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  1. That demonic possession Is it possible to have animations given how they die? I mean, if a rock from a siege engine kills a unit would represent a different animation of death
  2. If you are bored and you are doing a course on programming and you rather make games than play them, why don't you check this? http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GettingStartedProgrammers
  3. Try from source until a dev appears. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#Linux
  4. What do you mean stan? Graphics cards? More performance will be needed?
  5. I think it is kinda related with the mercenary camps in warcraft 3 (if u played it ofc) only train units. Or the little capturable settlements in aoe 3, where you recruit units and research technologies
  6. Well, neither the city or the map are based in some historical siege , but it may work Marathon or any other greek city for an hypothetically scenario
  7. This map is already playable, 1 vs 2. Athens vs Persians. It's a normal size map, tried no to add to much eyecandy stuff. There is still something left, as the background, some advices and additions on units and buildings, making some walls untargetable, plus more stuff. Units can walk on 'walls' (But those are just elevated terrain with walls in both sides, but they work!). As soon as i finished the entire 'agenda' of the map i will make the respective post. Units on 'walls' For now, if someone wants to give any advice, opinion, wants to play it or erase it, just leave a comment. Im not good at balancing The map As for the name of the map, i gladly receive suggestions. Siege.zip
  8. Neither in spanish seems to be understandable, at least i dont understand most of what he says
  9. Im not very convinced about the textures on the mountains neither the color of the water, but here it is, the Gauls. You can Download it here https://github.com/Skhorn/0AD-map-pack Depends on the stan eyencady mod
  10. Perhaps, There could be only a civ center, buildings around it can be upgraded in each phase. If you want to have more territory you should build a "sub-civ center", but those building inside the territory of the "sub civ center" wont get the upgraded in buildings, those will be like settlements or little towns.
  11. This is what google traductor translate it: awning, canopy, blind, sunshade, hood, sunblind, para toldo, pero para ser sincero npi que se llamaba asi
  12. @stanislas69 Is it possible if you could add more variation on the stalls roofs? Maybe some barrels and crates in the second floor and in the top some flowers?
  13. Beautiful! If commited, can you try to push some props? Like those white sacks.
  14. Fixed the tartarus gate Who's next? Community_Map.zip
  15. Gods wild-infernal-rage Community_Map.zip Who's next?
  16. It would be nice if that could be changed in atlas This is with a water type "clap" - @wraitii Type 'ocean' I really don't see to much change only the waves, but i'm agree with @vladislavbelov the refractions of colors aren't too realistic
  17. As for the water i still prefer the one from paris or the fjords. Thank you btw
  18. I think not all. waterugly=false; Force usage of the fixed pipeline water. This is faster, but really, really ugly. waterfancyeffects = false waterrealdepth = true waterrefraction = true waterreflection = true shadowsonwater = false
  19. It was really difficult to start this map, there were few references on mauryans cities. Mostly no one likes this faction, so i decided to make something very cool (Hope so). Don't know if name it Pataliputra or Mauryan Empire, anyways.
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