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  1. Lol try not to mix units for now until issues are fixed. I'm using too much micromanagement just to do good formations and or controlling units. Most of the time I use or place the units in more spacious area and realign them.
  2. Avoid walking the forest in groups. All you have to do is simply pick and move 1unit at a time.
  3. Outpost: when unoccupied has a fixed line of sight can it increase line of sight if garrisoned? If garrisoned with range unit it should be able to fire and the range depends at least what type of unit is garrisoned. If archer is garrisoned it should fire arrow and if javeliner or slinger is garrisoned it should fire it's corresponding weapon. If a sword or pikeman is garrisoned it should increase the line of sight too but not fire. Any other foot units that are not ranged should not fire arrow. Maybe hard to implement but just please take out the unranged unit garrisoned in the outpost to fire. The AIs tend to attack a garrisoned outpost and losing lots of units trying to take it down to no avail and keep on sending units to destroy it without success. Same goes to towers... speaking of towers can't we modify that Persian tower? It looks like a plain stick ;p. Ships firing two arrows too!
  4. I noticed the Athenian marine melee unit is always facing back when you put it to phalanx formation forward. I maybe wrong but will try it again later. Could it be that that small circle/arrow on their foot is conflicting it?! Also why would it be disallowed to do certain formations if it's lacking in numbers. My understanding of formations is for tactical reason whether beauty but most especially giving units extra bonus in combat and if you just produce the minimum amount you will lose the bonus if one dies. Also would it be possible for at least two different types of units say for example a pike and a javeliner form a formation in such a manner that pike stays in front and the javrliner/archer/range foot unit stays behind when you combine both and face/march/attack/defend actions?
  5. I like to play AI but when I click multiplayer to try if it's working quite a few times already but have no success. Will keep trying though and see how. Every day every time I open my pc to play the game different things come out. Updating things more often? Yesterday voice command and something like that came out and trying to use to try it but I couldn't make or navigate to make it work.
  6. Servo


    The game is running really well for me but yeah AI should be more challenging. I like it to have a behavior of a methodical attack like an organized sieging with formation/s. Hope they can march in a very nice manner towards their target as one said like in Stronghold. They should attack nearby enemy unit instead of chasing the one unit who attack them initially. They only respond to attack if you totally block their way. In most game I press control then move so that my units will move to a location and fight any enemy units in their line of sight along the way. The AI should behave the same thing. They should stop chasing if it's beyond their line of sight and go back. I've seen this in some PC games. They should be able to save some units during a failed attack. If humans can have monks why the AI can't produce?! Their attack shouldn't be distracted by some raid or harassment that their whole attacking armies will go back just to defend a simple raid. This is the worst AI behavior. The AIs waypoint is not good either. One time their massive army marches but noticed the lack of siege weapons and cavalry. I found out they are trying to go through a high rock maybe to avoid my advanced towers firing. Five siege rams and didn't see another 5 cavalry until I killed the 3 rams with my cavalry. Pulled out and they are still stuck. Came back with another set of cavalry and took out two more rams and then/there his cavalry broke through.
  7. I don't think we really need this kind of feature. Conquest structure is enough to win the game. Maybe a conquest majority of map controlled but still unnecessary. Unless I/we really care about rankings I rather quit the game if my opponent/s are not gentlemen enough to acknowledge they have no chance to win. Death match or infinite resources are very boring but might be fine on scenario mode. The game is already beautiful for me though I wanted to ask for more to make the game prettier but won't bother the minds, time and effort of the developers anymore.
  8. Default by capture might not be user friendly to most but it's fine with me. I play single player hard and had fun with it. I'm sure for multiplayer it's an added strategy too which is good. I was playing a 1v1 against very hard AI on Mediterran on skirmish and planning just to build a fort behind him on top of the hill and prevent AI from clearing the trees and mines. I left the stockpile for future use in clearing some tree and possibly take some metals but the building turns into Gaia when I deleted the civic center below the hill, I was surprised! Fun enough to find out you can recapture it and can still be used as drop site! Captured buildings and garrisoned is one best feature and real too! I know most players are used to have attack and destroy as default but capturing first can add up to strategy. You capture a tower, house, temple, barracks etc and use it. As long as it requires to be garrisoned to stay yours it's nice! If you planned to attack and capturing buildings for your tactical use and use the attack/destroy default more chance that the building will be destroyed.
  9. Raiding is a very important in RTS game like this can we have a "raid" stance on units? If there is no more box available can we replace the flee stance with it? Flee when attacked is nice feature too because you can use it on military units that are promoted in the group and let the unpromoted do the hits/kills. Healers and women can have or might already have the flee when attacked. Raid stance allow the player to ease some micromanaging. Micromanaging is very important part especially in the early part of the game when you can't afford to buy units. Micromanaging separates most top RTS players from others. Raid priorities the killing of non military units that produce resources.
  10. I like the counter system but in order not to abuse it: 1. Reduce attack damage of cavalry and foot range units on buildings and add splash damage to either friendly or enemy units this way deterring simultaneous attacks on particular targets most especially buildings. 2. Increase building HP and increase building firepower or any ways just to discourage infantry and cavalry attacks on it.
  11. Yeah AI probably has map explored but AI has no ability to scout for treasures or programmed not to scout since there is no scout description alone. Theres no militia for women here probably they increase his points or attack when you upgrade in the house but still 5 upgraded women can't kill a hoplite which I wish we can have in order for at least a number of them but not significant to kill an armored unit. Faster units can be used by humans to scout and cavalry is quick enough to do the job. In every war though there are scouts. In games where there are plenty of treasures or "ruin" bonuses and maps are considerably big enough for humans to explore it easily and remove the fog of war, it adds up to better game strategy. Every RTS has each own gameplay so we really have no control about that.
  12. Lion.Kanzen I know but playing explored diminishes excitement, thrill and challenge. Once in phase 2 a single melee cavalry can even explore the enemy in a land map because the attack damage of firing fixed structures are very low.
  13. I know some or all of my suggestions are hard or maybe not possible for consideration but will keep suggesting. 1. The "flee stance" is I think unnecessary but instead replace with "raid" targeting women and or merchants first before any other unit or buildings. 2. Women should be upgraded to militias if a technology is researched. They are not necessary powerful but it could add to better gameplay in either multiplayer or single player mode. Maybe 5 women can kill light armored units but probably have no fighting chance against heavily armored ones 3. Game option setting to deselect women/merchants from combat units unless they are militias (if militia is implemented) when you highlight group of units in an area. 4. Hotkey to select heavily wounded units (maybe below 50% HP) from highlighted ones for saving and healing. 5. If random maps can be size adjusted why not the skirmish map. 6. Shouldn't we include all maps with treasures? Most if not all skirmish maps have treasures but not random maps except Bahrain with all this exciting warriors guarding it. Anyhow so far soo good and enjoying the game and running it thru highest resolution on windows. I might try running it on apple in the nearest future and find out workability and comfortability on bigger screen. Slowing the game speed while playing and without pausing is really cool!
  14. Been playing hardest AI lately and they are easy to beat 1V1 I guess in any skirmish maps especially with treasures. If you want to practice more or become oriented to the gameplay better set it to very low resources and slower speed to keep pace with the AIs fast gathering. It may sound cheating but my style is: 1. Familiarize with the map. Launch the game, resign but don't quit and examine the map. The treasures loacations and plan your strategy. 2. Start at the very lowest speed so you can assign initial units what to do. 3. Scout and gather treasure but avoid getting spotted too early. AIs don't scout until later so they don't pick up farther treasures from their base. Don't build barracks until close to advancing and make sure it finishes almost same, before or close to advance phase. 4. Once all possible treasures taken begin raiding the AI. Lure them to your base and destroy them without losses or very minimal. Heal units if necessary coz couple more attacks of the same units will come. If it's hard to micromanage at your set speed lower it quickly to lowest possible to avoid casualty. Units become promoted once they gain experience. Continue raid/lure and immediately begin heavy raids if you sensed AI stop attacking. By this time AI is already neutralized especially in closer maps 5. Phase 2 I build monks as priority and continue raiding with healers upgrade unit (note most of them are promoted already and AI has not) then beautify your base and enjoy toying with the AI. You can do anything you want from then on. Im not sure if there is AI that's very aggressive militarily and will find out later. I only tried against Persians and Romans but they are the same. I like to play with AI that's why i rely mostly on battle with monks. AOE2 pros seldom use monks especially in multiplayer but I love monks.
  15. Awesome! Maybe I was too lazy to explore and navigate game options but there it is the bigger maps! Though it's hard to choose which one to use before launching the game for an enjoyable long game because it's random. Anyhow inconvenient as it maybe because I have to launch, save and reload the best map that I like to play but it's ok. Loaded one medium map and it was really nice! Like an Amazon forest with plentiful resources! The map is Rouen. Bravo! I can choose map now by using random in map type and I could adjust the size! I could use the Athenian bonus to build walls on neutral territory so the map will not be denuded in a very very long game!
  16. I think most designers and expert players are focused more on multiplayer types of gameplays but if you consider the percentage of players (multi/single) online on a gaming platform (like steam) how many plays the multi and how many plays the single player on RTS games? I guess there are more players playing against AI. Most of the time I play online against AI with friends the game goes through to finish with minimal problem or no gameplay problem at all while if I play with friends who are good players the game have so many issues like lag or crashing etc. Sometimes you finish the game but you make enemies due to loss or disappointment. Now you want to play multi but there's no room that matches your liking what will you do? If you're intermediate player and the available rooms are for pros, noob, friends and known only what will you do? There are so many instances where what your option at those situations is to play AI. I based this experience by playing RoN coz I like the game than any others like AoE, Civilization, Stronghold, Empire Earth and other medieval RTS games. We have different likes but I hope you guys make this beautiful game playing against AI more interesting and challenging. Every time I logged on to play RoN I can see around average of 500 players online but how many rooms are playing multi? Not even close to 50 people. Sometimes it reach around 1000 and sometimes peak at 3 to 4 thousands how many plays multi? Maybe not even close to a hundred! I started playing this game last Saturday and I logged ridiculous hours already playing against AI. Prior to this I was averaging 5 hours on weekdays and close to 8 hours on weekend days playing just an "assasin" game against AI on RoN. I played so many hours on AoE 2, Civ5, Stronghold 2, Empire Earth and LoTR but since I started playing 0AD it seems like I going to spend countless hours on this and much more than any other game. I had so many wishes for the game to have but I guess I will be enjoying this game more with just a bigger map and road generating merchants or any possibility that roads can be established between civic centers. "Moats" are good bonus too!
  17. Been following the developments since couple months ago and decided to try if it works on my pc last Saturday and it did! The 21. Spent 16 hours average everyday from the beginning until Tuesday! darn I better get a life... Though there was issue lately and posted it on YouTube and thanks to Mr. Johnson I will try his suggestion or find some solutions coz it worked perfectly until yesterday. My favorite games are RTS like RoN (maybe 10k hours since gamespy), AoE, Stronghold, Civ5, EE 1or 2. Played some but don't like magics. I LIKE PLAYING AGAINST AI and I'm sure lots of gamers too! My observations, hopes and wishes: 1. Make bigger maps and like my favorite game RoN or AoE 1v1 or less player games should be able to play on bigger maps up to maximum size. On RoN once you set any game on a particular map the size changes from arena to maximum. 2. I really like walls(Stronghold) especially if foot units can stay there. Wall towers with stairs or opening like one on defense towers. Outposts should be climable, maybe laddered. My single archer inside it can even maintain hit points and safe inside enemy territory even if 4 foot units trying to destroy it! Fun though. I love "moats" hope we can have it. 3. Resources regenerates even for a trickle especially on areas with less activity. This way map will not look like dull if you want to enjoy having fun with AI. In Stronghold trees regenerate! Fish too should regenerate! As with other posters say farms should decay and must cost resources to reconstruct. Mineral deposits generates in some circumstances. If we get resources from ruins why not on destroyed buildings haha etc. BtW I love same resources collection from ruins etc. I love how Stronghold resource gathering! Raiders are annoying but one of the best part of the RTS. Some less economic favor civs should benefit for the kills not only on resource gatherers but also on combatants and destroyed structures or any pillage or civic center sacks 4. Why not merchants generate roads like in RoN? Land trades use roads even combatants use roads, bridges or even tunnels. Speaking of tunnels I love those tunnelers on Stronghold. Since we are using barter why not indicate barter on the market interface? Can't we use gold or any form of currency for trading on the gameplay? 5. Make purchase of units increase in price as the number of units increases like in RoN so as not to spam too many units early on. It becomes messy and micromanagement becomes less relevant. 6. RoN's interface is very nice AoE 2 also. The obstruction on the gameplay is minimal. The minimap in the middle. Economic interface in the upper left corner showing resources activity including resources assignment but collapsible. There is score or team activity on the lower left and change in patterns as to choices. 7. Some buildings especially wonders are too big! 8. No unit conversion? Even generals and heroes can be captured in real time! These for now but so far I really enjoy playing it despite some issues and for as long as the game launches I will play the single player mode. So far hardest AI is not hard to beat though the only map I like to play and experiment with different civilization is the Mediterran. Thanks for having this game and hope hard copies can be available too when the game becomes Beta! Not to boast I spent more than $500 on LoTR cd/DVDs. I really appreciate the efforts of the developers of this game. Had my little donation already...
  18. I really like this option that's why I hope resources regenerates even in smaller and slower amount. When you play AI for long hours or maybe infinite hours the map looks so bad. i know it's hard to ask for more but I hope they implement some fans view especially for the single player type of gamers.
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