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  1. Can't get it working on XP x64 ot XP x86. Perhaps I missed something. Oh well.
  2. Hope you don't change the design too much, I really like it.
  3. Oh I didn't see it since it wasn't on the front page. I only tend look in about once a month to catch the screenies and the latest news on the forum.
  4. It's excellent. It does have tiers though, they're just not as important as in "age of ..." etc. I'd like to repeat my question; are the phases global or seperate for each territory?
  5. The game will have tiers in form of "phases", which I imagine will work pretty much the same way as the ages in the "Age of ..." games. One thing I wonder though is if the phases will be global or seperate for each territory.
  6. Have you considered having some kind of upkeep system instead of a population limit where your income of resources effectively limits your ability to field an army?
  7. Well the spartans employed the helots as light troops, didn't they? I'm sure it can be discussed wether they were "slaves" or not by definition, but it was something down that road. There are probably other similar examples too.
  8. Great ideas. Another thing I think would ne interresting (I didn't quite catch if you suggested this or not) is if the pop limit was restricted to that territory. So all units take a piece of the pop limit in their "home" territory. This way you the biger territories ear your starting base will support larger parts of your armier, and limmit the "farward base spamming" some games boil down to. On the downside, multiple pop limits might be annoying. How many territories will the average 0ad map consist of?
  9. The blood in the screeny stands out a bit too much imo. It also looks somewhat blurry compared to the overal sharp quality of the rest of the 0ad graphics.
  10. Will the maps be square or circular?
  11. On the upside though, the smell frightens your enemies and reduce their morale by 5%. Next wildfire game already being planned, eh? "The glorious account of the great hero plagued with everyday problems RPG"?
  12. One thing I wonder about archers is if arrows that miss it's selected target can, by chanse, hit other units? (I think AoM actually does this) Friendly fire too perhaps? Might make you think twice about fireing a volley into a messy infantry fight.
  13. I hope there is some sort of randomizing with this bording option, and it don't boil down to amassing the strongest boarding party possible and simply taking any other ship. Also will you be able to capture the ships you board? Perhaps the losing part could have a small chanse of setting fire to the ship, making it unusable to the capturing player (Perhaps damaged beyond fighting capability, but repairable?)?
  14. Yes, but will you plunder from the enemy or will you magically get resources from the heavens?
  15. This is close to beeing my favourite thread. close
  16. There will be "phases", I think they're village->town->city. The phases seem to be simular to the "ages" from the "Age of" games gameplaywise.
  17. I'd defend the glory of AoM design, but I can't be bothered to.
  18. It's excellent! Some of the animations looked a bit strange though. The hoplites and the spear armed cavalry seemed to attack in slow-motion, and they should have some kind of variation of the attack-animation I think. And the archers looked rather robotish in their movement. Props on the peltasti though, their animation was great!
  19. You've got our expectations up now
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