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  1. Nice!! Thank you for posting this Sander I'm for the factor 4, but i think for experimental purposes the factor 8 will be good, will try that this night.Thought it was more complicated than multiply it by a power of 2.
  2. Indeed, but i will see if someone helps me with that xD.
  3. Check it now.There is something i can't do, increasing the mountains height, (not yet i think) and some essentials buildings, i'm not an artist neither don't know how to create a model.With the walls i had to do a little extra with terrain, so units can be "on walls", there is only one side that can be trespassed in the deep, the middle, where is supposed to be where the mine explodes.In fact, you can see that the defender has the advantage of the high ground.And as you recommend it, i putted some farms out the walls.Changed the river, but im looking from this map as @alekusu recommended me. Any other comments i will appreciate them. Could you see if now fits? Tried to make the river a little small. The underground still there, but don't know if that part is still big.
  4. Yup, i know wich one, will take a look this weekend and see if i can take some stuff from there. thank you
  5. Yes, i saw in some pictures a large river, in others the water was very close to the walls, what do you think i should do?
  6. Hi everyone, LOTR lover's, don't kill me. (False publicity, for obvious reasons i can't put all of those units and run the game) This is the Helm's deep "gaul's" version (Gauls/Norse/Celts stuff included). I wanted to try if i could do it, or at least half of how it should looks like. I know there are some ugly spots, horrible spots! - It's not finished yet, perhaps this weekend i may finish it. - It's intended to be playable, perhaps 1v7(?) - The inside still needs some retouch. - Mountains needs some work. - Outside will be hell, don't know if to put trees around... (If not i may delete the trees inside the fortress). suggestions? - It may have triggers, but later... - If someone wants to make an uruk-hai, for sure i will use it! - Units can cross the water side, don't worry. - The landmine may be created, but for the whole animation, i think i will need Saruman to code it - I receive suggestions or recommendations!!!! First update: Second update: Third update: Fourth update: Dependencies: Ponies Ascendant Alpha 1.0 Millenium AD Maded a poni version. Thanks to LordGood for letting me use his mod. Fifth update: - Fixed the river, added waves. - Increased the "Bridge" large. Sixth update: - Taller mountains You will need the script that @Sander17 made, http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19775 helm's_deep_poni_version.zip helm's deep.zip helm's deep - taller mountains.zip
  7. I just downloaded the zip, but there is no files inside(?) Still reworking them?
  8. And don't know how useful it would be( For me it is ), if there is a way to separate main objects from the mods, maybe an additional check_list listing the current mods? In this way all the objects don't get mixed and you don't forget what object you used, eyecandy stuff will be more in time.
  9. Nice, btw... could you add some shortcuts to save/load maps?
  10. Guess you refer to this one, by jaimele @Leper, techs can be setted the same as the garrison units? I mean, you want a player to be in the third phase with all the technologies researched at the beginning of the map
  11. Oh no no, i wasn't talking about that. I'm talking about this: check the image. You can smooth those sides to make it look better, also it may fits you to take a look to other maps, that way you could learn something useful to improve your map. Btw, while looking those pictures, you can place the buildings to give that look (Not exactly the same look), but kinda similar, its just improvement. - http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19368 - http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17326&page=2 in there check the maps of jaimele. You can make a trigger for that, check this map http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19552 it has triggers, but you need to have some knowledge in js. This may suit you: - http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Triggers - http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Modding_Guide Or you could make that map for two players. One acts as the defender and the other one as the attacker.
  12. Haven't tried, but you could place the archers in the ground and move the enemy line backwards. By this the player who has the walls can have the time to put the archers in walls and you let him prepare for the attack. Or ask in http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=0ad if it is possible. Also, you can give a more good looking to the buildings inside, make 'feel' more like a human settlement, not like if they were dropped from the sky.
  13. Maybe you could improve a little more the terrain, to make it more realistic, it seems like a lot of squares and linear shapes and perhaps add bushes/rocks around. Btw, it would be cool if you garrison some archers in those walls.
  14. Seria bueno si la elevaciòn de terreno tuviera mas altura de la que tiene y a todo esto, porque no se ha implementado una que baje el terreno? por lo general me toca usar el flatten sobre una zona de terreno mas baja para bajar las mas altas. Por cierto me podrías recomendar algún tutorial o documentación para aprender C?
  15. Im afraid you will to wait too much, but
  16. Genial parce y muy teso Que le vas a meter al atlas? un autosave seria bueno, a veces el atlas colapsa en medio de una tarea y... adios mapa sin guardar
  17. Gracias y si, stan me ha estado ayudando con algunos modelos que necesitaba para un mapa y en el grupo tambien me han ayudado con algunas cosas sobre xml, la distribucion del proyecto o en que lenguaje programar. Estudio en la upb. vos estudias o trabajas o ambas?
  18. Por ahora mapas y trato de aprender algo de js para los triggers en los mapas, pero la universidad me tiene hasta el cuello. Jamas me imagine encontrar a alguien de colombia por aca y mucho menos en el programming team
  19. Y de medellìn tambien. Asi que supongo que el formalismo mas coloquial de nuestra tierra serìa, entonces que parcero?!!
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