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  1. Hei alle, Well, as you can see by my join date I'm not exactly new around here. Inbetween now and then (2004!) 0AD kinda slipped my mind a little, but I suddenly remembered due to finding Rome at War on my old hard-drive. I'm very glad I did as I came to your site, and what am I greeted by - awesome, beautiful screenshots and most of all the Alpha version! I'm enjoying it alot, there's some stunning work gone into this. A little about myself I guess, my name is Anders Hellid, and I was born in Bodø in Norway (I'm of Norwegian-Swedish parentage), though I have lived in the UK since I was a chil
  2. Well, three years since I last posted something or near enough! All of the recently released screenshots are completely amazing, but I am completely unawares as to the status of the project. Can anyone fill me in on the basics? Takk, Anders.
  3. that "Usac" guy is one tough nut.
  4. - Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.(when your ally gets wiped out) - Why did they have to phone now! - darn you eBay! - Have your soldiers been taking drugs? - What the... - Ye have reduced my gold stockpile to little but none. For this, I will do the same...with your blood! - rah-rah-rah! My team is the best! B-E-S-T! What does that spell? - You taunt like a girl. - Cease that infernal racket! (Counter-Taunt) - Sorry, I didn't know we were playing tennis. (Counter-Counter-Taunt) - *Dances in easy game* - The pain! The pain of it all! - Bah. ESO was better. - Are youw startin'? - Help! Being
  5. Oh wow! I love it. The flash animation is great, and i love the fact you can now log in from the main page. Brilliant site guys! EDIT: Also, good job on the screenshot, although, i have the feeling that the :celt:s may be getting a little overdeveloped. Remember, they were quite simple folk.
  6. Yeah, the game definately looks much better now...
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