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  1. Hei alle, Well, as you can see by my join date I'm not exactly new around here. Inbetween now and then (2004!) 0AD kinda slipped my mind a little, but I suddenly remembered due to finding Rome at War on my old hard-drive. I'm very glad I did as I came to your site, and what am I greeted by - awesome, beautiful screenshots and most of all the Alpha version! I'm enjoying it alot, there's some stunning work gone into this. A little about myself I guess, my name is Anders Hellid, and I was born in Bodø in Norway (I'm of Norwegian-Swedish parentage), though I have lived in the UK since I was a child. My Norwegian is not brilliant, and my Swedish is even worse. I can converse in Norwegian, but I'm not up to discussing world political issues in my native tongue for now. My username means "Thundershield", if you were wondering. In my free time I'm mainly a musician - or at least I call myself one. My parents often argue whether it's music or not, but... I immensely enjoy anthropology and this is partly my draw to this game - I very much appreciate the level of historical accuracy you're aiming for. I also enjoy film and photography, though my talent is again debatable. Tusen takk to the developers for a wonderful alpha release, and for each improvement after. I hope to stick around and be an active member of the community, and If I can be helpful in any way, please let me know. - Anders
  2. Well, three years since I last posted something or near enough! All of the recently released screenshots are completely amazing, but I am completely unawares as to the status of the project. Can anyone fill me in on the basics? Takk, Anders.
  3. that "Usac" guy is one tough nut.
  4. - Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.(when your ally gets wiped out) - Why did they have to phone now! - darn you eBay! - Have your soldiers been taking drugs? - What the... - Ye have reduced my gold stockpile to little but none. For this, I will do the same...with your blood! - rah-rah-rah! My team is the best! B-E-S-T! What does that spell? - You taunt like a girl. - Cease that infernal racket! (Counter-Taunt) - Sorry, I didn't know we were playing tennis. (Counter-Counter-Taunt) - *Dances in easy game* - The pain! The pain of it all! - Bah. ESO was better. - Are youw startin'? - Help! Being rushed! - ...Arggggggggghhhh!... - (Freedy Mercury) Another one bites the dust! - A quick survey of the area and....*0ad theme in ringtone form plays* ... uh, sorry guys, I gotta take this...
  5. Oh wow! I love it. The flash animation is great, and i love the fact you can now log in from the main page. Brilliant site guys! EDIT: Also, good job on the screenshot, although, i have the feeling that the :celt:s may be getting a little overdeveloped. Remember, they were quite simple folk.
  6. Yeah, the game definately looks much better now...
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