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  1. idk which one maybe this... mainlog.html system_info.txt crashlog.txt interestinglog.html
  2. Humnn something wrong now it’s not working. I hope fgod new version did not cause it. Now it’s not loading mod.io mod list for download.
  3. Roman Legionaries are sliding using Testudo and after breaking up as well. They can return back to original walk once you change their stance to other forms except the none.
  4. I have this error when I tried to play capture the relics, no relics in the map. And when exiting the game...
  5. For SP it’s really nice except with house restrictions (20) with one CC? I don’t know yet how I can maximize the pop to 1000 with one CC alone. Fort is limited to 3 per CC built? I need to keep exploring the mod to find out or if readme file tells clearly of the gameplay. It feels weird if you play the vanilla a lot but I’m getting used to the mechanics right now. And tbh it’s really really more realistic, beautiful and playable despite some warning error/s. Now that Romans have archers their pretty walls will be garrisoned. The game is really slowing the pace to which more strategy will come up. Not much easy unit spamming! Food is mostly overproduced in later part of the game so if phasing up needs more is not a problem. From P1 to P3 I’m expecting more skirmishes and units will not be spammed much. For MP all the players need to do is micro some worker for needed resources to train armies or build structures so their carry capacity need not be too predictable. It’s more of planning and thinking ahead not just spamming to gather, build and train. For army choice of upgrades I hope all possible upgrades are available too and not just limited to either melee or range but if realistic gameplay should suffice I will be contented with choosing the best upgrade for selected units. Good job DE! Nice graphics, good looking units and more structures. Btw players can just group all military building for easy unit training. Barracks alone to train all types of units is not a dumb idea but separate structures for each realistic units coming out from it is much much better. The game is beautiful no need to make too much drastic changes except balancing and AI enemy behavior to be more disciplined and not too dumb.
  6. I was able to DL the updated one and darn it’s really nice! I may have some errors but it works! I’m using OS X still. CC produce only gatherers and soldiers can build too! The pacing is awesome. Still testing halfway and enjoying the mechanics so far.
  7. I DL the mod but doesn’t run and had error on OS X.
  8. I/we may go off topic but I guess it’s fine as new threads makes more engagement easier. Balancing nor counters are not really too effective to resolve or to make the game better. Players can adjust to any unbalance and imbalances as well. The settings have so much flexibility to accommodate and resolve issues and still go for a game. Since AI is also predictable it negates imbalances when playing SP. Counters? Humnn it’s hard to tell as I’m not historian but I could hardly imagine any past ancient or medieval battles that you can say they employ counters. I think there is a need to change and try a gameplay that focuses on battle using melee units which are the most prevalent way of fighting or warfare during those times if I’m not mistaken. Though it’s possible that there is a range vs range skirmishes but friendly hits are being avoided. Right now most players are using the range units as the main unit/s major battles and even minor skirmishes. Most decent players know how to counter sieges(as shown in my posted A23 replays) but they are not the majority of players in either MP or SP. A nerf on capture and speed is just fine.
  9. Idk how the auto kick/ban/mute is done by the bot. But first offense of the day of a player should result to a kick (can comeback immediately after relog ) that serve as a warning that bad attitude is not tolerated. The second offense should be mute “in the lobby only” but not in the game room as host should have the authority. The next should be ban for 30 minutes so the player can have some little soul searching or calm. I think banning shouldn’t be done for long hours. Perhaps a 30 minute increment after every ban is not bad at all. I knew Borg was muted one day and it didn’t add fun to the game room. Despite some players are closing in on his throne I guess he deserves to be on the top not because he is the best player but adds fun in the game/game room too! I’ve been to two MP online games only, RoN and 0ad but steam has no lobby moderators coz probably they are for profit. And I found 0ad has lots of destressing players. I myself tried to avoid joining or spectating a game if there is no fun. If you want to play serious 0ad play single player. Btw devs are doing good job on lobby discipline
  10. Servo

    4v4 nice game

    T1: Boudica (Gauls), Palaiologos (carthage), Edwarf Iberia), Itrelles (Rome) T2: Luzbel (Ptolomy), Fleur (Maurya), Carid (Rome), servo (Seleucid) Map: Mainland (probably the best Mainland map I have ever played on 4v4; few hunts and pine trees and secret raids/attacks not too viable). All players were random Civs. The balance is quite fine though our team is solid T1 has Boudica the best player. Edwarf is their front in the north facing Luzbel at 2 o'clock with Boudica as his pocket. Carid (me as his pocket)in the south facing Itrelles (with Palaiologos as his pocket). The map has no metal or stone in the middle but there is extra metal and stone in between Boudica and Palaiologos ( near their borders), another one in the outskirts of Luzbel and Fleur borders and one in the outskirts between Carid and Itrelles borders. These extra resources imo did not matter as if they were irrelevant when the fighting started. Most of the time on a team game (as I have/had noticed if there is same Civs on every team they are facing each other so Itrelles and Carid as Rome were facing in the south. Itrelles trained a fair amount of cavalries for raiding but did not do very well on his favor. As expected Boudica (Gauls) raced to P3 very fast with Iberia and Rome ally team bonuses help a lot too. Just after Luzbel made his first fort he attacked with 4 rams and close to 100 skirmisher and some Edwarfs units destroying it. Luzbel was left with one hero elephant a nearby tower & pikemen and some skirmishers and without swordsmen to counter the Rams. For whatever reason they withdraw after they destroyed the fort, probably he saw Fleur unit coming, more than a hundred archers and couple of elephant archers. And with less military support from Edwarf, Boudica will have difficulty overcoming Luzbel. On the other front me and Palaiologos are almost even but Carid is getting ahead on Itrelles since he did not train many cavalry. I built a colony and fort near middle toward Palaiologos but he built 2 forts towards me (itrelles built his fort besides Palailogos front fort, maybe for secret Rams , but a bad strategy imo). The south battle showed the importance of protecting and destroying of siege weapons as Carid methodically advanced and thrusting towards Itrelles less defended base and sieging Palaiologos flank. Me and Plailogos were at stalemate in the middle as I made blunders after blunders of attack, in one instance he killed my elephants with his garrisoned cavalry. The battle in the north is about numbers and neither opposing parties made any significant advances. In the end when Carid overwhelmed Itrelles and Palaiologos forces on the west he thrusted towards Boudica and they resigned. commands.txt metadata.json
  11. I don’t like playing Indie and if Empires apart and Civ 6 as well are not Indie I should be in those games right now. Who cares anyway. 0ad will remain as my game regardless of its lacking depth as SP is so much better than any other game available. Rushing/raiding in 0ad is not easy in A23 but has been done on A22. I like raiding to be more feasible but CC can just fire projectiles and added more if garrisoned even with just unarmed women(this is lame imo), and it discourages raiding or shall we say skirmishes within deep inside enemy base. Why would a CC fire projectiles if there were no weapons or projectile emplacements done?RoN does it better (and 0abc too) as CC don’t fire arrows when not garrisoned but towers and forts do. RoN’s CC can easily be sacked by 5 hoplites if its raw. RoN did not have ram because probably they are aging and no walls. I don’t mind CS gathering resources as it is more realistic. Cavalry is fine too to hunt but it shouldn’t be abused that they hunt the outputs of the corral. Best siege weapons gameplay so far (for me) is Stronghold.
  12. I don’t think there were much gameplay improvement/s (except some unit abilities which only affect OP and balance on cavalry) done on this alpha. We are still like AoE clone except we have promotions. Well it’s playable and some said if it’s not broken why fix?! I like to try AoK but fantasy game is just no my liking. A23 gives us better animations and arts and very grateful for this for my SP games. The only big issue with SP right now is that wololo is not fun anymore, A22 is more better as you can build enemy structures, structures that are nice from each Civ that you can build in your empire. If the dev continues the path of making the game more realistic, more SP gamers will be happy. Any modder up to a challenge for this sieges to be manned not just animations?!
  13. I think the game will be pretty without very OP siege weapons. I like to see melee battle to be the most dominant combat. Range sieges are fine but not the OP rams or siege towers that just run by themselves. These siege weapons need operators and need to be guarded as what they are realistically being intended for. Structure refuge shouldn’t be a very safe haven for garrisoned units who even fire projectiles without being projectile countered. This way an operated ram can safely bulldoze itself just to open the entrance of a structure for easy unit capture. Capturing should be made easier (on garrisoned ones) once the small percentage of structure HP (1/3 % not bad at all) is attained using siege weapons. Some organic foot units like pikes and spearmen should only be allowed to exact damage on structures (to make them not just tank units). I like the idea of siege units being built on the frontlines (even just nearby the structure to be rammed for Rams) and range sieges should be fixed that can be disbanded resulting in percentage of resources being given back. If some civs have ability to wheel them up they should be very very slow, same as Rams. TBH again structures like CC and forts or towers that have no range units garrisoned should not be firing any projectiles. And again capturing should be made easy by more number of foot units/class. Some people are worried about micro of these units but not worried about microing hundreds of easily spammed units, just don’t make a logical sense. For as long as they are guarded safely their their roles which shouldn’t be too much to prevent the player from depending on it to much.
  14. I like to play (SP) the Romans because of their very nice and proportionate structures and most especially they have the best looking walls imo of all Civs but what are the walls there for without archers?! Same as the Iberians and the Spartans as well they have walls for skirmisher only?! Even if the MP players won’t use archers they should be on every Civ for SP players! Foot archers are really not good to use on a rough and mobile battle that’s why both Carthage and Kushites are being said as weakest. But I don’t understand why they are not faster than foot skirmisher. IMO it will do the game a favor if they are given speed buff especially for Carthage (walk/run speed)and Kushites( more pierce or HP). I remember in RoN if their historians have facts the Nubians have unique units in foot (I guess more strong pierce but slow speed) and Camel archers that can fire while moving like the Mongols. Siege units don’t make sense at all if you want this game to be distinguished from others. A siege tower that can climb hills and mountains. A ram that can’t be captured and operate by themselves, the catapults and bolt shooters too. I rather have elephants and a fun MP games where the opposing parties try to subdue each other into submission rather than seeing a players base/CC destroyed by a fantasy siege units alone. Is it nice to have a ram vs ram duel? Did it happen in history that rams even if operated destroyed an empire or even a town with enough manpower defenders?! I hope some realistic mods come out soon that tailors to SP gamers. And a mod that retains the previous feature in which a captured unit (through wololo for now )from other faction can build that factions structures if it won’t make game errors will be nice.
  15. What is that account number? How can a prepaid MasterCard transfer to that account?!
  16. Oh I got it with Fpre geniuses. ~ is the key. ~/Library/Application Support/0ad and very files come out.
  17. I just bought a new Mac, installed A23 but forgot where to find the library.
  18. The error occurs only if I have the fgod mod. So for the meantime I will use the fmod on MP and won’t use (main screen deletion) it on SP.
  19. @elexis I will try later but since (I guess) the game was with fmod there was no saved game without the fmod.
  20. Ok I hope someone can transfer this thread to fgod mod fpre. When I disable the mod my saved games disappear. But I rather use it (the mod) on Mac since I can play MP on it without asking host ip. Also I can still delete saved games during in game on SP.
  21. I can't see the red error on this screen shot but the error is occurring if I delete a saved game from here. something like line 43 load save js. the error scripts are covered by the food mod darkens area?
  22. RoN as I said before is my best multiplayer gameplay I have ever played. The problem is I’m a single player type of gamer. I need walls and promotions and better arts that’s why I go with 0ad and abandoning RoN(which I played since 2003 I guess until I discovered and played A21). I did thousands of hours each (no MP)playing AoE, EE, Stronghold, WC3, Civ 3,4&5, CC tiberean and RA. I know most old players in 0ad have played RoN but maybe not the one with having the general from the senate. Let me tell a little story about it for those who hadn’t played it. Despite having unrealistic infinite resources it’s really hard to amass resources because of the gameplay complexity. It has commerce cap and there are limited slots for resources gatherers. The economic aspects doesn’t need much micromanagement. They have infinite Q on gatherers(military units as well) and keys or hot keys that automatically send them to which resources you want them. The military aspects is where you need the micro as it is the most important thing. Turtling is not a rewarding strategy. Any unit is very valuable starting from the very beginning as losing one even a gatherer or scouts(either military or gatherer) will put a player in a disadvantage. Loot is tremendously emphasized meaning micromanagement is very important. They allow unit deletion to avoid giving loot to the enemy but no structure deletion, they have it as “razing”. Raiding, sieging, unit countering and even flanking are applied, formation as well. Although the player needs to only understand the game and use the Civization capability to become good at it the execution needs more precision. The fact that in standard game settings the pros choose the Civ (Aztecs having no economic bonus) and making it the OP faction is just ridiculous. The pros or good players most of the time choose a random faction showing how flexible the game is and how good they really are(I never been a pro but can fill in any vacant spot). Speed clicking helps but not really a necessity. Just a precise execution and a thinking ahead mentality and good judgement. The game is really good up to Industrial Age as units are still easy to manage. Most multiplayer games are decided before it even reach Enlightenment age on standard setting. Nomad is the most played nowadays but the balance is a bit tilted to favor some factions that have more population leverage. Scouting in the beginning is the most important strategy in the very beginning. There are some very good pro games on YouTube and you will see it’s more fluid than any unit spamming RTS games.
  23. Most games last 30 minutes or more because the first 15 to 20 minutes of the game is making sim city and gathering resources. The next minutes will be war and when a team member is weakened the game is over. Players will say oh I got doubled and many excuses. That is if there are no rushers. When there are rushers the game is over in less than 20 minutes except if some players want to hang on and not waste their time building a city, gathering resources and train armies to at least use them. In a 1v1 game do you see any interesting strategy rather than sim city and AoE like gathering resources and build military. The only strategy is be quick and be efficient on the build/train. If you are not quick you can’t be good in this game. Siege mobile towers are legitimate offensive towers. Any fixed defense towers are not. One of the most interesting and fun game in 0ad is nomad except that the players positions are too random that a team member can go astray and build in nearby opponents territory. If you happen to build ahead of them you might survive until P2. There might be a chance for the player to survive and make some interesting strategy but is being negated by this tower wars. If these tower (termed as “defense towers”) to tower battle is not allowed the game could be much better with organic unit maneuverings. Well it’s good when playing SP just to have fun. What I mean with commerce cap is limit resource production to lessen a very fast unit/s production. It’s not just about trading but rather something like producing food, wood and even stone that are unrealistically used. You want to produce thousands of this resources just to get rotten?! Well if units are “eating food”, reloading projectiles and repairing weapons and armor then go produce thousands of them! Range sieges only have operator for animation purposes. Sieges are manned and when operators are eliminated they should be inoperable. A lot of games are won because even if you don’t have siege support units multiple rams can drastically change the outcome of the game. Beware of Itrelles . What will you do if you train 75 to 100 women on a 150 to 200 pop? If aggressions occur and you need military units? It’s like abusing women even up to the extent that we joke about players raping his opponents women. At least the AI is programmed so that they don’t spam women and CS are farming with them! In some games or maybe most deleting is a strategy just to avoid enemy loot or promotions. But over production of something is not nice right?! Heroes are OP especially cavalry or mounted ones. In nomad the team with mounted heroes have always the best chance to win. They are expensive so what there are so much resources to train them, 0ad can produce them easily. But reincarnation is not realistic and care of these heroes are neglected. My take on the game especially on the MP is that the easier to spam the more it mess the game up. The the only battle strategy is have resources and spam quickly.
  24. Does it fix OS X MP games? If it does I will dl it for my other pc. Also hope @Hannibal_Barca will allow me to have another account so I and my nephew could play with each other on the same house
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