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  1. Errors just show up but on my SP games it doesn’t matter as it is still playable and I’m having fun. For MP games if the errors will affect the mechanics then it needs fixing. The look out towers seem missing from build menu. IMO for SP games or maybe MP games the promotion of CS units from elite to champ and to hero should be slower or very very slow. In my games since I play to infinity I might end up having majority of the units to be heroes. And I’m not sure if I will end up more than 100 heroes and it will fill up the hero panel. Questions: Is there a file (readme or something) to know what type of hero or Champ any CS unit from any Civ could be promoted? Are they promoted randomly? Thanks!
  2. Not caused by fgod mod coz I don’t use fgod for SP this time. There were errors from time to time too but can’t catch it to take pix. Still playable and having fun with the mod. Though I have to regulate my game so I won’t end up having all CS soldiers become heroes. Add to the fact that I played with 13 relics the hero and relic slots might be filled out and who knows what will happen . At some point lately the resign button works! Also the wololo still works (can build some structures using captured units) but was surprised a Briton unit can build an Italian embassy. Seems like any structure buildable by the wololo unit can be done if it is allowed by that captured unit but not allowed by the Civ the human player used. Also the Seleucid archer unit was promoted to champ (kushite) and surprisingly not the Greek one.
  3. Man your mod (balancing mod) is really cool! That promotion to champion is really really awesome! Regardless of the error it’s playable. Btw the hotkey for wounded units is not working.
  4. I used my phone to take a pic.
  5. idk if the error will appear on the screenshot. it doesn't show on my folder though.. it seems the resign worked but the workers continued working while the CC was Gaia/white.
  6. @gaius is there a new version that fixed the resign error? I just played and the SP game can’t resign on this mod. The formation fighting mod is ok.
  7. some errors. I will attach some from my logs too but I'm not sure when and how it happened. Maybe some devs can direct it if its helpful. Im using OSX. interestinglog.html crashlog.txt mainlog.html oos_dump.txt system_info.txt
  8. @JonasTuo DL it from the forum and not from the mod.io.
  9. I have error when using or enabling fgod mod so I disabled it. The game works but I can’t resign. I was just playing a 1v1 mainland to test. Exit works though. If I have a chance I will retrieve the errors and post. Quite busy but for sure on the weekend.
  10. A 23 has so many nice new features but imo did not improve more to enhance MP mechanics and SP as well. I think as usual the devs are more focused on MP game still. In my case I used to play more SP as I would like to build my empire with multi Civ structures within but they removed the feature for the converted units to build their Civ structures. So I end up playing more MP. The modders are trying their best but it seems very hard to complete for lack of people. Two good new maps like Hellas and napata but it’s really hard to construct big structures so that they will look really nice. The maps have less flat surfaces to build wonders etc nicely. Gaia spawning maps like Jebel an Danubius are nice but their sorroundings/terrain are not really good to build a nice walled empire. Fert and Oppidium are promising for SP but the condition is quite limited. Fert doesn’t allow walls. Oppidium I think must provide an area opposite the Gaia so a human player can occupy that spot. For Gaia spawn there must be a choice that Gaia doesn’t spawn harder on AI civs and can do the hardest spawn towards human players. Gaia must also impose a strong border so they can’t by pushed by AI or human player. That outward border radius must be long enough so that any players towers can’t fire on its outermost structure. This way Gaia can live for years if the human player won’t and have no capability to destroy it. Any Civ that can build walls must be able to train archers imo just to make it more viable to play in SP regardless of the cost.
  11. I played your balancing mod and by far the most interesting and more strategic to play. I got lost for awhile until I noticed the different resources needed to either train or build structures. Many players or even forumers dislike 3 resources per unit but with this, your mod as well Nescio and DE mods are much much more strategic. Spamming of units are really minimized tremendously. I think you can add or utilize some of feldfeld mod ideas, f.e. Hero can’t be retrained when it died. It works nice and the AI is also responding. There was an error which I will try to post sometime. Also some pikemen (low rank) are behaving like In syntagma formation even if they were not. Main thing is spamming is minimized and could develop more gameplay especially on MP games. I tried millennium AD and they are nice too but incomplete still. Their mechanics is nice except that unit resources cost is same as vanilla. Whereas yours have different metal requirements for each units(more realistic) and structures as well. Stamina is really nice too but it should not deteriorate up to zero and the unit/s die. There should be a mechanics or tech so they just become less efficient or less powerful (as in wounded). But their HP should be stable to a certain percentage but not 100%.
  12. Servo

    Lobby Bugged

    seems like I can't even run the game.
  13. DE works with skirmish maps with some slight errors and won't work on random maps.
  14. Correct me if I’m wrong. The topic should be Phasing and not Pacing?
  15. @DavitoTBara4 @Charly-Magne Use the fgod mod for now. I use Mac too and it works.
  16. The same thing is happening to me too since last week using the DL from mid.io thru the settings. Tried it yesterday and still the same. You can’t play and you can’t exit.
  17. Was it intended Zapotecs have no cavalry? Wasvit it tended that Xiongiu women costs 50 wood too?
  18. Thanks Ponies Ascendant working very well now. Is there any link for Mil AD mod?
  19. Thanks everyone. I DL ponies last night from lordgod but didn’t work so I will try this link. One question. Is there any way you can still play any mod even if mod.io bugged out or crashes? If I dL the mod from mod.io and dL the mod also from other link should I keep both (is it possible as the options are either replace or skip something)and not going to have any effect if one dL bugged out? The relevance of my question is that if I saved a game from using the mod.io then it crashes, since I still have the same mod a separate file, can I play the saved game using the same other mod?
  20. @wackyserious Millennium Ad playable? I was able to play it with the A21 I guess but could hardly find the link to DL. Im trying every mod that comes out.
  21. I just had the game and I think its really fun to play the Zapotecs though they don't have hero yet. The Xiongou has the best and realistic siege Ram . Everything' seems working really good!
  22. I mean the ones posted by other forumers
  23. how do you open this files to watch the video? needs app?
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