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  1. Well, the default asigned is gaia, you must select them and just change them to <player#>.
  2. darn, i wanted to start mapping, but wraitii insistence about the 8-bit height map made me start to find a solution for that guess i will try to use your script or come up with one. I'm happy with the result i got after modyfing it (But i got my doubt about those mountains, more blur it will be), but i will give it a try to that 16-bit to 8-bit process and see what happens
  3. I checked them, i forgot to use the height range with color contrast
  4. Guess the idea is not to manually edit the map to get more ocean deep
  5. Are you sure those walls aren't gaia? Can you post a picture please while in atlas
  6. Can someone remove this thread? I already found the solution
  7. Hi, I had been experimenting with the heigtmaps, following this guide https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/20786-palaxins-heightmap-guide/, but i'm struggling with the ocean-floor, as i cannot modify it to make it deeper in Atlas (Units can walk over it). As what i have read i need both topography and bathymetry to use the script that Palaxin provided to increase the ocean-floor. This is my result The original image i used After several tries while croping, scaling and importing in atlas to see the results, this was the final So, how can accomplish a deeper ocean? Do i strictly need topography and bathymetry to accomplish this? Or there is another solution?
  8. That's a matter of perspective, which is why there is a lot of discussions about the design. Pd: BFME2 it's not dead. Well, at least not at all and this mod http://www.moddb.com/mods/edain-mod probes it
  9. If i'm not wrong, it is never going to see the light because they need to buy Tolkien's right to continue another game
  10. @DarcReaver statement fits again for your answer. Exploiting a bug does not relate to the design gameplay, which in fact, it is still in design, not implemented, you can't even consider that the same bug will show up nor that it will affect playability as you will not be able to predict the outcome, my question is why is it more important for you to remark a bug in another game? Plus, implementing battalions will likely need to rework on the AI behavior and many other stuff. You just can't consider that implementing it will leave the other stuff the same way as it is.
  11. I forgot to mention that, of course that resources should be needed for that. A given % depending on the units needed to fill the battalion
  12. Maybe a mechanic where you have to take the remaining soldiers from the battalion close to the barracks and an option to replenish them. That's one of the most realistic approach you can have
  13. Jaja, si es para hacer el tutorial no me da. Aun ni he empezado a aprender blender, no he podido sacarle el tiempo, pero tratare. Si hacen algun tutorial sobre como hacer estructuras o objetos para exportarlos/importarlos en 0ad sería mas que genial!
  14. Si lo compartes por aca tambien seria genial!
  15. @Lion.Kanzen Yo creo que el escudo le podria servir a Justus, podrias sugerirselo, se le podría colocar una aura que de mas armadura, el problema es que no se si el aura se pueda modificar para que solo afecte los que estan detras del escudo
  16. Then yes, guess multiple slaves can fit there, but they are made from metal, not wood. Just change the textures to wood
  17. If i'm not wrong in stan's repo there are variations of cages
  18. La verdad, en cuanto a estructuras para darle mas diversidad, seria bueno investigar un poco sobre algunas estructuras caracteristicas, puede ser establos, palacios, casas por estratos, fuentes, estatuas, templos, espacios comunales o de reunion. La cosa es, el ideal y lo genial, seria que cada facción tuviera casi la misma de cantidad de estructuras, tanto como las que se usan durante el juego o en casos especiales solo como parte de una ciudad en una escenario. Si mike esta dispuesto a eso, en mi opinion preferiria que le meteria mas la mano a cosas esenciales como son los organicos, e.g animales, arboles, variedad en las piedras, vegetación. Pero si mike quiere irse si o si, por el lado de estrucuras, yo creo que seria bueno lo de las estatuas, hace falta mas diversidad en ese aspecto.
  19. I really like your concept of "Call to arms", feels some how like the Ragnarok of the norse on age of mythology, plus your point of view of heroes, they should have a higher rol in the game and the battallions training.
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