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  1. DoM has only 2 devs with maybe a couple of help but the game is thriving because probably having a realistic mechanics. The game might be very tedious to play but omg it’s really awesome. 0ad have lots of better things than DoM, just lacking realistic features. IMO.
  2. Honestly I still have high hopes that 0ad will become my final dream game before I stop playing pc games. The only problem is that I’m too old to keep on waiting that I have to keep on finding games that suits my liking. I will never abandon this game even if I’m not playing it in the meantime while DoM suits my liking. It’s just like who likes what. Even if I play another game I still put 0ad on the discussion because I’m hopeful that someday sooner my interest on the game will be back. The same as RoN which I tried to comeback for MP games since I noticed that bugs and fixes are in place still and to my surprise whenever I logged on to steam my old buddies (two of them are retired workers already, 60-70 y/o) and those who left for so long were back or still in the game. If I’m only capable in the development I could have done it and do mod unfortunately my engineering background did not develop well to adapt to the new technology. Nevertheless I can only contribute monetarily and I promised before that I will contribute whenever a new alpha is released. Also I always support by advertising the game whenever I go or do. What im surprised with DoM is that there were only 2 developers and they created an awesome single player game. It’s not even polished but the improvements imo can easily be done. The modification seems to me like less complicated than 0ad despite so many features that needs more tweaking. Players were even clamoring for the devs not to introduce MP because it might mess up the game. The only problem which I haven’t asked is whether it can be DL and played without internet while 0ad has.
  3. If the game is almost close to completion and the Meta is still the same IMO MP playing will be not be too attractive due to its repetitiveness. Therefore mods should be developed more. DE, 0abc and Angen’s combine with the mil AD and terra magna should be improved gameplay wise with city building mode. Then create better maps that are more realistic. The tech aspects should not just for balancing but rather on the realisticity. 0ad needs more focus on realistic single player.
  4. Idk why I have no trouble hosting or joining the game using Mac OS X. The pc just promt me if I will allow the net from joining my hosting. I don’t bother to check my security settings but seems like they are on. The pc just ask confirmation of my user password and that’s it. Though my pc was corrupted a bit by Mac cleaner, bing etc when I DL a mod last time and having trouble getting rid of it short of resetting my pc to factory but that’s a huge endeavor since I have to re DL apps and things.
  5. Like Tropico. Ive been playing DoM since the release and it’s really awesome. Though there’s not much military involved yet but I think once you level up playing and have achievements it wil be very tough. What was in YouTube earlier were just the lowest level and if you are ready to play the harder ones ahead with probably tribal wars it’s going to be really tough. The economic aspect is really great. Plenty of resources, trees are regrown, fish too. Resources like wild plants, fruits, nuts etc are seasonal harvested as well as farm products. Taming young animals, hunting too are really natural. Minerals might not replenish but aplenty. There’s so many realistic mechanics though structures are really not good looking, anyhow you can’t expect much from very early peoples of this world. I hope 0ad or mod can be like this one day.
  6. It remains to be seen. There are many more military activities needed for the game to be immersive. If they DLC with tribal or faction wars and could even progress to medieval ages then it could become awesome. Like I said single player mode is the state of the game. What is important is a very lively base and unit activities compared to others. Weapons and resources need to be acquired, climate changes, unit behaviors etc are really fun. I hope the houses can have more variants. I bought banished but it’s too much all sim city. Small raids is just fine at least similar to tropico. I just bought it for $21 on 15% discount coz today is the first launch and can’t wait to go home and try, hoping it really runs on Mac OS.
  7. Dawn of Man will be my next single player game once it’s released! I just watched keralis YouTube and it’s really awesome. Lively game with very nice map and realistic event up to advancement. I hope they will have factions like in 0ad. One of the players last night said he is done with 0ad. Sad but he said the game becomes repetitive and got bored.
  8. Ohhh well! (__)! Hard to believe it’s you. Well I don’t want to say anything except that I saw Blue too. I don’t want to say much but I’ve noticed different attitudes of lots of people from all over the net. Idk if it’s dominant type of mentality some people are showing and I did not encounter much on my other net participation before. Idk maybe language barrier or it’s really the mentality/attitude. Me out.
  9. Very few players or even normal people read terms or rules. In most transactions I may be stupid not to read those but I can guarantee they will just click on it and go ahead. And to say that 0ad is more special that you have to read everything before you play than your regular online transaction is nonsense. The game is in development and you have to balance things so info could disseminate as well as keep more people active into it. If you don’t have that little flexibility I don’t think it’s going to be beneficial. It seems like because people aren’t being forced to play and work on the game is voluntary the devs couldn’t care less at all. I don’t think that is the kind of attitude that must be maintained here. Well I love the game but I wouldn’t care at all being banned in the lobby where most people have different attitudes as there is a single player games or other games. I wonder what fork can offer. Well cloud9 idk who you are...can’t tell.
  10. I don’t think it’s bad to have couple of accounts in the lobby as long as you don’t abuse it. I was requesting help to have another account so that if I have visitors or gamer relatives whom I can play in the same house to no avail. Though recently I found a way to have a new one and I’m using it so those who would like to play but can’t because no one wants to play then I come in and have fun. I could also fill up some vacant slots so a team game can proceed and balancing my little skill so that game can be a bit fun. I know it’s annoying for others not knowing who you are but I try to work around it just to have fun. There is a drawback too because if you use that “smurf” account you could hardly play with the higher level/competitive ones and/or fill up a vacant slot because they can’t recognize you and your level of skills to have a better balance. I think I can pretty much adapt to multiple situations and promise that I shall not abuse it. But getting banned is not really good to decent and not so bad attitude gamers.
  11. I know that path finding is much better in DE mod especially passing thru the woods but can we have exception on siege units? What I’m trying to emphasize is that if the trees are closed to each other Rams and other siege units must not be able to pass or go thru unless the gaps are big enough. Sometimes you generated a map with thick woods and you can build a tower or outpost that are almost impenetrable to be destroyed by the Ram and it brings some added fun or maybe strategy. Another thing I noticed is the initial Athenian women icon is like a slave one while others have the original initial ones.
  12. It's really amazing how @wowgetoffyourcellphone put the Parthenon back to the game. Man the only complain I have is that my chicken were dying from the cavalry trample. I can't wait to explore more of the different Civs you modded. But I will stay on this pretty generated Alphine lakes map for awhile until I build my base completely even if I had only 7 chicken left.
  13. I think errors on palisades is still there. Yes you can build it but you can’t make a gate. Also after you build a palisade and you want to make a gate then the error occurs. The error occur when you click on the built palisade. I will try to look if there is interesting log on it. Btw if I update and replace the previous one all saved games disappear too meaning I have a new file that stars from 0. Can’t it be that it just revise the file and have the saved games intact and all added ones will be available for the saved games?
  14. I always update from the link in your first post A23
  15. error on trying to build a palisade. interestinglog.html
  16. I think it’s fine but if the CC is toppled all structures that are not occupied within its radius shall turn ito Gaia slowly as is. This way too players who are doing a sneak ram or fire horse attack on CC without support units.wil be discouraged and fight in the frontlines. The mod though make sense that if a structure too far from another after the CC is destroyed turns into Gaia too.
  17. The error is when you click on the palisades and they can’t convert to gate. There was no error on walls and on building palisades.
  18. You could have built many buildings that are available in 0ad using “wololo” but they revised it. And it’s a struggle on how you can make a nice sim city with the new alpha. When I first come across the game on A21 you have so much options to make a good base. There is one Roman temple that you can build (the round one) if you “wololo” a friendly or enemy Roman unit. So there are special buildings I guess for each civilization that you can build if you capture one of their foot units for now using wololo. In A21 you can have all except wonder imo. Perhaps they revise it to avoid errors but it doesn’t seem to affect anything with A21. Whoever revised it tbh made a deservice to single player gamers.
  19. There was an error but hard to catch and take pictures. I’m not sure if they can be retrieved from the files. When I try to build a wall or palisade the error occurred but they were plotted and the unit can still build it and the error disappeared too which is good enough for me as long as the game continues without those errors blocking the screen. I will try to take the pix when I continue the game... Btw I used Greeks on this game. Also I’m curious as to why you impose a 20 meters distance between houses, Sometimes the combination of these houses can produce pretty arts.
  20. Hummnn I tried Hellas again and have this error. I’m not sure it it happens when there is a water in the map. Iirc maybe it happened too on Frontier randomly generated map with water. Anyhow I will just do mainland because it seems to have no error. I think I pointed out before also that loading time took a lot while but now seemed improved especially probably up to normal size map or maybe large. I tried very large and it takes a minute or so now. It starts to generate to 41% and stayed there for awhile then goes to 58% and stayed there a less little while then shoot somewhere 96% then a few seconds to 100% then stayed around 10 secs. Also I notice that loading the same game with more units and buildings are more faster than generating to start it, me nub. One more thing training women takes a lot longer? It’s double than the infantry. Your idea of training units with silver and food is a big and very bold step to have a better gameplay. Hope someday armories and weapons maker like in Stronghold might be included so that weapons are required to train military units. Some weapons can be available from the start so we can train additional until fabricated weapons are in the armory. Armories can be inside barracks or stables or in any possible structures that would need such specific weapons. Armory techs can be researched somewhere so that a barracks or stables would upgrade into different model indicating it has armory or weapons storage and weapons can be dropped off. Just dreaming...
  21. I think the dev should not refuse those who wants to volunteer if they really qualify. It’s free service and hope they don’t abuse it. I think faction02 and Kim_jong_un are good candidates for consideration because imo they are really moderates , and OPdim as well to cater to not so good English speaking Spanish players. So we can have German, maybe Asian and Español extra mods.
  22. Oh that’s why he said unfinished. No the game was barely a few minutes and if the error is disappearing I could have continued the game without any naval military units but I can make a very nice base with just land units defending and see how the Petra performs. Anyhow I saved the map/and game hoping that when fixes come I can resume it. I couldn’t reproduce some nice random maps and this one I considered one of my best map to play infinity and testing a 1000 pop. Thanks!
  23. I was testing the mod again and this time I tried with some water map (Hellas) and got error after couple of minutes and won’t disappear at all. I just took some pictures. I used the Greeks and I think Persian and Ptolomy as my opponents. it seems like for mainland map there’s not much error just the normal ogg one. Yeah the women can farm but cavs don’t hunt which I don’t mind at all.
  24. Since you have proof as to who the quitter/s are can you tell the name in your post so as to warn others who can’t or wouldn’t care to view the rar /zip? I hope the mods or devs won’t go too far banning them. Maybe these guys need help to learn to become better but just have a bit of attitude. I don’t care about rating nor becoming OP and I’m willing to play this quitters all over again even losing points or not gaining at all just so they can enjoy the game however they behave. I’m not emphasizing tolerance on bad player behavior but I don’t want players to quit 0ad just for little nonsense.
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