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  1. I figured I would put an update to the "unit_upgrades" branch here: https://gitlab.com/real_tabasco_sauce/0-a-d-community-mod-unit-specific-upgrades/-/tree/unit_upgrades/community-mod/simulation/data/technologies I have 2 icons to make out of 23. I also changed the names of some to be a little more historically plausible, also interesting. Also, now each level 2 upgrade required getting level 1 first. This makes gameplay and Ui better: btw, unit specific upgrades are almost complete with icons:
  2. well the nice thing is since they are (literally) unique techs, they do not necessarily have to be perfectly structured, as the upgrades I have been working on are. For instance, for the unit-specific techs, I am missing a level 2 for cavalry skirmisher, crossbow, and archer. I feel kind of obligated to make everything level 1 and 2, but at the same time I don't have ideas for these upgrades. Maybe for archers we could just migrate the archer accuracy from the forge? Also, @wowgetoffyourcellphone is there a generic "background.png" that I can use for "longer pikes"
  3. I see what you mean @Lion.Kanzen. @borg- is busy now, so I think one thing could be to continue some of the civ differentiation efforts. These will definitely involve some unique civ technologies. I just did cavalry heavy draw, which is very similar to heavy_draw for archers. The two hardest remain: scouting tactics and longer pikes.
  4. Thats literally what I am doing. This is a system of unit specific upgrades, researched in barracks/stable. They will also replace the current cavalry HP and cavalry speed upgrades (which were basically just blanket buffs to cavalry). There are about 20 technologies in the branch, only 3 more need icons.
  5. these are actually designed for the set of upgrades I already devised. Each civ gets about 4 to 8 of these depending on their unit availability and balance reasons. the first one is "handguard" which is for swordsmen, the last is "balanced javelins" notice that the arm is in (sort of) a throwing position, and that there is a grip on the balance point.
  6. I could just make "heavy shot" -> "lead shot" then I would just make the stone much darker and metallic looking.
  7. Ah, I was wondering about this. Thanks for giving me the standard sizes. I found a resize function in my image editor, how does this look? I used this one for "longer slings"
  8. i feel like realism is a slippery slope, and that perhaps instead there should be a realism mode (or mod), with added resources, damage types, and these fire mechanics
  9. I guess this looks nice from a real life simulation standpoint, but from multiplayer gameplay perspective, this is bad gameplay.
  10. well especially in AOE3, it dumbs down siege and raids, and frankly it's boring. We cannot replace capturing with this mechanic, it would be awful.
  11. see my two proposed "unit-specific" upgrades for pikemen: https://gitlab.com/real_tabasco_sauce/0-a-d-community-mod-unit-specific-upgrades/-/blob/unit_upgrades/community-mod/simulation/data/technologies/pike1.json https://gitlab.com/real_tabasco_sauce/0-a-d-community-mod-unit-specific-upgrades/-/blob/unit_upgrades/community-mod/simulation/data/technologies/pike2.json I tested these and they had a noticeable impact on the usefulness of pikemen. In addition to these upgrades, I think an increase in pierce damage, and maybe a decrease in hack armor to equal their pierce armor would be ideal.
  12. I agree with @BreakfastBurrito_007, any arson and fire arrows should just be an animation of the current anti-building attacks with no damage modifications or new mechanics. Melee units can just "start fires" and maybe archers could have a flaming projectile for when they attack buildings. In general, I think this level of realism is unnecessary. If we must add something like this, we should absolutely avoid the AOE3/AOE4 style torching.
  13. really? here is husbandry for horses. Now just longer pikes, scouting tactics, and cavalry heavy draw remain. For longer pikes I have no idea, maybe a good starting point is a screenshot of a pikeman attacking? Then maybe make silhouette.
  14. progress update on icons: Some "new" icons I edited XD. Handguard (swordsman), raiding cavalry (cavalry axeman), heavy shot (slinger), buttspike (pikeman) from left to right. all that remains to be made are: longer pikes, balanced javelins, scouting tactics (archer cavalry 1), cavalry heavy draw (archer cavalry 2), and husbandry (cavalry swordsman 1). if you are curious about the buttspike, this is the inspiration:
  15. yes, I would agree with this. There will be some fine-tuning needed in the future for Han. I already have a couple ideas, but I think we should all wait for a consensus to be made on what exactly needs changing.
  16. lol what am I supposed to do. Obviously balance changes are agreed upon by many people. I think within the unit specific upgrades proposal, there is an appropriate solution to a couple of @Emperior's issues, namely cav OP and merc cav op. Han balance changes will happen later anyway.
  17. @Frederick_1 I recommend you use a plug in mouse, not wireless. I certainly had issues with wireless mouse input
  18. oh wait a minute. No need to draw anything! there are way more than I thought: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/ui/session/portraits/technologies/javelin_thong.png
  19. Oh, that would be awesome! There are much easier ones for me to do (ie make a spear by extending the existing arrow) but this one was going to be a lot of work. Thanks!
  20. Ok I'm finding all kinds of nice icons for potential use in unit specific upgrades. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/art_source/trunk/art/textures/ui/session/portraits/technologies/jav_thong_mockup.png however: Here is the original online. Is this legal?
  21. Sorry for the giga-necropost, but I was thinking of using some of the icons in this thread and also from the below topic for icons in the "unit specific upgrades" branch of the community mod. What is the ideal size for tech icons? (in pixels I guess)
  22. Ok, I went ahead and made a merge request for the 4 new team bonuses.
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