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  1. That's great to hear. I like REALLY BIG maps. Space to move without bumpin the enemy
  2. In AOE2 wall construction is a click and drag process but it is very .. "square" or .. stuck on a grid like.. In AOM you can more freely place where you want the walls and they aren't necessarily on right angles to each other.
  3. Will wall construction be more like AOE2 or AOM? and Will units be able to get on the walls? I always wished that you could in AOE2 and AOM but alas they didn't do it.
  4. Will we see lions in French territory since Lions only became extinct in eastern Europe in the first century AD?
  5. How big will the maps be? I thought that AOE 3 and AOM the maps were too small. In relation to the maps on AOE 2 how big will the maps be in 0 A.D.?
  6. Will there be taxes in the towns/taxation at all?
  7. What does "Realistic Naval Warfare" mean? How is it gonna work? will men stand on the ships and fight? I am a little confused..
  8. In AOE 2 gathering resources was a big factor. I loved it. How important will it be in 0 A.D.? On a scale of 1-10 how important will it be? Also... what kind of resources will be gathered?
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