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  1. If the required improvements are coded, why not? But for now, a totally no
  2. Como las que tienen los politicos latinoamericanos, asi. Pero mejor que haya variedad
  3. I don't have a good argument against that, but main city or the most representative should've worked for any given faction too. In some of the articles i found on wikipedia, in a few of them i saw something like: The capital of "xxxxxx" kingdom/empire was "xxxxxx" So far i will update the post: Alesia and Bibracte for Gauls, thank you @Sundiata for those nice references. Kushites, Meroe or Napata. again, thank you. Thebans, thebes. Nice picture, is it possible to get more like this from thebes? Whenever i search in google it adds the Egypt Thebes and the Greek Thebes is
  4. Agreed with what @tlauick_19 said about the size of the tower, a little bit more bigger would be nice!
  5. Hi, My plan is to Recreate the capital or the most representative city of each faction on the game including faction mods. I will try to be the most detailed as possible inspired in what Leroy30 was doing, even adding units so it does not seems like a ghost city, which reminds me, how can i turn off the units silhouettes on Atlas? Not meant to be playable. Unless someone take it and delete 90% of the props on the map. It will have every mod possible, each one adds more props! Whenever a map is finished i will create a new topic and linking it here, guess is better than
  6. I like the first one, but if the background of the TM ring where more dirty, brown or like wood, as if it were a shield, IMO would be nicer
  7. Quote: It's nice, it may work in a city building gameplay, it adds more micromanagment, but i think it can be another way to play the game if included. Just one suggestion, could you make another foundation actor for the roads? Using the ones used for the palisades (2x2) seems to be quite wierd
  8. Es que en pdf se puede colgar en el trac, pero tambien el link se puede colocar y se coloca la seccion especifica y sale
  9. Perhapa the top could be more rounded
  10. En las proximas versiones que las formaciones no esten bug? Nueva formación tipo Concursare? No entiendo que quieres decir...
  11. It's somehow known, but test it on big maps or multiple equal buildings an see how it performs in that conditions. As for the realism, we only have what persisted through the ages, i guess we can fill some holes with imagination as long it does not surpass reality. IMHO
  12. There is something missing, have you make one when the ship is sunk?
  13. Jajaja, demas que puso a las vacas a cargo de las ISP. The thing is there are more of your models that needs an own topic. e.g The battering ram with units inside, some buildings, even the axeman animation may i guess.
  14. Es porque lo que hace Justus con los principiates cambia bastante la jugabilidad y el código de la IA no soporta esos cambios, por eso es que no hacen mucho si los juega la máquina. En resumen, no es problema de tu computador.
  15. One ticket per each, please Whenever you garrison a unit the attackers units appears all at once? Now that you are making the animations a lot of things may be done. Like, a ship cannot move if there is no unit garrisoned there, you garrison units and the boat start looking like the screenshots you posted, that would be more micromanagment if i'm not wrong, but it would be more realistic and pretty cool. It's just a wild idea, that could improve naval battles
  16. Just in the case if you wanted to make one for milleniumAd it's gorgeous
  17. Nesebar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nesebar http://www.panacomp.net/valley-of-the-thracian-kings/
  18. Mods like delenda est, overrides the unlimited cap pop for a max of 1000.
  19. Same question asked before about the norse gates, does a ram or an elephant can pass through those gates? Btw, It looks better with that color, nice work! And, consider what niek wrote before, a topic per model
  20. That would be a lot of work, leave it like that still works and seems nice , just remember the color
  21. Just a weird suggestion, what if you add some arrows and axes stuck in the wall, like the picture? The worst thing is to have various <size>_wall variations, that way there won't be always the same pattern with the same arrows/axes/spears in the same position repeating through the whole thing. I must say that the color doesn't fit with wood colors of the anglo buildings, those are less darker than that one. Can't wait to see it all!
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