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  1. When you click from one market to another then train a trader it comes out but garrison to the end market. It works/trades only if you click the trader from one market to the other. Humn I’m going to try the women’s if they really are farming. One thing that I observed too is that the AI took a lot of time to really become aggressive and it’s brutality seemed diminished. I’m not sure if I will play against 2 so they can trade immediately and get more silver which imo hinders their ability.
  2. What does “scroll batch increment ratio” mean and how does it work to help the players in game? Any possibility to add chat notifications hot key/s with sound when asking for resources?
  3. @Emperior Base units for all civs brings more fun for SP games. Statistics or costs for added base units doesn’t need to be the same. For example on the movie series I watched about Rome Caesar has archer units. If archers are to be added to Romans it doesn’t need to be same costs as Mauryan, it can be doubled or it can be less effective so that it won’t be a goto unit for them. Just to have some added flavor to at least deploy them on walls or towers (tower meta is unrealistic as they fire arrows without garrison or effect on unit numbers, DE has). Same as any other units whether infantry or cavalry. For example whether Athens use or did not use cavalry champs historically it can be added too at maybe very high cost that MP gamers won’t really be using due to cost prohibition. But for SP games they will be awesome! We are aware that very few good players win using lots of champs nowadays except that Iberian have a very good chance to make a difference in the endgame (on team games). . Feldfeid is experimenting on his mod and it looks really promising revitalizing the game to induce the use of champs again rather than relying on unrealistic use of siege weapons. Nowadays some good players are transitioning their games to dominate early on and continue to maintain that early strategic military gains to subdue opponents. This is an indication that the game meta is improving albeit slowly by distancing from easy spam to a more fluid tactical and strategic gameplay. With this the game could be more fun and may exceed the average game length beyond 30 minutes.
  4. I tried your mod and looking smooth though I guess unfinished but really playable. So no hero/champs yet? And promotion as well? I think silver is a nice addition and make sense that soldiers cost food and silver. Women not farming? And no hunters too? If soldiers cost silver and food only is there a way that some resources can be sold automatically so the player doesn’t need to micro to buy silver. It’s really hard to acquire silver if you don’t trade especially if you will be alone. Say for example you set the limit of resources that can’t be sold at 500, any excess can be sold for silver automatically. If the current game allows you to barter at 100 minimum then any hundred in excess of the bar can be sold or barter automatically to any resources to which you wanted.
  5. It’s working. TLS on and I entered the lobby and the game.
  6. I’m in the lobby now. But the game color is red. TLS encryptions is on. What to do now? oh it’s ok
  7. Team Nanub : Nani, Diezaka, Caesar, Servo Team Aristotle : Aristol, Rauls, Lapantiencos, Itrelles It's a NUbmad game and a mediterranean cove like map. I was Iberian as usual and built at 9 o clock. Saw itrelles with his Mauryan nearby and built closer to me. Nanub and Diezaka were farther south below me. Diezaka built nearby the shore but Caesar was separated and alone behind in the enemy lines. I decided to rush when I saw lots of hunts. Caesar managed to build ahead of Rauls and slowed him down a bit and manage to transport units to our safe side just in case. As expected Caesar got easily favela for being in the wrong and worst place alone. But my other fast and furious teammates managed to put up a CC each above me and began sieging their front (itrelles). Seems like an easy roller coaster for Nanub and Diezaka but Itrelles and Aristotle with the help of Rauls catas managed to stall our land offensive. Lapatiencos made a sneaky beachhead attack and destroy Diezaka main base and in a surprise turn of events our offensive is slowly pushed back, and we were slowly losing the original gains. Until our decorated Nanub general decided to change tactic :P. commands.txt metadata.json
  8. Servo

    DE MP game

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone try to look whether that Mauryan archers are really OP. Also it seems nice that structures don't impose LOS as my opponent sent workers near my archers. Its a 2v2 test because 2 guys were craving to play the mod and another one Riddler jumped in to try though he hasn't played it before. commands.txt metadata.json
  9. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Mauryan archers at level 2 destroys Briton houses easily. I’ll try to post that game.
  10. I think you should train men using metal as what borg did so the Petra AI keeps training women.
  11. The AI Petra doesn’t train women to gather food and the women keeps on gathering food from hunts. They train lots of men but only do wood, stone and metal gather. A farmstead was built and farms are ready to be built near the farmstead which is far from the CC but seems like no one wants to build that farm. I haven’t seen the replay yet as to why that behavior is occurring. The AI can’t progress to P2 since food is very scarce in this behavior. The blood on archers (I use my favorite Athenian) foot still there and their animation to build is bugged(they just stood there while the structure is progressing to be built). BTW there is no more percentage build progress while a structure like temples are being built? It seems the structure stayed at the original footing despite there is progress of build. So even if the structure is 99% finishing it still look the same as when you start it. Not a big deal though as long as it’s finished. Idc tbh about how the units are trained whether in battalion or individuals nor their animations as these can be fixed later, nether do I care about balance nor this civ and that civ have it for as long as the AI Petra works and make huge armies and behaves like vanilla. I say this because imo if you mod the game 0ad with more complexity there will be few lobby players who will DL and play it. Assuming you fix the errors (which I also had but I think it disappears and the game still continues), animations and game mechanics there will still very few MP players who will play it until we spread the words. But there will be some players (like me and lots of SP players) whom might play it as long as the AI enemy Petra behaves accordingly. IMO any mod should focus their priority on the Petra behavior because the main thing that the game is made and played is because of the interest on the armies battling each other. Tbh I’ve been monitoring your progress because you we’re gutsy and bold enough to really make a realistic mod. Sieges being manned, auto phase up, now I see Athenian archers from barracks and seemed the marines too even if there’s no dock or ships). BTW athen sword cavs can’t be trained after P2? Off-topic: A week ago a couple of us played DE in the lobby and seemed to work fine and really fun and one good player seemed to like trying different mod and I think he likes DE as he always ask me to play him after the Mauryan archers and cavalries keep his Gallic Civ at bay and and eventually subdued him. It seems hard to convince lots of players to play the mods but I’m going to try to spread it. I think your mod needs to be different and if possible remove training of military units from CC. Why borg mod is appealing is that it introduced new features like archery range, siege workshop and stables and tbh spamming military units early is reduced in the beginning thereby too early rush is not really viable (most players don’t like being rushed) because units can be trained from military structures only. DE @wowgetoffyourcellphonetbh is the best except ranged units destroy structures easily. All the new players have to do is pay attention to the added resources (honor) as its very much needed. He has more new Civs and units though some units can’t be trained more than the allotted max. He has extra new maps and a lot more. I just hope the AI Petra would be challenging now too and tenacious. @Nescio 0abc seems not done yet too but his mechanics is very much interesting with addition of silver resources, food decay and have yet to try his mod or if he has done enough for his mod to be ready. I like his What appeals to the players are new features and I think casual gamers who would like to have fun will play it
  12. The AI Petra seems not building infantry range structures thereby can’t train infantry range units.
  13. Nice. Does your mod have archery ranges, stables and workshops now too?!
  14. @Angen your mod is updated automatically? From mod.io? How is it now? Any interesting animations of unit behavior on gather, battle or idle, etc?
  15. Btw Iberia scout cavalry has bug. It doesn’t gather and carry the full amount. Or is this a feature? I have to re command them to get full capacity. Ops sorry maybe mis clicked.
  16. Couple of things I would again suggest for goodness sake and for Gods sake.... - Allow all Civs to train archers. I don’t mind if Britons and Gauls won’t have at least Anglo Saxons, Byzantine and Norse have it and Mil AD works (though none have stables, archer and workshops yet). This is a game with walls and Romans imo used archers too! If the Civ becomes OP with the addition of this range units then make it very expensive so that MP players won’t train it. But help the common players especially the single player gamers. This would add so much flavor. - I or maybe some SP gamers or maybe a lot like to really just have fun and far from the more stressful highly competitive games. I would like to have at least a lively base. Anything from eyecandy, regeneration of things or anything that could make your base not a ghost base. - One good feature that for some reason and probably the worst imo the devs did was modify the “wololo”! A21 wololo was the best tbh and now it’s A23 and some captured units can only build some structures and can’t even build their houses which has more variations. If it contributes to error I could understand but this feature never had error/s on A21! DE @wowgetoffyourcellphonehad this capture feature already and idk if @Angen is still on his mod and have A21 wololo system. This can be toggled imo on options and if you want never be allowed on multiplayer at all since cheats are not allowed. Sorry if some are off-topic.... But for now your mod is by far working without or if any error occurs it’s very minimal in SP and I have the feeling that this is more fun and many gameplay or strategy is emerging. One last feature that could do the game a favor is not to allow deletion of units and structures multiplayer games only. Razing is better for use instead of deleting structures. But please allow for SP game since one game could last thousands of hours or could even be infinity. @Emperior I really like those ideas and had been dreaming of more realistic features. I agree also that when units are trained especially from military buildings it should emerge from the main entrance. This new feature is helping the path finding in some ways but it looks like the pros become more experts and faster than before. The level of playing field would widen and will favor still the fast clicker. The fact that the normal game pace/speed tbh IMO and in my average capability can’t catch up with the best.
  17. The mod works really well and imo very much better than the vanilla. The average game time could obviously extend to at least 30 minutes or more. Tbh counter system doesn’t bother me at all or OP this and that since most players choose their civs This mod diminishes a very early rush since CS can’t be trained anymore from the CC and requires specific military structures to train specific units. This extra specific structures bring additional flavor to the game as well as additional strategic tinkering. I already played the mod using SP for long hours but the lack of new and really good maps bring me back to MP lobby. So far the AI Petra has a very good and really promising behavior which means it retains its level like in vanilla producing huge and challenging armies depending on it’s difficulty. As in many gameplay discussions in the forum I am always into a more realistic behavior. Behaviors that should make the game not a man spam or fast click skills. Behaviors that make the game addictive not just in MP gaming POV but more on the SP gaming POV. A game that can have a lively kingdom bases and natural environmental occurrence. Yet I would recommend that - Each same types of military producing structures must be spaced far apart considerably so as to limit spamming and it’s building too (should maximize to 4 within one CC meaning it could only be built maximum on 4 quadrants). - Next CC can’t be built too far from own border. - Markets, temples (should be spaced apart too) and blacksmith should be available soon in P1 with limited techs. - Realistic resources sharing and barter. Need able to have roads and dirt roads. - Realistic arming using supply wagons and no more infinite arrows and javelins and stones for all units. 2nd weapon is nice. - taunts and flaring ally to minimize message sending through typing. RoN style is best. - No more phasing as it doesn’t make sense. Border expands as structures are built. New technology and new buildings appear after another or with preceding techs. - Make some real medics. Priest shouldn’t be OP but should give boost rather than healing and can’t wander in the frontline. - Units should be more tougher but can’t fight or should be down at less than 50% HP and below can’t inflict heavy damage to opponents. I want to see falling soldiers in the battle and them obstructing the movement of the units. - Good animations in the military structures when a unit/s are being trained/made. - Towers, forts, outposts, CCs, colonies, siege towers should not fire projectiles if no range units are garrisoned. Projectiles fired depends on range units garrisoned. Ships should behave the same way, can’t sail if not manned with minimum numbers. Garrisoned units must still sustain damage from range or crush weapons. - Need some brothel or ale houses and maybe monuments. Lastly an automatic production of men and women from immigrants, houses or CC. These are the units that can be either trained as soldiers or workers when they are sent to specific training structures. Military units sent and trained from military structures. Workers are trained from farmstead, nearest dropsite (different types of workers for wood, stone and metal). Citizen soldiers must come from workers and mercenaries from immigrants/gaia (need another monetary resources or maybe promise of food and land). Still dreaming... THe inclusion of other NEw Civs from other mods like Byzantine, Anglo Saxon, Norse from Mil AD etc are good features even if not within the time frame but can be toggled in the options. Terra Magna too!
  18. Its not just this mod but all stand ground formation on any mod or probably version have this kind of behavior. The purpose doesn’t do the description. Btw things like this and the like are called a bug? Aren’t they be called something that wasn’t done correctly?
  19. Just standing and probably waiting for timer reload but I’ll recheck again maybe it was on stand ground.
  20. Btw siege units need to be operated by units is really awesome but I haven’t tested the catas yet but not repairable? Haha fine with me either.
  21. I played the mod last night and I have some errors but the game continues and errors messages are disappearing. There are red(blood?) on some archers feet too. One thing that needs to be fixed are range units/animations in which they stayed in the frontline waiting to reload instead of backing off to the rear. I have yet to test/play more but it seems that this is a promising mod and if you can implement some of borgs mod like no CS training from CC, etc this is going to be really nice. The AI behavior seems fine too though still nub but at least they are fighting and training armies albeit disorganized. Garrisoning is fine with me as it is more realistic especially for firing structures. I would appreciate if the towers will fire with range projectiles depending on what type is garrisoned. If it’s not range unit it shouldn’t fire and just effect the capture rate.
  22. I tested it I think there will be good reception from the players. We need to advertise it on the lobby and see the players will react. To me it offers more strategic planning now. There was no error at all. I didn’t mind about balancing yet and tbh idc about it. What’s important to me are newer features and structures. I think only good players will experience a slight pattern of gameplay changes and newer ones wouldn’t care at all and will be delighted with the new changes.
  23. I want to play a very realistic game no matter if it’s only on single player mode. I want to build my empire complete with economic, intellectual, civic, and military activities based on realistic occurrence. If you can do that your game will be the best ever in the entire gaming history. I want to build my empire that has people doing their daily activities, business and tradesmen doing theirs, schoolars and priest doing theirs too, the military units has their own activity. Just dreaming... but I like your direction and wish you luck...
  24. Personally I don’t like citizen-soldiers. But I don’t mind having armies as gatherers or builders. The problem is that game is becoming too far off from being realistic with the citizen-soldier present game mechanics. Sometimes it’s fun to see/spec soldiers carrying a “grenade launcher” but tbh their actions doesn’t make sense. If they are allowed to gather, build and fight the tasks should be one at a time. If they gather or build there must be a time frame of conversion from one task to the next. I know people or experts try to reduce micro of the game but it makes the game not nice. Why not if you gather you have to either drop off resources then maybe have 1-2 seconds to convert to soldiers. If the player clicks his units to fight when on gather it should take also 1-2 seconds to convert to military stance but losses the resources he gathered. The same as when building structures they should have conversion time too. For me it’s best to have separate. But workers can become militia with techs (RoN style). Some will say ohh the game can take too long to finish (to me it’s a BS). Most higher level team games last only a bit more than 30 mins. I think more players enjoy the game when it last more longer which happens when teams or individuals are balanced.
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