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  1. The problem is precisely the permissions to write the configuration in the home directory. I reproduced on my computer: $ rm ~/.config/0ad/config/user.cfg $ sudo chown root:root ~/.config/0ad/config ERROR: CConfigDB::WriteFile(): CreateFile "config/user.cfg" failed (error: -110300) Try cleaning your config directory (type in terminal): sudo mv ~/.config/0ad /tmp/0ad_backup and reinstall snap in dev mode (without restriction) snap remove 0ad snap install --devmode 0ad https://snapcraft.io/tutorials/advanced-snap-usage#3-handling-interfaces-a
  2. Looks like there are not enough permissions Try "Enable Acess files in your home folder" https://ubuntu.com/blog/a-guide-to-snap-permissions-and-interfaces
  3. Look like compiler do not support c++11. You can try to force: CXXFLAGS="-std=c++11" ./build/workspace/update-workspace.sh
  4. if we are talking about this package https://www.flathub.org/apps/details/com.play0ad.zeroad then no. there is no map editor $ find /var/lib/flatpak/app/com.play0ad.zeroad | grep -i atlas | grep '.so$' | wc -l 0
  5. No. Package compiled with option --without-atlas or config=debug (but libAtlasUI.so from version with config=release) Version of mozjs should not affect launch Atlas Editor
  6. As I understand it, he is talking about regular content (aka Devblog or similar SMM activity) which he will be able to discuss with his viewers in the weekly reviews. Wiki article are enough for about 2 minute video once a year
  7. So no one forbids you to show a master class on effective communication. Here is a constantly updated list of changes in the game - study and become the main point where users receive information about the game. There you can register and ask the developers directly what the new function does. You propose to create a kind of oversight committee. This is not a working strategy. This will only work if you pay developers to implement your own ideas. Open source development is a sporadic process of implementing ideas. The idea is guaranteed to appear in the game in a fixed time - only if a cer
  8. Do you update the developer version every day? It’s strange. Or do you have a stable version? Stable will not be updated soon. You need to manually change {"Civ": blabla } to {} in the xml file for each player
  9. I took a screenshot of the battle. During the battle with the AI, 500 "used arrows" are displayed in a small area. This is a lot for low-spec computers. I think it would be nice to combine this in the settings as "Displayed objects of the battle" (corpses, ruins, arrows) and clean it up within a single queue. This method will not affect small battles in any way and and will give a big profit for large
  10. Hi. Fixed only 23.03 https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3725 In release version bug. You can change the value in a text editor { "Civ" : "athen" } to {}
  11. You describe in terms of project management and testing (Quality assurance). As I understood in the topic, we are talking about marketing, "influencing" and "hyponomics". For the first, everything is already clear. More time, more effort. For the second, so far they have offered to change the name of the game...
  12. Objects contain in name "default" should be available for any faction (units are available in the list)
  13. Fixed today. Wait until you receive updates after March 24 https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3725
  14. Incorrect terminology. In real life, there should be about 50 programmers per PR manager. Then he is constantly loaded with tasks to present the results of the work to the public. There is no such flow of resources and content in the game. Only the "Council of content creators" can be discussed. That is, people who independently create public content where the game is only an auxiliary tool. This Council sounds logical. If most people who constantly create content about the game do not like the word "Alpha" - why not change the name
  15. Not. This is the correct in-game building data for an italian-speaking reader of your documentation
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