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  1. To make them not more OP while adding units like archers they have to make it more costly! If they want to add slingers assuming they use some of them historically then just put it in and cost more even doubling it just to add flavor to assortments. This will benefit SP players!
  2. I like to play the Romans because their structures are very nice but two things that hold me back from choosing it on SP games are no archers and I don’t like the champ swordsman look. DE has very nice Roman units though and gameplay except that it’s good only for MP games. The reason is that the AI on most mods cease on building up huge armies to attack. Maybe I will try to put the (enemy) AI on aggressiveness and see what happens. I need archers to man their beautiful walls...
  3. For SP gamer like me I really don’t care about team bonuses as I mostly play solo against multiple bots. After I discovered that the hardest AI on aggressive doesnt cease to attack I always take opponents with more team bonus economically so that they keep on producing units to attack so the combat is more frequent. The only problem is that AI is not a disciplined attacker. Pardon for hijacking the thread but things like this should be of lesser priority to the devs. What is more important are those that appeal to the majority and not the few elite. But if the mindsets of most of the devs are towards these few elites then it will take more alpha to make it really the best of all the historical RTS. Game is playable, balance is not really bad and the common/majority players won’t even feel these things. What appeals to them imo is like hey my ram is auto, my arrows are infinite, I’m walking always not even on a dirt road, the earth is round, my favorite Civ units or structures are awesome and most important is the map and it’s meta is really gorgeous that I can play the game for infinite hours. Reloading the saved game that I would rather play SP than a one dimensional MP gameplay with too serious opponents.
  4. Replacing with the hardest aggressive AI is much better than nothing if the player is irreplaceable by human player. This would at least save the game if it’s team game and should be fine if done between the earliest to middle phase.
  5. I dont scout enemy base just it’s frontline border. The fact that you can know your opponents’ Civ early is enough and use the scouts to gather. Spamming units to produce is more relevant in the very beginning. When some cavalry units are idle then I have to scout/raid, but rarely do it nor play 1v1 more often in which scouting is a bit necessary. its more important to scout your own border for possible resources and future build up.
  6. My army is invincible but its going to take years before they can herd the deers and chicken to prevent extinction.
  7. The best civilization in 0ad is the Athenians. They have complete types of units and has more structures that are quite pretty enough . Kidding aside there are Civs that are really good and because the map is almost balance some Civs have very good advantage in the beginning that they can quickly max pop with formidable army and economy, that is if you play 1v1 in MP with very fast click and mind. And this is the problem of having an RTS with less strategic depth on game mechanics. But 1v1 is not fun at all (except if you toy around) and when it comes to team games especially 4v4 MP most Civs have almost equal weight bonus to others depending on the map and location of relevant garherable resources and the expectation of the outcome (long game) of the team game wrt team balance. I’m not sure but I think RoN generates a random map quite fairly well that negates any Civ bonus on a standard game. The wood and rares(relic)/ruins (treasure) as well are generated rarely to favor a Civ to make them OP.
  8. The map btw can even be a skirmish map so that I can interchange enemy locations. Let me know what can be done and what can’t be done. How about a $100 for this mod if it’s doable and fair?! Anyone interested can pm me. I used to have a 3v1(hardest) on A22 and it was beautiful. It runs up to .25x smoothly but it’s only 300 pop and my final island has a high ground in the middle and relocate my CC there. Two AI constantly attacking but the other one stopped probably because the trade route was jammed by the small passages on the middle islands. Also the AI keeps on unloading on a high ground that I can’t build a fort on those high grounds.
  9. I’m wondering if someone is interested on making a mod for me if possible. Ofc I will pay for the effort but hopefully an affordable one. Game Mechanics: 1. Modify a giant map Cycladic Archipelago. The main alteration is the size of my base only and it’s appearance. It should be a big island double the size of the biggest island generated by a giant map random game. All islands are passable from the back even if a dock is built. I prefer a snowy settings with all snowy animals made by 0ad be present (minimum 4 each). The CC should face towards the center of the map and must retain either the tiles or that dark portions around the CC. The map center should have no island. Small islands (max 4, 1 each for 3 enemy for expansion and 1 extra) near each enemy base only but should be wide enough to prevent jamming the passage ways. My base should have a mix of green and snowy tree but not too dense even in the outskirts, I’m just going to gather the wood if necessary to build a structure. My base should be high ground like Ambush but mostly flat/level so structures will be built nicely, with possible 3 entry/exit points wide enough for me to build a gate on each entry/exit. The map should have a beachhead so enemy unloads there. The terrain on the edges should vary and not too plains/flat. On my base metals and stone should be far apart. 2. “wololo” should be A22 like. The captured unit must be able to build their original structures (all). 3. All projectile firing structures should not fire if ungarrisoned (including melee troops garrisoned structures should not fire projectiles); only in my base. Two reasons: 1. I don’t want wild animals dead. 2. Enemy rams are bogged down (seems like) by these. If possible or fine with if all aggressive units/structures won’t attack wild animals including sea animals at all. I don’t mind losing units than losing those precious animals roaming the map and especially my base. 4. Relics can be garrisoned and transported. So are the heroes. 5. Will really appreciate if New Civs from other mods are included but optional. Zip files can be DL like the normal way we DL the mods. I’m really bad with PC and process. These mod will be constant naval battle and 2-3 hardest enemy trying to destroy me and my base, and at least smoother up to .25x game speed. Treasure is needed as I’m not planning to gather much of the resources. Must have at least 2 metals and stone each main islands. More can be placed on enemy territory so that they keep on attacking before their trade route is maximized. The last screenshot I posted was done with many hours spent but generating the map (I prefer at least) took me 2 weeks to have. I will review my post still and hope I did not miss on something that I want.
  10. An unrealistic siege weapons mechanics is just a turn off on any RTS game imo. Like AoE2 the rams are like transport vehicle, seems like they run faster with the music on. The best siege weapons mechanics for me is the Stronghold style. They build and man it. If the operator dies its immobilized, like Sudden Strike game. There’s no point on arguing it’s speed and armor etc etc, they are useful only when the besieged is outnumbered. Then you can mobilize these sieges without much opposition otherwise they can’t just operate alone and beat up a defender. This game can be much better without “ghost” units and structures.
  11. Another thing that makes 0ad and other RTS games imo don’t do good is the unit deletions and insta deletion of structures. Some RTS games like RoN did it well using razing (more realistic) is good for MP but not on SP. Deletion of unit is fine just to avoid loot which is much heavier on RoN (units are very precious that one or 2 units advantage makes a difference) especially for Civs that has less economic bonus (Astecz), they need to fight, part of strategy mechanics. The devs and most influential top players are thinking that the game should be enjoyed (in MP) with lesser time should not hold the game improvement with additional mechanics. Most fun (MP) games last at least 45 minutes to less than an hour. It could last an hour or more if players are not DH and submit themselves to defeat if things are really not favorable, but a lot of us are decent enough to know when to gg. Tbh 0ad MP games are fun despite some slight inconvenience like lag or path finding but with fun loving gamers. Bravado doesn’t do good tbh. Perhaps they should just keep helping more new comers to improve skills or enjoy the game by giving advice or play along, play with newbies in non competitive matches. I could go as high as 1400 + rating but decided not to. I will be limited to playing only with decent players but not with newbies to rookies which are in most cases are fun if you play along while taking a break from SP games. I hope to get a new account same nick with no rating and no games played not to smurf but just to play with new comers.
  12. What could dislodge my choice of 0AD is if RoN will improve with walls, unit promotion, single infantry unit and good and more additional structures especially from ancient to medieval age. Their maps and terrain is just too good except the unrealistic size of rivers. Their mechanics is the best. The pacing is great that frontline players on team games seems still far apart. The flaring and taunts (with the extra taunts) are the best and funniest ever for me. Their water maps is very spacious for ships to maneuver nicely. Even land maps have plenty of rooms for good tactical battles. Although the senate general is unrealistically revivable but it’s addition brings more good mechanics. Also they need to make it playable on multiple OS. Another game that I like is Civ (5/6). I bought the 6 but haven’t played it coz it’s indie. I played thousands hours of Civ 5 and it’s really fun without too much pressure on SP. Stronghold needs better mechanics and should be not instant build. Needs better maps too. For now 0AD just need more better maps. Water maps like Cycladic archipelago must be improved with bigger island base and more water space to maneuver starting with normal size. The terrain of the island should also look like realistic with better biome not designed for MP game purpose especially that most high level players don’t play it more often if not at all. Hellas is a very promising map but the terrain has less flats so that structures can be built really good! Danubius is another map that can be improved if the big island is much bigger (starting from normal) with realistic terrain. The Gaia base needs to have a fixed unpushable border so that their structures are beyond reach by towers and fort range. The water needs more water spaces for more naval battles. Biomes should have choices too if possible. Ambush is one good map except that the main base lacks trees. A mainland snowy biome has very much better that what is generated in Ambush. The terrain on the highlands should have more flats so that structures can be built properly. It should also generate not just tight passes but rather larger area for open space battles. Hope AI can do open space battles too and not just programmed to attack and destroy walls and houses that obstruct their attack path and be bogged down. They should attack big armies and not just anything or single unit they first encounter or in their LOS. Players AI should also prioritize the siege units destruction than organic units enemies. 100 units tend to leave a ram or rams and attacking a single organic enemy units in their LOS. Mediterranean Cove is one nice map but just a skirmish and limited to 2 players. Nice open seas with nice highlands on each tip. How can we make our main base lively? It’s only work and battle? When playing SP I try not to gather even the chicken and animals and not chopping wood nearby to preserve more beauty around it. The only stance possible to make some movements around the base is patrol. No more recreation. Units are always in combat or gather mode. Also I think 0ad needs more buildings even if MP players don’t desire or use. Maybe a tavern, brothels, small arena etc etc. Again I think towers or any projectile firing structures like CC or forts should not fire if not garrisoned by a range unit, same as wall turrets. This mechanics contribute to more easy unit and messy spamming. Soldiers just gather or battle and no more extra duty when there is lull in aggression. It’s also frustrating imo and not a good mechanics for it to be built at the very edge of the border for use as offensive weapon. What do we call this as defense towers for if it can be used as offensive weapon? If u garrisoned it kills wild animals too which is a bit annoying when you try to preserve them. At least 0 abc mod CC don’t fire arrow if ungarrisoned but Nescios mod seems still unplayable and probably not improving it.
  13. Practice your speed. Rams at 14th minute is quite tight on average players. I myself don’t care about whether I have rams or the enemy has. At 14th minute maybe he P3 at before 12th with few pop. Why worry with siege weapons? Just practice and keep your speed/pace by being efficient and try to get ahead of your opponent in terms of economy and army. Meaning you have better economy and more army. You can win by submission if you are fast, some tactics and management. You can watch the team replays of good players’ team games and watch the pocket players. There are many possibilities to be ahead. Sometimes a good location is favorable with extra berries and good hunts and good woodlines. The main thing is keep making units to work on what you plan to do to win or help win. I don’t play much 1v1 coz I think I’m slower from most high level players aside from the fact that it’s boring and just bravado. Team games are more fun.
  14. When is the final game/s? Should be weekend! With unlimited specs!
  15. I hope the soldiers can relax and tuck their weapons in while having dates.
  16. I’m using OS X and it’s working. In fact I’ve been using it more often and I had a screenshot posted Alt+triple clicking on the walls where I can see how many archers are garrisoned. Humnn, I think I had same issue before also which it didn’t work maybe on my windows laptop. But I’m sure it’s working now too. Perhaps my mouse also since I’ve been playing with a new mouse and I’m fine playing. I use/d a lot of Alt+ double/triple click.
  17. Did you press Alt? It’s Alt+triple click I guess. On the screen it’s correct that triple click alone selects all units of same type/rank on the screen.
  18. Creating a battleground with my forces ready to meet any aggression from the enemies. Hired some Indian mercenaries (mostly elite archers) to quell any attempt of invasion. Walled the city of the Anglo Saxons.
  19. When can we have Hero for Byzantine? Game is working so well now. If anyone wants to try playing it on MP I can too, just let me know. Although as a mod with new Civs and nice new units and structures it’s still better for SP. And while it’s still in development progress why not put structures or units available that are closely looking for the Civ. Like Nescio 0abc (still can’t make it run) mod. He just put units or structures available just to try completing the roster. I don’t mind training archer for Anglo Saxons at a cost even greater than the hero as long as it’s available. Walled Civs can have archers (Anglo-Saxon has none and Wall garrison is awkward looking, maybe not centered or too thin). Byzantine walls are quite thick. Please in this mod revert the wololo to A22 style. This way at least we can manipulate the game to have the best units and structures for individual liking. My personal review of the mod: - AI makes lots of attacking armies. Very good! - Anglo Saxons have the best natural structures sans one house which is too flat like the Gauls. Needs champ (melee) cavalry and archers. Nice Wonder but too thin and less eyecandy. Walls are quite short. With A22 wololo Lots of things possible for immersive playing. Not good to play against as they make lots of stables instead of houses. - I play the Byzantine coz they have complete unit roster. Very nice units and best wonder but no hero. Walls are quite thick/big that don’t look proportional to generated random map terrain. Hard to place and look good on edges or elevated cliffs. - Carolingan units are complete and nice too with nice temple and wonder. Houses and structures are quite look alike, less variation. Nice archers. - Norse is still incomplete I guess too. Best CC, no walls and no cavalry. Very nice foot units. - It’s good that CC can be deleted to realign enemy land area. Good that big units like sieges can’t pass through heavily wooded area. Again imo A22 wololo can do better even if the mod is not complete yet. Bear with me ...
  20. I like them to come out Gaia too because if you play SP the wild Gaia animals kill them. These corrals should be big too that can have a gate that can be operated. Or why not allow to build some fences and fence gates around them. Off topic: Is it possible to revert the wololo back to A22 style without affecting the game? Wololo is fun for SP so the player can build any structure possible compared to a dull wololo on A23.
  21. So the AI enemies don't upgrade militarily as shown with blacksmith research not done as well as fort upgrades {AI is hardest). They do some economic upgrades but not all. I can build my empire though and just be contented with some skirmishes if they don't attack. So far doesn't need food mod and works so well and did not experience any error after that first one. Maybe pc issue on OSX. IMO this mod is really good for MP games. Military foot units don't gather resources but dropsites and farmstead buildable anywhere posses a better MP gameplay and SP as well (just make AI attack). Units have more attack damage is much better than very slow ones, but should not apply to damage a structure easily (just on flesh or organic).
  22. Anyhow I’m observing it at more than 50k each glory and around 750+ pop they are not trading it anymore. They only trade metal at 450. But if I resign and check it out they start trading glory again. AI doesn’t upgrade towers too and the make lots of them. One has more 70 and the other has more than 60. At around 800 pop each they are still building up troops/defenses and borders but not attacking. I will try to skirmish them and see what the reactions will be. Hope they don’t become passively defensive.
  23. I think trading of glory should be rethought. For SP the enemy AI trades lots of them even if they are in P4 and have so much of it already denying them to make more armies.
  24. The AI behavior needs to be considered every time the game is to be modded. It should retain vanilla military attributes. When it attacks with massive army it should march to the designated assembly area and not be bothered by single or few units ambushes. I think the AI siege is programmed to move on attack with any enemy structures on LOS so if a single outpost on say “Ambush map” they get bogged down. Another thing that needs to be considered is building the next CC or colony. I suggest (already did before) the next CC should be not more than the radius away from the first CC. Or the colony to be 1 colony radius away. The AI should be programmed this way or the like too. When “90” used to play rush a few of his units will build a colony near enemy base and too far away from his CC. Part of the game but quite annoying. In SP the enemy AI builds wherever it want and it looks ugly too. Aside from the fact that it has to consolidate its forces for the main attack so it’s attack is slowed and rarely coordinated with its ally. I end up trying to realign their bases so that each AI must have a connected land area. Then their attacks are more or less coordinated. Ops I think the thread got hijacked anyhow it’s better than making another. The AI organic behavior tends to prioritize attack on organic enemies. A mass of swordsmen would rather attack a single organic unit and leave away a ram nearby. Needs more better maps especially where ships can be used. Cycladic archipelago is nice but island are too small, flat or too plain
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