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  1. That was funny, I'm a native speaker and I gave up about halfway through. I've never even seen some of those words.
  2. Man are you lucky! My world civ teacher was an idiot. They made it a freshman class so they stick all the basketball coaches as teachers and they royal screw it up. We used a crappy textbook from about ten years ago that showed a map with the USSR on it!
  3. Anyone here ever read Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein? That is a very interessting book.
  4. I'm a Catholic, though I think being Eastern Orthodox would be pretty cool.
  5. I'm reading (for about the fourth time) the best book since LotR: A Canticle for Liebowitz by (frank?) Miller. It's about thses monks that preserve humanities knowledge after a nuclear war. Basically it's like the Middle Ages with mutants only better.
  6. One of my friends (who is in Calculus), sits around and thinks up math problems. He gave this to his calculus teacher and she couldn't solve it so she gave it to our Pre-Cal teacher and she couldn't solve it either. So she gave it to us! (as if we could solve it!) Anyway he said my answer was right (1/4), but refused to show me the work.
  7. My Pre-Calculus teacher gave us the following problem as a challenge: x^2x=2x the ^ is raised to the power of (just in case you didn't know) I found that 1/4 was the answer through guess and check but I don't know how to work it! I'm sure it's all just algebra, but I haven't got a clue. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks
  8. I have a 3.55. Its odd because I get A's in challenging classes but in easy classes like Vocational Studies (a life skills class) I get B's. The only C I've every gotten was in AP Chemistry. We went though all of Siberberg's Chemistry in half a year! My school is on the block schedualling system so our cllas are 1/2 half an hour each.
  9. You have to unstand a bit about computers and their history to find it funny. I had my mom read it and she didn't find it fuuny either. No offense ment by any of this
  10. Yeah, It's a joke. Read the other article "satarizing a technical audience" or something like that.
  11. Hier ist eine Papier für meine Deutsche Fach: How did I do? Can you please point out mistakes?
  12. I was being informal, which I felt was more fitting of this forum.
  13. Fire Giant, Can you give me some examples of your dialect versus Hochdeutsch. I was reading a book and the one charachter was speaking Schwäbnisch and it was nothing like what I've learned.
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