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  1. The naked fanatics cannot gather wood, they are elite. As of skirmishers have the exact gather rate, but more movement speed than slingers, they do have an advantage when gathering anything. However, it kind of seems like a small advantage.
  2. Attack him before he manages ot build rams.
  3. I have looked at the skirmisher description in game: 0.8 wood gather rate, same as slingers. Do skirmishers have a better movement speed in general, this is why they gather anything better than slingers, as they move faster to the drop point ? Maybe because the tavern building gives 10 pop bonus, could it be that this is why people believe you can expand faster with gauls ?
  4. Why is that (they have same advantages as Britons minus the initial slingers) ? Is there a replay you can link to how you got to max pop in 15 minutes ? People here seem to think you are able to do so.
  5. Hi all, WIki page for britons says : Annedd (House) [75 w, 30 sec]: Increases by 10 the population limit. - this is false, it only increases pop limit by 5. Here is link: http://0ad.wikia.com/wiki/Britons
  6. Very good question, these is what Britons have that others do not: - warehouses increase your pop limit - you can build slingers from the start, they cost less wood. Your initial stone is enough for a few and on top of that even later it is less demand on your wood - houses cost half price than usual, but increase pop limit by 5 instead of 10 Note on warehouses: since one unit costs population, the price of a woman is not 50 food but actually 50 food and 15 wood. Every unit using one population costs actually 15 wood more if you compute housing. There are limits howe
  7. Than you for your thoughts. You are starting to think about counters to this build and this strategy, these will be vital for refining and improving it. However, while your counters have merit, they are doomed to fall as they inevitably make the advantage of the Britons even bigger: you can get to max pop much faster than any other civ.
  8. I was just joking. Hope it motivates some of the devs to deliver more content. This could be a really great and awesome game, if only more dev work were to be put into it.
  9. Do you mean developers are lazy and are doing anything to get out of a honest's day work ?
  10. Very good observation. I will improve my strategy to take into account this. However, borg is like the first ranked player. so even without any changes, this build will still do great against most players. Plus, I do not think FeldFeld usually attacks with 21 cav at minute 6, as he risks it all then and there. What else can you add to my strategy, and advice is helpful.
  11. In 1v1 the Briton civilization has: - one huge advantage = you can get to max pop (build your full army) sooner than any other civ - one huge disadvantage = poorer units, if you build your army and do not immediately attack, your opponent will be able to build his own full army and will defeat you as he has better units Because of this, Britons are very much like zerg in startcraft. So this is the strategy when playing Britons: build a lot more units a lot faster than your enemy, and when reaching 150 population urgently attack. If you fail that attack you lose, if y
  12. The replay mechanism is vital for the survival of this game. It is what made warcraft 3 and DOTA so popular. The newcomers are noobs and get owned.. They get frustrated and abandon the game. If the replay mechanism were to exist,newcomers would learn for their games.
  13. Nobody watches replay cuz there is no scroll back of forward. Now I axe you to implement this fast
  14. User marcusen left when losing rated 1v1 game commands.txt metadata.json
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