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  1. Hippopottomonstrosesquippedaliaphobia is a fun word It means the fear of long words. I knew this word for some lung disease... I'll have to ask my friend what it is again... More useful and fun words are Cantankerous, Discombobulate, and Circumlocution
  2. So are there also going to be randomly assigned hp, attack, armor, etc values to have some "randomness"?
  3. OMG that was so funny! A nice joke, based on the Department of Defense vids on STDs back in the days.
  4. The boulder-rolling is a bit too much. I mean, you still want to play as an RTS, right? But I don't think formations should do too much, and the autoqueue annoys me as a crutch for lazy players who don't want to have to queue up more units during combat. But hey... that's just because I play too much WC.
  5. Who carries on the evil legacy? Good, at least that way you don't accidentally have kids... Oh... so you will have kids... <3 Star wars! LOTR!
  6. How does the pope influence life? Catholic, archaic heirarchy: God Jesus Pope King Aristocracy Other people See? Pope = very important. The guy spoke 8 languages. He was cool... and Polish! (Just an observation)
  7. A friend who got her wisdom teeth removed about 3 days ago pulled a joke on me. She said she got the wrong teeth pulled... and she'd have to go see the dentist again... It was still a good laugh, regardless on which side of the joke I was on.
  8. Haha... valley girl talk My friend's "Dead Space" is the top spammed board ever. Plus he has this retarded hack...
  9. We're talking about 25 and 15 - q Math contests here.
  10. For our english class, we had to write a short story and then later submit it to some contest. I won a t-shirt and a keychain (yay!!) with mine. It actually wasn't that easy, I think only 3 other people from the same class managed to accomplish that same feat. But I don't really care about the prize. I'm curious to find how "good" this story was. I'm putting a link to it and hoping for some feedback. Click here to download the story. Note: I long ago gave up on the crappy "doramail" e-mail service, but it's still good for uploading stuff. (That handless cat got too tacky for me)
  11. Practice PSAT score: 218 Sophomore (this) year PSAT score: 214 Practice AIME score: 2 AIME score : 7 practice AMC 12 score: 0 (=P I didn't practice) AMC 12 score : 127.5 I hate practice. It makes me feel bad. Funny thing is, I shun The Art of Problem Solving.
  12. Can I be Argalius's lackey? or his evil henchman? Please?
  13. I won a t-shirt and a keychain for writing a short story. The short story's characters didn't have names, and if I remember properly there wasn't even one proper noun in the whole text. When I looked up my short story, I found the contest people left it untitled. Some funny irony on their part.
  14. That's why I didn't accept x=0 as a solution... did I mention that? oh... whoops...
  15. Get some good books to read. C'mon, at least it's a better waste of time than doing nothing.
  16. Gold screw is fun! Especially when you're the one screwed. Why? Because then you can focus on micro raids and over with a forward base (Micro > Macro!) All Gold Screw does is move the battlefield closer to your enemy's base. That's better for you... if you micro well.
  17. Here's another con: Blocks Ships. In fact, I'm gonna start working on a "bridge wall" strat. But basically, I have an evil, nasty, idea of how to use bridges to make an impregnable defense. (Wooden bridges and regrowing trees!) Theoretically, you could then build a "bridge" around your island on an island map and use it to block off ships from all but one area (the area between where the bridge starts and where it ends), couldn't you?
  18. I know, I'm doing an informative speech on the subject, so I understand what the disease is. And it's spelled appropriate. Sorry if I offended anyone!
  19. I smell a flame! *Cough* *Cough* (Oh sorry, that must be my Tuberculosis (jk)) I want to help too, actually. If I'm not already, that is. I want to be Nathan (Historian) and David (Model-dude) 's annoying little B----, Please? Oh, and Argalius's evil sidekick! Playtester?
  20. In history, more specifically, at the battle of Agincourt, the french knights (cavalry) got their butts reamed by the english longbowmen (archers). (Although Agincourt is outside of this time period) And keep in mind that this is not a prehistoric setting. It is around 0ad, give or take 500 years. What happens when one of my archers shoots it with a flaming-rag arrow, and your army is on that cool-looking rope bridge? We, modern day humans, can't build really long bridges either, but the thing is, the distances on the battlefield in this game aren't ginormous, so there shouldn't be a problem. Keep in mind the proportions here. If I remember correctly, Orcas don't habitually attack ships, and are rather benevolent unless attacked first.
  21. I'll have to make comments on this... That makes defense too easy, especially on island maps. Block off ships with bridges and block off bridges by razing them? 10 groups is enough too many groups mucks up micro and those extra key pushes are impossibly hard to pull off. The current grouping capabilities are good enough. I don't ever use more than 5 groups in my games, and I consider myself good at micro. This does micro for the player, which destroys gameplay. I don't like this. The numbers of actual asteroid impacts are excruciatingly small, especially in such a small area. It would be unrealistic. No it would not be more realistic. The battlefields in 0ad would be nowhere near as large enough to allow for the curvature of the earth to kick into effect. They might as well be flat, for all conventions. I guess the bridge idea is somewhat viable, but I don't like it. Also, I plan on winning a game before 20 mins is up, being the Micro/rushing SoB I am... =D
  22. I gave it a quick hack, but it looks like some intuition is involved anyway. x^(2x) = 2x x^(2x) - 2x = 0 x*(x^(2x-1)-2)=0 thus... either x = 0 or x^(2x-1)=2 which means... log2(x)*(2x-1) = 1 that makes the guessing a bit easier... but I can't go further from that point.
  23. Formations?!?!? Don't use them myself... prefer to do everything manually. But hey, it'll help the n00bs. The Han Dynasty?
  24. Whoa! AOM elements? Sure! but remember that WCIII elements will help too. Creeps are a good idea. Items are a good idea (I like inventory items better than relics). Of course, flying units are impossible, except a possible modpack with Ornithopters and such... But season cycles and not day-night cycles are probably better. Maybe a graphic icon in the middle-top to tell what season it is? (And make seasons have a prominent role in gameplay?)
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