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  1. Git pull the latest code from master branch. Build it on MacBook Pro. I can cheat by "jame jam" but cannot cheat by "iwanttopwnthem 50". The output is : ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/components/Trainer.js line 229 Script value conversion check failed: v.isNumber() (got type undefined) Trainer.prototype.Item.prototype.Spawn@simulation/components/Trainer.js:229:31 Trainer.prototype.Item.prototype.Finish@simulation/components/Trainer.js:205:7 Cheat@simulation/helpers/Cheat.js:82:10 cheat@simulation/helpers/Commands.js:72:8 ProcessCommand@simulation/helpers/Commands.js:53:23 ERROR: Failed to call ProcessCommand() global script function Please fix this.
  2. I git pull the latest code from master branch and compiled it on my Mac. When I played the game, I found the water color is not right. It's pure blue!!! It never happened before. I don't know how to deal with it. How can I fix it? Thanks.
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