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  1. Thanks. I mostly show funny pictures - my video card is really lowcost It's very difficult to repeat - two screenshots in a hundred games
  2. During the game, the textures of buildings are changed to random. Such beautiful pictures turn out
  3. IMHO Content decoding takes the first place in duration Second: positioning within the archive. If the file system has a constant hot bitree-like index (For example, the stat() system call is a simple index selection), then inside the archive this is done using hard software method on demand Fragmentation of disk/memory chunks - I think it's noticeable only in highload projects of mathematical calculations
  4. In the video, the game crashed on startup - look like another issue with VSync/FPS
  5. @Alexander Livingstone Try open in public.zip file gui/gamesetup/Pages/GameSetupPage/Panels/GameSettingsPanel.js and overwrite string: let tickLength = now - this.lastTickTime; as let tickLength = (now - this.lastTickTime || 1); And restart the game with vertical sync. Perhaps this will solve the issue with the menu not opening.
  6. Objects unpacked to disk and into memory are used inside the match. On an average computer, working with an archive cannot slow down anything In the game, the FPS limit in the menu is 100 frames per second. https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/master/source/main.cpp#L265 Perhaps you have a 144 hertz monitor and vertical sync causes the game to behave unpredictably (trying to guess the problem) Could you tell us the hertz of your monitor? p.s. Probably the problem is not related to the frequency "video_desktop_freq": 60 this is a standard monitor
  7. This is another issue. I need to find two files crashlog.txt and crashlog.dmp and attach here. Do you have antivirus software running? This could be the cause of the error. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ReportingErrors#Windows
  8. This is not normal. The file binaries/data/mods/public/gui/gamesetup/Pages/GameSetupPage/Panels/GameSettingsPanel.js is responsible for opening this panel It says to open in 1.2 seconds at 470 pixels Try find user.cfg in your OS https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths and add option gui.gamesetup.settingsslide = "false" in end of file. At the moment, there is not enough information why it was broken. This is definitely not a German locale issue.
  9. Hello Correctly I understand you have problems with the block circled in red? Do you have third-party mods installed in the game and tried to disable them?
  10. Map for version 23. Corrected template names to work in 25 povorotnaya.js
  11. It is impossible to apply a patch from Phabricator to a snap binary
  12. D4338 - Fix passibilty overlay in atlas Created a patch to fix the problem. Unfortunately, the only way to fix on your computer is build the game from the source code and apply a patch.
  13. Hello. Try turning off the "TLS encryption" in the settings (Networking/Lobby).
  14. @SciGuy42 FYI You need to put the new version in the mod folder (To make it work in the release version) simulation/components/Trigger.js Trigger.js
  15. Yes, I have it reproduced. I'll see what has changed in the code since the 23rd version
  16. Hello. Please, send a screenshot where Atlas menus and red zones are displayed during operation and after restart
  17. Your version is romantic, but the dates do not converge. The Hellenization Map of Alexander Macedonsky, of course, does not affect Rus If you mean "direct control" - this is the establishment of cultural ties with the local elite for safety of trade routes - then it was And if we mean a modern understanding of direct control and Hellenization - the Byzantium could not control anything for the structured state in Rus appeared at the moment Konstantinople had already degraded
  18. The Orthodox Church is decentralized - the term direct control is not correct for the relationship between the patriarchy of Rus and the Constantinople partyarchy. It Acculturation, not direct control. Kievan Rus is just Rus. It is incorrect to oppose it to Moscow Rus, which is also just Russia only three centuries older. In 1055, the Monomakh king created a system of government where sons gallop through the cities (Kiev, Novgorod, Ryazan, Chernigov, Vladimir, Polotsk, Smolensk, etc) The result was a confederation that historians in the 20th century called Kievan Rus - but this is not only Kiev (the name is confusing) - these are all these cities-states And in the 13th century, Moscow was appointed as the capital city and not Kiev. There were no differences in the 9th century. They appeared only as a result of the capture of these cities by other cultures. I don't see much sense in creating several Rus' (IMHO)
  19. No. I replaced only the names of the templates inside JS. Change API You need to correct yourself I can post a patch that corrects errors on the screen of the first mission: - let ai_mult = cmpPlayer.GetGatherRateMultiplier(); + let version = 25; + // GetGatherRateMultiplier removed in https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1011 use hardcode 1.25 + if (typeof cmpPlayer.GetGatherRateMultiplier === 'function') + version = 23; + let ai_mult = (version == 25 ? 1.25 : cmpPlayer.GetGatherRateMultiplier); let tower_garrison_count = 0; let walltower_garrison_count = 0; @@ -328,8 +332,17 @@ Trigger.prototype.SetDifficultyLevel = function(data) tower_garrison_count = 2; //add some tech - cmpTechnologyManager.ResearchTechnology("attack_infantry_ranged_01"); - cmpTechnologyManager.ResearchTechnology("armor_infantry_01"); + //attack_infantry_ranged_01 removed in https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP24725 + //armor_infantry_01 renamed in https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3287 + if (version == 25) + { + cmpTechnologyManager.ResearchTechnology("soldier_attack_ranged_01"); + cmpTechnologyManager.ResearchTechnology("soldier_resistance_hack_01"); + } + else { + cmpTechnologyManager.ResearchTechnology("attack_infantry_ranged_01"); + cmpTechnologyManager.ResearchTechnology("armor_infantry_01"); + } }
  20. Maybe: python3 script.py 7 Macedonia_1.xml python3 script.py 7 Macedonia_1.pmp
  21. Are you sure you downloaded Branch 25 to your mods folder? Version from https://github.com/nwtour/Macedonia_0ad.git this error should be fixed * (PMP files upgraded to 7 version)
  22. Changed I just start the game and fix the errors that appear on the screen when starting the Macedonia campaign
  23. I have not found a way to do this automatically I search in https://github.com/nwtour/0ad_path_backward_capability/blob/main/24/map_backward_capability_list.json and the history of git (example git whatchanged -n 5000 | grep gaul_infantry_javelinist_e) and substitute it into the command line : sed -i 's|other/fence_short|structures/fence_short|' maps/scenarios/* sed -i 's|other/palisades_rocks_watchtower|structures/palisades_watchtower|' maps/scenarios/* sed -i 's|geology_stonemine_tropic_quarry|rock/tropical_large|' maps/scenarios/* sed -i 's|gaia/fauna_hawk|birds/buzzard|' maps/scenarios/* sed -i 's|other/bridge_wooden|structures/bridge_wooden|' maps/scenarios/* sed -i 's|geology_metal_alpine|ore/alpine_small|' maps/scenarios/* sed -i 's|geology_stonemine_temperate_formation|rock/temperate_large_02|' maps/scenarios/* sed -i 's|flora_tree_aleppo_pine|tree/aleppo_pine|' maps/scenarios/* sed -i 's|geology_stonemine_alpine_quarry|rock/alpine_large|' maps/scenarios/*
  24. This is to @SciGuy42. I just convert without loss to the 25th version objects from the first three maps. I hope this will help the author hold a full transition I can also offer a database of renamed files - it is very accelerating the migration process: https://github.com/nwtour/0ad_path_backward_capability/blob/main/24/map_backward_capability_list.json
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