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  1. @stanislas69 The only way I know: donations. Hope that can help you. 0 AD... you guys deserve to be recognized in all forms as possible.
  2. Hi, I've been playing 0 AD for a while and if there is a thing that I like the most is the feeling. The @#$%ing and great feeling. What is that? Is the "music-environment-faction specs" as a whole. I mean, the feeling is specially good when I play as Celtics. The music, the nature, the forest, the animals, the sunlight effects, the feeling like you are playing like a real celtic town is really good. I really enjoy 0 AD for that, the maps are very detailed and you can feel the ancient environment in your game. For that I would like tell you few points I really like of the vanilla 0 AD: 1. Citizen-soldiers: I LOVE every soldier can work and every man contribute for the success of the town. Not like just soldiers in stand-by doing nothing more than just live. Please don't make case to delenda est mod... 2. Music: Love it. 3. Maps: Skirmish maps are awesome. Treasures, and more maps with some villages or mercenary camps will be yeah! If you allow me to say some things that I think could improve the feeling could be the following: 1. higher grass: Im not sure about how can this be made but I'd like to see grass textures more like real grass, I mean higher and let the wind move it. 2. changing light through the day: dawn, mid day and sunset lights all in a game would be nice. 3. Can we see more birds in the sky? 4. More animal life... that's why I love savannah maps... lot of animals. I mean in the ancient world... animals ruled and animals sounds... 5. A bit higher buildings... more realistic 6. roads, similar to EEII or just for the feeling... 7. bridges, like EEII too 8. More music and more detailed maps... more flowers, grass, water, animals, weather, sun, buildings, totems, ruins, altars, stones, roads, this is the ancient world, we must feel that era. No more for now, I love your work 0 AD team as soon as a can I'll contribute. Nice day.
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