretty much any other big epic film. Music is metallica, godsmack, incubus, linkin park and anything else in that area. I occasionally fish and love cook outs with my family. I am currently a member of Creatrix Animatus and have a few other personal modding projects for Age of Mythology on my to do list. Ohh and I also enjoy modeling "as in Gmax not photography" Favorite quote is "Laughter is the best medicine"
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