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  1. Though I play mostly SP but for anyone, new or noob if you see my name in the lobby call my attention and I will either play with you or host the game for you. I rather play with newbies or noobs than playing tense and dragged into BS during highly competitive MP games. I don’t care about ratings too and I will try to adapt to any skill levels so newbies, rookies or intermediate players can enjoy playing the game.
  2. A besieged Spartan enclave trying to protect the Walrus, Muskox and chicken from extinction. Leonidas is very uncomfortable with his unbalanced Phalanx formation. His left flank which is very vulnerable to the well supplied Persian forces can only muster 9 rows. While his right flank having 10 rows are only sporadically attacked by minimal Carthage forces. His generals could hardly solve this imbalance, adding more Spartiates will just increase the depth and Leonidas still remains in the 11th row. Some of his generals are recommending to have 21 rows so that it could become balance and Leonidas can become comfortable.
  3. The Carthage has 950 units at this time and can’t spam more due to pop cap. It’s teamate Persia has around 400 but since both are aggressive it keeps sending attacking forces by the 30’s per ship. I think the AI needs to be programmed not to spam more units if their target attacking pop is not dispatched. I tried to eliminate all those units stuck by attacking but they are too strong. I need to cheat to get it back to fluid game again. I think there needs to be done on water maps too, by making water maps with wide beaches and passageways so units like ships won’t be crowded.
  4. That error occurred to me a couple of times when I was testing Mac OS dmg re-release and idk how it worked afterwards. Maybe I just allow the DL from the settings.
  5. I was wondering why my Carthage enemy won't attack... Almost 300 units half of which are champs
  6. combat promotion reverts back to rank 1 after elite? what I mean is after having 3 ranks my unit went back to the base 1 rank, they were the base military units when the game starts. interestinglog.html interestinglog.html
  7. Human Athens dock has error. Its empty. interestinglog.html mainlog.html
  8. I have this crashlog yesterday and I was playing the 0ad dmg. I'm not sure if this user report text is helpful too and can't remember if I was using the same DL userreport_hwdetect.txt crashlog.txt
  9. Promising mod especially for MP games. There are similarities with DE. Enemy AI is slow on food, they might not be that hard or interesting for heavy battles. Human has auto free hero? Relics so far is not playable on my skirmish Cycladic Archipelago (3 player) map: I set relic mode but relics did not appear. Also AI does not train women though they do a corral. Some errors too but hope the game continues with the error appearance and should not persist which result to blocking some part of the screen. interestinglog.html mainlog.html system_info.txt
  10. Imo make it more realistic and it will be easier and more interesting. Arrows and javelins need be limited on each unit and perhaps require another structure to make the projectiles. When near the base they can easily be resupplied. Or if there’s is a major assault then supply wagons must be needed. Same as catapults. They can’t have infinite projectiles! Too much complaints of units or Civs OP but what makes them OP is the bad unrealistic mechanics. No friendly damage and infinite projectiles mess the game up. Melee fight should be the main battle as that was what happened then. I think the hardest problem here is how to make the AI for this.
  11. It’s nice to use range units on most if not any RTS games but their capabilities to use infinite projectiles is the worst case the game is designed to. Except Sudden Strike I have never known any RTS game using such mechanics. Modify their mechanics and the game can have more options. Range warfare is the biggest transition that ever happen to humanity up to now. So it’s really hard to just give them little consideration. They should play a major role to games like 0ad. But they have to have more limitations with regards to accuracy, against formations and close combats and more importantly the number of projectiles they carry! The excuse like having to reduce micro on these units are just nonsense. How can these units carry tons of projectiles?!
  12. If you play a game then you save it say halfway or maybe minute 30. Then you reload the saved game continued playing It for 5 minutes then you quit the game. If you replay that 5 minutes the game start from the base beginning (1 CC with 9 units), why is it like that?
  13. I think individual devs must be provided with necessary gadgets and if the team/funds can’t do then fund raising can do. For me if a dev member needs some funds for use in the development of the game he just need to say so and see how people can contribute. PayPal should be easier. Dev members and even mod members must be rewarded and motivation is not just passion. When it comes to this kind of endeavor there has to be a definitive goal. You can’t just keep on doing hundreds of alphas up to eternity and the game is still a WIP. Sell the game to a good developer, make money, reward the team members who contributed so the game can be completed. It’s not like we/players are at the mercy of what the dev will do, can do or can’t do and the game is not at it’s potential still to become the best or one of the best. Don’t treat this game as like a school project/experiment which a contributor jumps in and out and everything remains unfinished. Yeah we/players have a choice... and honestly I’m onto a last skirmish map (3 player Cycladic Archipelago)that I found to be interesting for my SP games. If OS X is one reason re-release is held up...I may feel sorry for some people/friends using it but as one guy said you can use old version... go ahead release without OS X testing, rebundle, debugging etc. if it works fine if not it’s fine too. At least it works on other OS.
  14. Very thankful to Alexmb on his works really. I wonder big structures occupy huge virtual area/space that when you click on open spots it hits the structure, ships too.
  15. Sad that I just bought my new Mac for purpose of playing 0ad. I don’t even mind if there is always a sound issue in either MP or SP but it’s fine as long as it’s playable. Well what can we do it’s a volunteer dev team.... I still have my windows laptop but there are too many issues with windows aside from the fact that imo the best comfortable experience to play game is using somewhere around 21” monitor and Mac is cheaper than good gaming laptop in this size. Maybe just relaunch it and fgod takes care of Mac issue
  16. I’m wondering if Athens can build walls outside territory then it should be able to build palisade too after tech research. I was playing SP on Cycladic Archipelago on skirmish (3 player) and using Athenians and it seems like building palisades on some small islands is better than walls. Btw I think this map has bug. Nice map but islands are quite small with very tight water spaces (jams the AI trade ships). The player island near 3 o’clock has a fish in it. Also there are 5 wood treasure on it that a human player can see only 4but I think the AI can see and collect all.
  17. @mysticjim there are very few newbies in the forum. I think you can go straight to multiplayer lobby and get some people there. If I’m there I could help by playing you. I’m not pro but enjoy playing for fun with new or decent fun players. I’ll be there after 3 hours.
  18. The wonder has maximum 12 icon slots but has 30 allowable units garrison feature. If you garrison more than 12 types of units say 13 one type of unit won’t show up though it’s garrisoned and will still accommodate up to maximum allowable units.
  19. Put Day/night cycle. Penalize gatherers during night with around up to 60 less HP. BTW CS gathers year round without penalty too. Thats why SP is better to play than MP as you can manage and preserve the resources around your base especially the trees. The problem is there are few skirmish or random maps that are interesting to play.
  20. There were 3 wolves near the middle of the map, Greek acropolis(4 player map). Of all the nine wolves there were only 2 brown colored ones, one is hard to lure without getting hurt 5 HP. In the picture below is the other brown colored one lured towards my main base without getting hurt at all using the relic. in this picture 3 wolves and a small boar will be lured eventually towards a well designed Zoo. This map seems nice. There are 4 big boars and some small ones, a couple of horses and deers and the wolves as well as the original sheeps and chicken. No trees has been gathered so far near the base(only beyond the river using a dock in the beginning) so that when the 3 hardest AI can be handled easily then the construction of a planned Greek megacity will commence. Control 6, 7 and 8 are the (warrior)founders of the enemy civilization with their wives.
  21. If melee combat is more prevalent historically then cap all other units. Capping unit production on per phase basis until P3 (last phase) imo is good for the game.
  22. The only changes you need right now is their combat discipline and training more armies regardless of types. When you play against AI it’s for fun and you just toy with them. If you want more difficulty then play against multiple Hardest AI and until the challenge is maximized and you get satisfaction.
  23. The difficulty level of the AI is ok. They just need to be organized and the most important thing is they should make as much units as they can and should attack as soon as the programmed number of units are meet. The number of units that the AI should train should have something to do with the amount of resources they have and should increase tremendously up to infinity and timing. The AI should not keep too much resources to the bank. If the pop is unlimited they should be able to train attacking units even greater than the human player. Ive been playing SP and at some point stop raiding the AI so they develop their economy and become hardest as they should be. Instead of attacking with tremendous citizen soldiers they wait for their programmed army composition before attacking. You will notice they bank 100k of food and wood and stalling their attack because their metal percentage is low. Another bad AI gameplay and probably mechanics is allowing players to build next CC too far from mother base. This makes their progress slower and mess up the border tremendously. When resources are depleted the AI trades heavily but instead of doing a safe route they take the shortest path to the point that they get destroyed by enemy because they are wandering close or inside enemy territory.
  24. Thorky used this tactic on me but I don’t mind because this has been used from since couple of alphas already and the devs are either can’t fix or think that this feature is fine. Imo it’s not really good for the game as in MP will keep the gaps between players skills more wider in favor of the micro quick ones and the competitive essence might erode. To me this feature is an annoyance that could add to the reasons why players could dislike the MP games.
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