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  1. Just watched the youtube video. Most impressive - you have put a lot of time into this. I love the medieval building set. I think I was most impressed by your icons which look beautiful. Though I don't understand the pony stuff, well done - bravo
  2. Ha, yes - it does! Christoph - I honestly can't believe some of the stuff that you programmed at such a young age. That was very impressive. If I recall, you did work on the run/stamina as well as auras. I'm not sure if either of those features have been fully reimplemented to the degree of their prior maturity since the rewrite.
  3. Cool. Fun factoid from the past - this is the last video I can remember that was made using the cinematic camera: I think it is the has the highest number of views of any 0 A.D. video because it was on slashdot. http://games.slashdot.org/story/09/07/15/170217/0-ad-goes-open-source It would be cool to get a nifty video using this for the next alpha release. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
  4. Awesome! I don't think I have seen anybody make use of a cinematic camera in 0 A.D. in nearly 10 years. Way to go! Just out of curiosity - were you able to salvage any of the old code?
  5. That is a nice collection of units. It looks like quite a bit of work that you put into the mod! Thank you for the offer What software did you use to make them? What kind of animations did you make for the Civ mod? What file formats could you share (3D, textures)?
  6. Yep, that is Brendan. He is a fantastic artist. I enjoyed working with him. Here is his blog: http://keo-art.blogspot.com/ For the last 6 years Brendan has been working at: http://www.venan.com/ He may still be connected to the PM system here on the forums. You could try: http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showuser=579 Otherwise I'm connected with him via LinkedIn and I could make an introduction for you.
  7. Sorry, off topic - that is interesting news to me. I bet it has probably has been that way for years Just out of curiosity does anyone remember why the departure was made from XML? I'm assuming there was a logical reason why...
  8. Nice Reminds me of one of the first screenshots made of 0 A.D. back in 2001. Before the game was even fully 3D.
  9. I don't think that artwork is a gigantic concern, it is always changing and evolving. It could always be used in the scenario editor, and could be changed on civ selection in game. I think the depth of strategy it would return to the game would be worth the trade off. With fewer factions, this enables greater diversity. The more factions you have, they all start to blend together in similarities - with only subtle differences. Balancing a dozen plus factions is also challenging. Red Alert had 2 factions. Star-craft had 3. The original 6 civs were chosen because they had some distinct hi
  10. Yep, you got the idea Now we just have to convince everyone else to put it back the way it was before
  11. Glad you got it to work Skeleton files seem to be a point of confusion for many people. I'm not sure if we already have a recent and up to date resource to point people to. If not, I think it would be worth capturing what was learned and sharing it with others that could be used in the future. It would also be good to capture and document your art flow from Maya as a legitimate method of making models and animations for 0 A.D. I know documenting is a pain, but it is a tremendous resource to those that don't know where to begin.
  12. Few more hints. There are lots of examples in the location that Sander pointed you to: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/art/skeletons Make note of what your joints are named in Maya. Prop points follow special rules. Some more background info for you.
  13. Check out ColladaMaya or maybe this? https://collada.org/mediawiki/index.php/OpenCOLLADA I'm not a Maya guy either... but I am a Max guy. When we first transitioned to COLLADA and .dae files, 3ds Max didn't natively support a .dae export. We had to use plugins. Most artists used 3ds Max and not Blender then as well. So, the game engine was largely developed around the ColladaMax exported .dae files. That was 2006-2007ish... today Max has it's own .dae export. I don't think the natively exported files work with pyrogenesis (at least they didn't last time I checked), only this plugin work
  14. Micket, this might be some fun reading for you if you haven't read it before. This was the path to getting normal maps implemented in the game by myconid a few years ago. http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16022
  15. Fun fact 10 years ago 0 A.D. originally had only these civs: Celts Hellenes Iberians Romans Persians Carthaginians Two of the civs "branched" into sub-civs (celts - britons, gauls & hellens - sparta & athens). But, this was intended to happen during the game as a strategic choice - not something you decide and set in stone before the game even started. The choice would have shown itself during one of the town/city upgrade phases, and would have affected the hero choices, special structures, and late game technologies. I'm not saying the existing method is bad, just that I personally l
  16. Yeah, that is kind of the point though. Female citizens weren't simply intended to be a cheaper citizen soldier that didn't fight. They brought equal or greater value to the game (vs a basic male citizen soldier) by offering higher economic capability, but at the trade off - being the risk of easily loosing that asset's allegiance. If an enemy scout comes into your village and sees 20 unprotected female citizens it would be a goal to capture a handful of them before they ran into a garrison. I could explain in more detail if you are interested in hearing more, or try to find the old discus
  17. This discussion jogs my memory from over 10 years ago. Here is what was originally specified. This concept was largely taken from Westwood studio's model of how entities transfer ownership (Command and Conquer - I can't see this video from work, but I think it will show it: )I'm not sure if all can see these links so I'll cut and paste the contents: http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=699 http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=742 Also an interesting discussion that we used to have as part of the design FAQ (Ken Wood was one of the original game designer):
  18. I think it is all pretty awesome. A+ for creativity, except... ponies? really? I grew up in the era when they first came out and this is what I associate with them: I can't connect the dots in my head between that image and 0 A.D. But... that is my problem. Fantastic artwork! I think it would be a fun mod, to mod your mod into a Medieval faction.
  19. Not sure if this would be something worth pursuing, but I recently posted it in another thread. Thought it was relevant to this discussion: ...there was an idea in the past that you could make a selection in Atlas of multiple entities and save them as a "group". These groups could be then be added to a player's custom pallet of tools. So perhaps it was a collection of trees, rocks, shrubs and bushes - and you define/call that "TemperateGroup01" or something. Atlas saves (or "copies") the x,y (not z) and rotation of each entity/actor into that group xml file. This could then be recalled at
  20. Looks great Nice use of the self illumination feature.
  21. Sorry, if I I caused confusion. My intention was not to insinuate that anything in the game be changed. I was just answering the question that was posed. Games have inherent trade-offs that counter-balance reality with fun and practicality. Those either/or decisions are made all the time in development. At several points I remember emphasizing that we are making a game with 0 A.D. and not a simulator. True there is some educational value to games, but a game shouldn't be overwhelming with education to ad nauseam. Very few people will care about the historical accuracy of wheat, they wo
  22. Ha! i didn't know that Erik? Neat, I'm a farm boy too Like the guy in video was saying... modern wheat is different than ancient wheat. Erik is correct, what was shown in the gladiator footage was "full grown". Modern hybridized wheat is bred by design to shorter stalks, it provides a better stand for the heavy heads of grain (sometimes 4 or 6 rows). The idea being that the plant should spend more resources on making kernels than useless straw. Ancient wheat was a simpler variety that looked something like this: http://www.primegrains.com/prime-einkorn.htm They didn't have modern chemi
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