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  1. @wowgetoffyourcellphone thanks for adding these icons to the development version. Should I change the names of the .png files currently used in the branch to the ones you renamed in the source files? I am worried that the discrepancy could be very confusing if/when the mod should be incorporated into the main game.
  2. Also, I just made an icon for the Nisean war horses upgrade so that the "chamfron" upgrade can use the chamfron.png icon. @wowgetoffyourcellphone now all the icons are taken care of.
  3. ok, I'll remove the diminishing returns part, since this is an obscure game mechanic that might be removed anyway. I think the building and resource cost is good on its own. Also, an update on centurions: Rank 3 swordsmen may be upgraded to centurions which are strong champions with an aura: +10% damage and -25% promotion experience. 3 things remain, however: 1. I need to add a limit to them (8 maybe). 2. give them a cost to upgrade. 3. ensure that the auras do not stack.
  4. wait, is it 90 percent for each farmer, or only for the added farmer? In any case, it could be removed or changed to .95 if it is too OP for seles.
  5. Do unit auras stack by default? I am trying to design an aura for a possible centurion unit, but everything I can think of would be OP if they stack. Thanks, -sauce
  6. yeah not huge, but it's substantial. The main thing is that its present for the whole game time, unlike the discount on construction.
  7. 90% return, so i think it's each additional farmer is 90 percent of the previous one. 1st farmer = 100% 2nd farmer = 90% 3rd farmer = 90% * 90% = 81% 4th farmer = 73% 5th farmer = 65% Maybe I am wrong tho. in theory, you would get pretty good benefits from spreading your women out after you move some to a woodline.
  8. also, I added a merge request for unit specific upgrades, after I finally found an image for the last upgrade. https://gitlab.com/0ad/0ad-community-mod-a26/-/merge_requests/25/diffs take a look, this could be a large content drop for the community mod.
  9. perhaps yes. Maybe this is something we could remove if it proves to be OP.
  10. I called it "fertile crescent" It should help with seles need for food, in particular for eles and cavalry, two Seleucid strengths.
  11. Ok everyone, I found a good civ bonus for Seleucids: farms -25% cost, -75% build time, and no diminishing returns for farmers. How does this sound? This way the bonus works in the short term, but also a little bit in the long term. here is the merge request: https://gitlab.com/0ad/0ad-community-mod-a26/-/merge_requests/24/diffs
  12. yes, of course. As the merge request is written, rams are still a phase 3 unit, but just infantry may be trained during p2. At the time, I wasn't sure if an hp reduction was necessary as well, but I might still implement a few of these suggestions. Thanks.
  13. check the merge request: melee CS: 160 (unchanged) melee champ: 260 ranged CS: 80 ranged champ: 180
  14. already done, see the merge request I previously linked. I agree, we don't need nearly 400 HP champ cav XD. I believe its closer to 13 percent, 300->260 for melee.
  15. yes, engine changes and other important stuff (hopefully some improvements to performance ). Its very unlikely that the mod can be copy-pasted, but something similar could easily be rewritten.
  16. My understanding is that it will be incorporated into a27 after more important engine changes and stuff.
  17. @chrstgtr the noble cavalry are spear cavalry. Rome is the only civ with champ swordcav, and they are pretty OP.
  18. https://gitlab.com/0ad/0ad-community-mod-a26/-/merge_requests/22/diffs this addresses melee champ concerns as well as ranged champs and ranged CS cav.
  19. @Philip the Swaggerless nice idea, I don’t really see any major conflict with Phillip II, since the Phillip II’s aura only effects champions.
  20. k all done: merge requests:https://gitlab.com/0ad/0ad-community-mod-a26/-/merge_requests branches comparison: https://gitlab.com/real_tabasco_sauce/0-a-d-community-mod-unit-specific-upgrades/-/compare/main...cav_speed?from_project_id=36954588&straight=false https://gitlab.com/0ad/0ad-community-mod-a26/-/merge_requests/22/diffs These 2 shouldn't make a very big difference overall, but I expect them to help bring down cavalry's survivability. Feel free to comment on other merge requests I have submitted. I did one lowering crush armor, one for allowing the roman army camp in p2, and one for adjusting pikemen damage/armor. also, there is a slight crossbow nerf.
  21. what about this? the cav speed nerf (is -1 m/s too much?) and this might be enough for the near term.
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