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  1. "Remember me?" "Try defending this!"
  2. If they are bad players, and realy wants cheats, then the will probably try until they get them. Then they get more practice. I think is kind of a motivation to earn something for the trouble
  3. OOOOOOO :P Nice, gonna do that. Good that It is possible to have some female warriors, if not in the main story
  4. Olala loved it! It is looking awsome! You guys have realy done a very, very good job
  5. Inndeed Hope so, that would be something-out-of-the-ordinary
  6. They cared for the babies and worked in the house while the men was out hunting Anyway, will there be amazons maybe?? only women warriors
  7. Well, this is a real time strategy game, so if the wouldn't be any woman's in the villages, then it wouldn't be very logical, or??
  8. It could of course had gone faster, but atleast we get stuff done properly B-)
  9. 1,618 is another special number, btw. You can find it everywhere in the nature. If you count the number of female bees and divide it with the number of males, then you get 1,618 There where many more examples but I can't remember them
  10. Ok, I agree. Loooove screenshots
  11. Nawen


    Ok, so it's kinda like some sort of money? Cool Thanks for the help
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