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  1. All great points. I can drive six hours and still be in California. Actually, it's fourteen hours up to the next state north.
  2. I had the video game, and I always got angry that it had nothing to do with San Diego whatsoever. I kept expecting to see Mission Beach and Boardwalk or something, I guess. Young Americans (and Texans, but I don't count them) have very odd images for everywhere else. I think the reason lies somewhere in between poor geography education, popular media, and the utter lack of need or desire to care about other countries. But Michael has it right, in my opinion: Europeans believe a lot of untrue things about Americans, as well. Maybe they understand more of our politics and geography, but we a
  3. That's why we try to keep guns away from Canadians, I guess. It's hard to remember a time when I was terrified, though one time I completely ran a red light (two streets close together, looking at the wrong sign at night) and drove through downtown traffic, barely missing about three cars in rapid sucession. I just took several deep breaths to calm myself, but the girl I was with decided it'd be good to hit me in the arm repeatedly for it, which served to freak me out a little more.
  4. Impressive! Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the thread, but this is fairly awesome. This is definitely helpful to me, and anyone who'll be working on Iberian art. And Vit, trust me, I've done that. I wrote the Viriato biography, after all. There's just not a lot of accurate information on the internet in English, and even Spanish/Portuguese sites either portray the exact same information, or just add a bias.
  5. Just be sure to cite everything more fully than you need to. Thank you very much ahead of time. Trying to figure out Spanish (I took four years, but Continental Spanish is tricky for me) websites is bad enough, and most of them just contain weak information.
  6. Further research sheds ambiguity over the whole issue. Polybius calls the Lustianians Celt-Iberians, many smaller tribes in the area adopted the name, and the Romans eventually reverted to calling any native tribe from the region "Lusitanians". A good number of historians believe the Lusitanians are simply an offshoot of Celtic blood. The more Portuguese a site is, the more it supports a seperate origin for the entire Lusitanian tribe. Everything I've seen (which apparently contradicts everything you've seen ) points towards the culture of the Lusitanians being only moderately different fro
  7. As the resident Iberian civilization expert and knowing more than my share of greenhorns (:wink:), I'd have to say at least this: The Portuguese seem very, very protective of their Lusitanian heritage and take great pains to seperate themselves from the Spanish "Iberian" tribes. From my studies on the subject (as well as the late Ken Woods'), I'd have to say the line is much less distinct than the ones the Portuguese draw for patriotic/nationalist purposes. The Celt-Iberians were an amalgamation of both Celtic and the native Iberian stock, that is to say that the Lustianians were both Celtic
  8. I notice you're from Portugal -- if you could translate something about Iberian (or Lusitanian) culture, weaponry, or anything and PM it to me, I'll cry in joy. Oh, btw. Your icon does a bit, but I like the Viriato one.
  9. Sub-cultures will be more of an end-game feature than anything else in particular, representing the ultimate disparties in all aspects of life in still fundamentally related civilizations. Basically, expect to see some wildly (even more than we plan on for every civilizaation) customizeability between games even when using the same civilization on a similiar map. It eliminates that repetitive "oh, they're such-and-such civilization, so I should respond by making this and that, as the Such-and-Suches are strong in those."
  10. We have divided two of our civilizations: the Hellenes and the Celts. The Cultures page of our website gives these. Note, however, that we've revised the Hellenes structure to simply two: the Macedonians and the more generic (and thusly more encompassing) polis to represent the city-states.
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