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  1. https://github.com/forroll/serif0ad/pull/3
  2. I can convert and send a pull request. Need to?
  3. LOL. Forum shows spoilers during loading and hides them after loading. I already know the winner
  4. You did not understand. I was looking for the reason why it could be damaged by the certificate at the start of Steam and found a line that in Gloox in newer versions better handles the loss of chunk https://camaya.net/gloox/changelog/ As far as I see in 0 A.D version 1.0.20
  5. @Stan` Perhaps the gloox version in the repository is out of date? version 1.0.21 released: 12 Jun 2018 - InBandBytestream: error handling corrected
  6. Is the issue reproduced without Steam? If not, it is possible that the Valve was cheated on something or they were hacked. Here they complain that they are trying to get root access to modify network settings https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/4739473745766391099/
  7. Thank you. Looks nice Small fix missing translations for non-English interface in shiny: --- /dev/null +++ globalscripts/rename.js +function rename(maingamevalue, newvalue) +{ + const translate_mgv = translate(maingamevalue); + const translate_nv = translate(newvalue); + if (translate_mgv != maingamevalue && translate_nv == newvalue) + return translate_mgv; + return translate_nv; +} --- gui/pregame/ProjectInformationItems.js.orig +++ gui/pregame/ProjectInformationItems.js - "caption": translate("Translate the Game"), + "caption": rename("Translate the Game", "Translate"), --- gui/pregame/TopMenuItems.js.orig +++ gui/pregame/TopMenuItems.js - "caption": translate("Map Editor"), + "caption": rename("Scenario Editor", "Map Editor"), --- gui/pregame/CenterMenuItems.js.orig +++ gui/pregame/CenterMenuItems.js - "caption": translate("Join Private Game"), + "caption": rename("Join Game", "Join Private Game"), - "caption": translate("Host Private Game"), + "caption": rename("Host Game", "Host Private Game"),
  8. You can try temporary forcibly limit the number of processors to 32 in Microsoft msconfig utility (and reboot) It seems safe And you
  9. Hello Look like Your computer has more cores than the build computer considers the maximum (32)
  10. Sent a patch to the developers D4372 Inherit comment of overwritten save
  11. The game can not find a pmp file. Check that two files are identically named and exists in directory mymaps/maps/scenarios: TheLegendofAvilava17.pmp TheLegendofAvilava17.xml
  12. Yeap. Create mod.json with mandatory fields so that the game understand that the folder is mod
  13. Yes. Change in text editor <Entity uid="1008"> <Template>structures/bridge_hele</Template> <Player>1</Player> <Position x="1761.21534" z="796.4726"/> <Orientation y="-1.54537"/> <Actor seed="2022"/> </Entity> -> <Entity uid="1008"> <Template>actor|props/special/eyecandy/bridge_edge_hele.xml</Template> <Position x="1761.21534" z="796.4726"/> <Orientation y="-1.54537"/> <Actor seed="2022"/> </Entity> And the game will not write an error on the screen even with the most recent version of the game
  14. Hello This is a usability bug. Description is not the name of the save as in other games - it is an optional comment.
  15. In the developer version, removed one of the bridges you are using https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4297 Just for information - in the next version of the game, the map may become impassable (if you want to continue developing it)
  16. Does the system allow you to install mods? Then there is no problem Go to the folder where at least one mod is installed in console: mkdir -p mymaps/maps/scenarios echo -ne '{\n\t"name": "mymaps",\n\t"version": "1",\n\t"label": "mymaps",\n\t"description": "mymaps",\n\t"dependencies": []\n}\n' > mymaps/mod.json copy TheLegendofAvilava17.xml and TheLegendofAvilava17.pmp to mymaps/maps/scenarios enable self-made mod in Settings->Mods Map will appear in the list
  17. Do you have a version with access to your home directory? If not, then you can't See thread
  18. generated 2021-09-26 Looks outdated Try search another file slocate crashlog.txt or find ~ | grep crashlog.txt in console
  19. That is unnecessary. 0 A.D. does not use the practice of "committing on trust" Nice code from "random internet user" will be added Any code from the "main administrator" will still be reviewed Source code signing does not protect against MTM injection in build system. Replace files for the compiler with unsigned ones and it is almost impossible to detect it
  20. Red card for unsportsmanlike conduct This is obtained by re-implementation of the NoSQL database.
  21. There is a disk cache - it works with very high speed It loads the data around the requested seek()/read() system calls. This allows you to load it completely to the cache in case of requests to one file and receive data at the SATA-2 interface speed. https://www.alphr.com/what-is-hard-drive-cache/ (Block Reading Ahead and Behind) You argue that both tests worked with a disk cache and an archive 10 times faster. It can not be I brought the test that the meta-information from the file system is always faster than metainformation from the archive. The file system is an hot indexed file information database in the kernel space. And any archive - always has a primitive way on requests inside
  22. On a hard disk with a cache of 128 megabytes (WDC WD2005FBYZ), multi reading of 4 megabytes from from one file is very cheap compared to random files in the file system If this was meant as a "contiguous memory", then I agree
  23. Hello Quote from default.cfg ; Global Configuration Settings ; ; ************************************************************** ; * DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE if you want personal customisations: * ; * create a text file called "local.cfg" instead, and copy * ; * the lines from this file that you want to change. * ; * * ; * If a setting is part of a section (for instance [hotkey]) * ; * you need to append the section name at the beginning of * ; * your custom line (for instance you need to write * ; * "hotkey.pause = Space" if you want to change the pausing * ; * hotkey to the spacebar). * ; * * ; * On Linux, create: * ; * $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/0ad/config/local.cfg * ; * (Note: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME defaults to ~/.config) * ; * * ; * On OS X, create: * ; * ~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/config/local.cfg * ; * * ; * On Windows, create: * ; * %appdata%\0ad\config\local.cfg * ; * * ; **************************************************************
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